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We are Greta and Michael and have been living on our sailboat ForTuna since April 2019. We travel the Mediterranean Sea and soon the Caribbean to raise awareness about ocean pollution. We share our travel and sailing adventures with our community of sustainable travellers. We would love to collaborate with Brands or Influencers who share our believes in sustainability and eco-friendly travels. So far we have worked with NorthSails, Beneteau, Albfilters.

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Top 5 Sailing Destinations in the Med ⛵️ Espalmador . if you have seen our last episode on Youtube you know where this spot is located 🗺 for all those who still need to watch it 😉 this is Espalmador in Formentera 🏝 a spot you might think is located in the Caribbean, but is acutally here in our beautiful Mediterranean Sea 🌊 . let me tell you, if the Caribbean are not at least as beautiful as this spot, we will trun back immediately 😅 🇮🇹 i 5 posti piu belli nel Mediterraneo da visitare in barca a vela ⛵️ Espalmador . se avete visto la nostra ultima punata su Yotube, sapete gia dove si trova questo posto fantastico 🗺 per tutti quelli che devono ancora guardarla 😉 questa é Espalmador a Formentera 🏝 un posto che sembra i Caraibi invece si trova prorio qui, nel nostro bel mediterraneo! . vi dico se arriviamo ai Caraibi é non sono più belli dei posti maginifici che abbiamo visto nel mediterrano ritornaimo subito 😅 (e chiedo i risarcimenti delle ore passate a mare! non so ancora a chi ma lo farò 😂) . #sailboatlife #sailingday #sailingboats #saltylife #sailing⛵️ #sailingtrip #segeln #sailaway #sailboats #sailinglife #sailboat #boatlife #sailing #lifeonthewater #instasail #travelwithus #inspiringwanderers #discovertheglobe #travelforlife #travelhappy #oceanvibes #vitaminsea #endlesssummer #vela #reisenfuerweltentdecker #viaggiaresempre #slowtravel #liveaboardlife #nomadstories

Freediving in Cyprus (log15)

Getting the cables through the mast is quite a tricky thing but we found a way at the end to pull trough three new cables For now we decided to use our Radar only via WiFi and not install the data cable. Also we go on our second freediving session and explore the crystal clear waters of Cyprus. Why not subscribe to our channel so you wont miss the next episodes released twice a week?

Top 5 Sailing Destinations in the Med ⛵️ Sapientza 🇬🇷 . sometimes you gotta follow your gut, like when we decided to abort a night sail and anchor here in the middle of the night 🌙 Imagine our surprise as we woke up the next day and realized the paradie we had anchored in 🤩 . this bay is not only beautifull, but also a natural reserve park (you know how much we love those 😊), so you are not allowed to go on land, but what need is there to go on land if you can enjoy all the beauty from a sailboat ⛵️ . 🇮🇹 i 5 posti piu belli nel Mediterraneo da visitare in barca a vela ⛵️ Isola Spaientza 🇬🇷 . stanchi morti dopo giornate a mare ci siamo fermati qui nel buio della notte, sperando che la polizia non ci trovasse (erano i tempi del nostro viaggio della speranza durante il lockdown 😅) non vi dico il stupore quando ci siamo svegliati il giorno dopo e abbiamo realizzado in che paradiso ci siamo fermati 🏝 ci torneremo di sicuro, per goderci questo piccolo paradiso senza la nuvola grigia del Covid 🙃 . #sailboatlife #sailingday #sailingboats #saltylife #sailing⛵️ #sailingtrip #segeln #sailaway #sailboats #sailinglife #sailboat #boatlife #sailing #lifeonthewater #instasail #travelwithus #inspiringwanderers #discovertheglobe #travelforlife #travelhappy #oceanvibes #vitaminsea #endlesssummer #vela

Installing AIS 700 and a Quantum Radar on our Beneteau Oceanis 393 (log14)

For the AIS we choose the AIS 700, perfect for sailboats of our size and easily installable. For the radar we choose the Quantum Radar from Raymarine, which was a bit bigger than expected and caused some delays in our plan due to an unfitting radar mount. Check out this video to see the problems we encountered during the installation and what you should avoid when doing the installation of radar and AIS. Why not subscribe to our channel so you wont miss the next episodes released twice a week?

