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We are Greta and Michael and have been living on our sailboat ForTuna since April 2019. We travel the Mediterranean Sea and soon the Caribbean to raise awareness about ocean pollution. We share our travel and sailing adventures with our community of sustainable travellers. We would love to collaborate with Brands or Influencers who share our believes in sustainability and eco-friendly travels. So far we have worked with NorthSails, Beneteau, Albfilters.

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🇬🇧- 🇮🇹 Day 1/24 - La Pelosa 24 days / 24 anchorages Oh dear Sardinia, sometimes we do miss you. the food, the people, the sea. It is where everything started in 2019. Where we bought ForTuna and left for a journey that turned out to have no end date. We saw a lot of places in the last 5 years, but few made it close to the beauty of La Pelosa and the Islands nearby. Especially Asinara (see last pic) has a special place in our hearts. Giorno 1/24 - La Pelosa 24 giorni / 24 ancoraggi Oh cara Sardegna, a volte ci manchi. il cibo, la gente, il mare. È qui che tutto è iniziato nel 2019. Dove abbiamo comprato ForTuna e siamo partiti per un viaggio che si è rivelato senza data di fine. Abbiamo visto molti posti negli ultimi 5 anni, ma pochi si sono avvicinati alla bellezza de La Pelosa e delle isole vicine. Soprattutto l'Asinara (vedi ultima foto) ha un posto speciale nel nostro cuore.

Our sailboat has changed incredibly since we bought it in 2019. Funnily it almost looks the same from the outside ⛵️ but the tech and amenities on board make our life a lot more comfortable ☺️ The induction cooktop added a freedom aspect to our sailinglife because we are independent from “cooking” gas. Thanks to solar and wind we can produce our own electricity ⚡️ so no more running around to find refills for our gas bottles or finding the right connectors which seem to change from country to country ⛽️ our only question mark was how well it would work while sailing? this is a camping cooktop, not ideated to face rolling waves 🌊 but by placing the cooktop on top of our gimbal and using a “baking mat” it turns out this baby is save for off-shore cooking 🧑‍🍳 to know more about energy use and installation drop “INDUCTION” into the comments and we will send you over a link to our blogpost 📝 . #sailing #sailboat #sailinglife #boatlife #inductioncooktop #sailboatlife #boatlife⚓️

last year I celebrated with my friends back in Italy, this year just you and me on a little Island in the Bahamas ⛵️ I loved both these birthdays, I loved both the solitude of the ocean and being the center of attention at a party. both sides represent me, both sides could not be without the other. for a long time I struggled to accept both parts. it felt like I needed to define myself somehow. was I outgoing and extroverted or did I prefer a good book for company 📖 but I’m done defining myself, I’m just me ☺️ shy and timid somedays , craving the spotlight on other days ☺️ so happy birthday to me 🥳 to both the shy, lillte girl and the boss-bi**h, together we completed another turn around the sun full of adventure ⛵️ ps: to celebrate my birthday I have a little surprise for you ☺️ make sure to check our stories tomorrow ⛵️

OMG it is finally time ⛵️🥳 as much as we enjoyed the United States we horribly missed our fishy little friends underwater 🐠 and that annoying fine sand that ends up everywhere 🏝️😂 to be fully prepared for remote life we did not do one, not two, but three shopping trips 🛒 totally disrupting our November Budget but hopefully being able to stay out there for weeks ⛵️🏝️ ironically preparing for the Bahamas is like preparing for an Ocean crossings 😅 you just need to think about everything as you might not see a grocery store for weeks🥫 (if you would like to access our provisions table drop “ocean” in the comment) with a fridge and bildge full of food we hoist the sails once again ⛵️ We might have gone a bit overboard with the amounts of cheese we bought 🧀 but honestly how can one live without 😂 if you agree drop a little 🧀 in the comments or let us know what you can not live without ⛵️ Stay Salty, Greta and Michael . #sailing #offshoresailing #oceansailing #sailinglife #sailboatlife #sailboat #mealprepping #boatlife #boatlife⚓️

4 years of Boat Life and this is what I would have liked to know before moving on our sailboat ⛵️ - rolly anchorages are a thing - be always prepared for bad weather - snacking is not only allowed but essential on long passages - boatworks never end - sun and salt will destroy all your clothing Writing this post I realised there are so many things I wishes I knew before living on a boat 😂⛵️ so this will become a little series of who-knows-how-many posts about things I wished I knew - because Boatlife is just so different from land life. Like this post if you think I should do a part. 2 ☺️ and comment what you wished you knew about Boatlife ⛵️ Stay Salty, Greta and Michael #sailboatlife #sailingday #sailingboats #saltylife #sailing⛵️ #sailingtrip #whensailing #sailaway #sailboats #sailinglife #sailboat #boatlife #sailing #liveaboardlife #lifeonthewater #instasail #boatlife⚓️

