Annalakshmi Ekambaram

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I write to share my thoughts and hopefully make people think and change for the better.

Member Since FEBRUARY 29, 2020
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Harvard in Tech Spotlight: James Ruben, founder and CEO of Hellosaurus (Y Combinator S20)

Prior to founding Hellosaurus, James was head of product at HQ Trivia, where he learned a lot about the interactive video world. In particular, he learned that creating a successful interactive video software company required two components: content for which interaction was a fundamental component and a market full of content creators who could serve as the production arm. Kids media was the perfect fit on both of those dimensions: kids shows have always turned to the screen and asked the kid to participate and a series of content moderation and policy changes at YouTube have pushed many kids media creators on YouTube to look for alternatives. Similarly, when building the team at Hellosaurus, James prioritizes prior experience building meaningful children

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