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Good to meet you! I'm Nyle a Dead by Daylight Video Game Content Creator.

Video games have always been a massive passion of mine ever since I were a kid and the thought of being able to sustain a lifestyle with that as my career sounded like a dream. 5 Years ago I started to livestream on Twitch daily and I gained a lot of knowledge of analytics, content distribution, engagement & more importantly how to foster a humble community of like minded people!

I recently switched to focusing my attention on YouTube due to it's better discoverability and with YouTube I've had huge recent success with over a 10x growth in the last 5 months going from 400 subs to 5,000 & peaking at over 500,000 views.

Working with a brand / company in a brand deal would not only be a incredible milestone in my career and show me that things are really moving forward but also allow me to take things to the next level by upgrading my channel with new graphics, possible new editors & new tools to use in my videos.

Country United Kingdom
Member Since SEPTEMBER 30, 2020
Social Audience 4K
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