How to stay eco-sustainable during shopping season 🎁 TAG a friend who needs to remember this I know those 50%-off stickers trigger our innermost feelings. Getting a “good” deal is just so satisfying 🤩 But how often did only 5 minutes pass, the buy-adrenaline was gone, and you realised that maybe, actually, very probably, you did not need the new shirt/headphones/candle… how often did those things just end up in the same “i-will-use-it-one-day” drawer before ending up on a landfill during the next “cleansing” action 🗑️ but no worries I’m not telling you not to spend those hard-earned dollars and treat yourself 💰 just choose “not-missable deals” which won’t damage our lovely world 🗺️ like: - a lovely dinner with your partner - investing in your personal development with e-books - booking that trip you have been dreaming off - taking that online course you have been eyeing for weeks Spend your money where you actually want it, not where the “best deals” lead you. DOUBLE-TAP if you agree and COMMENT “sailing gift” to receive more gift ideas for sailors in your DMs video: @4ocean #sustainablesailing #sailing #sailboat #ocean #savetheocean #savetheoceans #blackfriday #blackfridaysale #sailinglife #sustainability #sustainablegifts

this little warrior is soon turning 31 🫣 which feels scary and liberating at the same time 🕰️ scary because according to society she should have figured out here life by now 😳 liberating because even thought she has not figured it all out by 30 the sun is still shining and her boat still floating ⛵️ so how should she celebrate another turn around the sun ☀️ A - popping a nice bottle of champagne 🍾 B - going for a swim (hopefully in the Bahamas by then 😉) C - hoist her favourite sunset sail ⛵️ D - dance below the stars 💃 drop your answer into the comments ☺️ #whensailing #sailing #sailorgirl #sailinggirls #sailinglife #sailboat #sailboatlife #spinnaker #sailingadventure

🇬🇧-🇮🇹 5 ways to not get seasick 🤢 the hours I’ve spent fighting seasickness are way to much 🤢 while I had barely any problems when we left Italy in 2019, it somehow got worse in the last years 🌊 being at sea almost every day though gave me a chance to try different seasickness remedies and see which one works and which ones don’t before you read this, please do keep in mind that seasickness is a very personal experience 🥴 and what works for me might not work for you ⛵️ SAVE this POST to find it next time you go sailing ⛵️ 1. Sleep 😴 oh good old sleep, nothing brings me back to life as a good nap 🛌 and it makes sense because your body needs energy to keep sailing ⛵️ 2. constantly snacking 🥣while dietologists might be appalled 😨 keeping your body fueled is crucial and I learned that many small meals are way better then the classical 3 big ones 3. water 💧 staying hydrated is crucial! while you might be surrounded by water, your body does not profit from it, probably it makes it even worse if we are in salt water 🌊 so keep a bottle of water close and take small sips 4. put that phone away 📱 ❌ how often did I start a sail well, only to still quickly answer some e-mails and ruin it all 😅 remember once seasickness hit it is way worse to get back to “normal” again 5. steer that boat⛵️ if all above did not help and you feel that nagging feeling creeping up on you 🥴 stand up and take that steering wheel ☸️ like in a car, the person driving it wont get sick any other remedies you can recommend? TAG a sailor friend who could benefit from this information ⛵️ #sailing #sailboat #seasick #seasickness #sailinglife #sailboatlife #sailinglovers #sailboats 🇮🇹5 modi per non soffrire di mal di mare 🤢 le ore che ho sofferto il mal di mare sono davvero troppe 🤢 mentre non ho avuto quasi nessun problema quando abbiamo lasciato l’Italia nel 2019, per qualche ragione è peggiorato negli ultimi anni 🌊 ⬇️testo presegue nei commenti⬇️

🌬️ which sails do you need for a transatlantic crossing? 🌊 save this post for later ⛵️ while downwind sails like a Spinnaker seem to be the easy answer, it gets more difficult if you take into account space, budget or sail versatility ⛵️ we have a whole chapter on this topic on our Ocean Crossing Guide 🌊 speaking about sails and sailing essentials like a telescopic spinnaker pole, which turned out to be our best ocean investment ⛵️ Win the whole guide today ⛵️check out our latest post to WIN a OCEAN CROSSING GUIDE 🌊 #ocean #sailing #oceansailing #sailinglife #sailboat #sailboatlife #sailingadventure #sailingday sails @rollytaskersails_official pole @selden_mast

