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Perlu brings you active influencers to create and drive exciting new campaigns, transforming influencer marketing from a nice-to-have to a strategic, performance marketing strategy.

An Easier Way to Get Influencer Marketing Results

Frustrated with influencer marketing? Confused about what to do?

Perlu quickly and easily connects your brand with active, engaged influencers ready to put your brand in front of passionate audiences for tangible marketing impact.

Achieve More for Your Business

Amplify Your Message

Perlu’s community of influencers has a collective audience reach of over 330 million. Perlu connects you with the right audiences for your niche.

Create Stunning Content

Connect and collaborate with highly creative influencers to produce videos, stories, blog posts and other content that will engage and thrill your audience.

10x Your Sales

Extend your sales channels with Perlu influencers. Our influencers can be your advocates, driving conversions and sales.

Building an army of 1,400 foodie influencers for Chobani

Perlu can scale your influencer marketing to historic levels. Our influencers published 60 original recipes per month featuring Chobani greek yogurt. Content with the #madewithChobani hashtag reached more than 29,000,000 consumers, and helped secure the #1 position on Google for “greek yogurt recipes”.

Lightning-Fast Turnaround To Engage Voices Representing 430,000 Consumers

Perlu enabled the Stoli brand planning team to build a network of more than 30 qualified influencers, and engage 6 of them in a focus group. Result: fresh consumer insights revealing issues, emotions, and daily realities for customers in key target demographics. All within 48 hours.

The Perlu Difference

Thriving Community of Active Influencers Itching to Collaborate

On many influencer platforms, influencers are passive: they sign up and wait to be found. Or their info was merely scraped from the web. Need a partner? Roll the dice.

Perlu is different… influencers use Perlu daily to work with colleagues and peers. This give brands the insights to find and work with exactly the right partners—fast and at scale.

Influencer Packs for Perfect Fit and Scalability

Perlu influencers have organized themselves into thousands of groups—“Packs”—each with highly specific interests and audiences.

Our community-curated Packs are fast lanes to finding not just one “perfect influencer”, but a whole group of them.

Simple but Powerful Tools for Easier Relationship & Campaign Management

Spreadsheets and email, really? That’s no way to manage hundreds of partners, reviews, approvals, payments, metrics, ratings, and campaigns.

Perlu’s powerful collaboration tools take the chaos out of large campaigns. Think LinkedIn, Basecamp, Upwork, and PayPal, all in one!

Perlu Launch Studio

Eliminate the guesswork! Professional services to get you going faster, at scale. Get…

  • Strategic Consulting
  • Campaign Management
  • White Glove Services
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Insights from Leading Brands

Listen to Influencer Marketing Reimagined, Perlu’s podcast, to uncover what cutting-edge marketers are doing in influencer marketing to achieve greater impact.

Membership & Pricing

The Perlu community of influencers provides brands with the fastest, most effective means to find and engage with trusted, active influencers in every category. Choose your own qualification criteria, target your needs, and they come to you.

No monthly membership or subscription fee.

Pay only for what you use:
Commission fees apply to cash payments made by brands and agencies to influencers.

Brand and Agency teams can use Perlu for campaigns directly, or…

Engage our Launch Studio team for full service campaign planning and management.

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