🌊 OCEAN GIVEAWAY 🌊 3 years ago today we left for the adventure of a life-time ⛵️ we hoisted the sails and did not see land for 23days 🗺️ An ocean crossing is the dream for many sailors. For days there is nothing else besides your crew, your sailboat and the big blue ocean 🌊 To celebrate the beginning of the ocean crossing season we are giving away our Ocean Crossing Bundle ⛵️ it contains everything you need to prepare yourself, your boat and your crew to cross oceans 🌊 it comes with a bluewater boat equipment-checklist and a provisions-calculator 🥘 because there is no uber-eats on the sea 😉 Just 2 simple steps to enter the giveaway: 1. save this post and comment “SAILING” 2. you will get a link in your DMs, click on it to sign-up to our salty newsletter that’s it 🥳 for an extra entry you can share this post to your stories tagging @whensailing 😉 Entries close Sunday By entering the competition you agree to be bound by terms and conditions displayed on whensailing.com All entries must be received by 11:59EST on 19th November. One (1) winner will be selected at random by WhenSailing on 20th November and the winner will be notified on or after this date. Instagram is not in any way affiliated or involved in the competition. #sailing #atlantic #atlanticcrossing #sailboat #sailinglife #sailboatlife #oceansailing #sailinglovers

🇬🇧-🇮🇹 there are many things I love about you 🥰 but your drive to create a cozy and safe home for us is definitely in the top 3 ⛵️ I love our new little fall nook 🍂 while the world is getting colder and rainier I just bundle up beside you and feel safe and loved 🧡 🇮🇹 ci sono molte cose che amo di te 🥰 ma la tua volontà di creare una casa accogliente e sicura per noi è sicuramente tra le prime 3 ⛵️ Adoro il nostro nuovo angolino autunnale 🍂 mentre il mondo diventa sempre più freddo e piovoso io mi accoccolo accanto a te e mi sento al sicuro e amata 🧡 #sailinglife #sailboatlife #sailboat #cozyfall #sailing #sailboats #sailboatlove #beneteau #beneteauoceanis

Our favourite anchor spots in the Bahamas 🇧🇸 we have sailed for months in the Bahamas and will sail there soon again ⛵️ if you have any suggestions we have missed tell us in the comments we would love to sail there 🗺️ Norman Pond Cay - Anchorage that ticks all the boxes: great holding in high winds, little beach with pink iguanas 🦎, nice coral reef for diving and spearfishing Highbourn Cay - A possible but pricey spot for sailing provisions, but we love to come back for a fancy night out once in a while and observing the sharks 🦈 Little Pipe Cay - there is only place for 1-2 sailboats and you need to get there in high tide, but it will be worth it when the sand back arises in low tide 🏝️ Little Normas Cay - this is our absolute favourite anchorage and we spent weeks here 😍 unfortunately it’s not protected from southerlies but the coral reef is epic 🐠 Eleuthera - undervalued by many sailors this island gifted us some of our best memories like spending hours on a swing surrounded by stingrays or the famous Bahamas pigs 🐖 Great Inagua - Used by most sailors only to check-in when arriving from the south, this island hides the biggest population of flamingos in the world 🦩 Acklins - less frequented then the Exhumas, this spearfishing paradise holds many great spots 🎣 for sailors Galliot Cay - honestly this anchorage is simply a huge big pool and you need to have seen it once to believe how amazing nature can be 🌎 which of these anchorage sounds like perfect to you? tell us in the comments ☺️ #sailing #sailboat #sailingbahamas #bahamas #travelbahamas #sailingtheworld

it’s the same people who told us we should not have a washing machine or dish washer on board ⛵️ and guess what? we have and we love them 🧺 details to all three sailboat upgrades can be found on our boatlife website ⛵️ find the link in our bio 😉

How to afford a sailboat and become liveaboards

A sailing license, but in specific sailing experience is very important of you want to be living on a sailboat. While the sailing license gives you the basis to handle a boat and is necessary to get good insurance, sailing experience does give you the confidence to sail the boat, to dock it properly, to be able to react when situations get more tricky. Many of you have been asking us how to get sailing experience so here our best ideas so far: * go sailing with friends who already have sailing licenses Once you defined which kind of sailboat you would like to buy and have found suitable options these are the following steps which await you Take it our for a sailing trail if possiblelift our the boat and make a professional surveyReneogatioate the price if anything was detected during the surveybuy your sailboat and new home We will write a second blog post which will go more into detail about sailboat buying, what you should look for when visiting the sailboat and what you can use to negotiate the price.

Freediving in Cyprus (log15)

Getting the cables through the mast is quite a tricky thing but we found a way at the end to pull trough three new cables For now we decided to use our Radar only via WiFi and not install the data cable. Also we go on our second freediving session and explore the crystal clear waters of Cyprus. Why not subscribe to our channel so you wont miss the next episodes released twice a week?

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