Top 5 Sailing Destinations in the Med ⛵️ Cala Macarellata . no matter how many days you spent in Menorca, this spot is a must! on our journey from Isreal to Portugal we saw quite some bays, but this bay blew as totally away 🤩 sure you will have to fight to get a spot during high season, but the water you will be able to swim in and the caves you will explore make it all worth it 🗺 . 🇮🇹 i 5 posti piu belli nel Mediterraneo da visitare in barca a vela ⛵️ Cala Macarellata . ne abbiamo viste di cale lungo il nostro viaggio dall'Israele al portogallo, ma questa ci rimarra impressa per sempre 🤩 non conta quanti giorni avete a disposizione per esplorare Menorca, questa Cala non potete perdervela. l'acqua cristallina e le grotte nascoste su ogni lato valgono la pena di tutti gli sforzi che dovete fare per arrivare o ancorare qui 🗺 . #sailboatlife #sailingday #sailingboats #saltylife #sailing⛵️ #sailingtrip #segeln #sailaway #sailboats #sailinglife #sailboat #boatlife #sailing #lifeonthewater #instasail #travelwithus #inspiringwanderers #discovertheglobe #travelforlife #travelhappy #oceanvibes #vitaminsea #endlesssummer #vela

Losing the boom at sea (log13)

We finally hoist the sails and leave Israel behind us, but on our sail to Cyprus we encounter our first serious problem. If you want to see how we cope with losing the fixing pin of our boom during our 200nm crossing from Israel to Cyprus check out the video! We obviously also show the amazing sailing experience we had before the incidents and will show you how you are going to prevent losing your boom and the fixing pin of your boom at sea. Why not subscribe to our channel so you wont miss the next episodes released twice a week?

Top 5 Sailing Destinations in the Med ⛵️ Bay of Göcek . This huge bay, with multiple little bays inside is a sailing paradise. Not only will you be sheltered from whatever weather you will encounter, but you also sail along one of the most astonishing coast ever . A perfect mix between untouched nature, historical artefacts, lively wildlife and delicious cousin. You could spent days, weeks, months here without ever getting annoyed, bored or hungry :) . 🇮🇹 i 5 posti piu belli nel Mediterraneo da visitare in barca a vela ⛵️ Baia di Göcek . Questa baia non solo offre riparo da qualunque vento o tempesta, ma offrendo decine di piccole insenature, si possono passare qui giorni e settimane scoprendo sempre posti nuovi, osservando animali selvatici, esplorando rovine dell/antichità e godendosi le prelibatezze della cucina turca . #sailboatlife #sailingday #sailingboats #saltylife #sailing⛵️ #sailingtrip #segeln #sailaway #sailboats #sailinglife #sailboat #boatlife #sailing #lifeonthewater #instasail #travelwithus #inspiringwanderers #discovertheglobe #travelforlife #travelhappy #oceanvibes #vitaminsea #endlesssummer #vela #reisenfuerweltentdecker #viaggiaresempre #slowtravel #liveaboardlife #nomadstories

When it's all about boatworks (log12)

We have spent the last two months in Herzliya marina close to Tel Aviv, Israel and can not wait to finally set sail again. But before we are able to start sailing season 2020 and set sail for Larnaca, Cyprus, we still have to fix a lot of things on our sailboat ForTuna. Watch our latest episode on youtube to see how we applied a new UV-protection to our main sail to make sure it lasts longer. How we fixed our leaking galley window to finally spent rain season without water in the galley.

bye, bye Portugal 🇵🇹 . if this post goes online it means we are on our way to the Canaries 🗺 we finally finsihed all our boatworks 🥳 and found a proper window to sail south ⛵️ . this also means we probably wont be able to be in touch with you for the next 5-6 days when we arrive to Gran Canaria 😢 but no worries! we are not going to leave you without sailing inspiration for so long 🤩 in the next 5 days we will pubblish our 5 favourite sailing destiantions in the Mediterranean 🌊 . we hope you enjoy the upcoming post and we are looking forward to read all your opinions about our choosen spots when we arrive to the Canaries ⛵️ stay save and see you soon Greta and Michael . 🇮🇹 ciao, ciao Portogallo . se vedete questo post, vuol dire che abbiamo lasciato il Portogallo e siamo in viaggio verso le Canarie ⛵️ per i prossimo 5-6 giorni probabilmente non avremmo possibilita di communicare con voi 😢 ma non siate tristi 😉 abbiamo preparato i nostri 5 posti preferiti nel mediterraneo per tenervi inspirati nei gioni che siamo a mare 🌊 . speriamo vi piaccia questa piccola idea e siamo già curiosi di leggere tutte le vostre opinioni sui posti che abbiamo scelto un abbraccio Greta e Michael . #sailboatlife #sailingday #sailingboats #saltylife #sailing⛵️ #sailingtrip #segeln #sailaway #sailboats #sailinglife #sailboat #boatlife #sailing #lifeonthewater #instasail #travelwithus #inspiringwanderers #discovertheglobe #travelforlife #travelhappy #oceanvibes #vitaminsea #endlesssummer #vela

currently editing the Formentera episode🤩 . this place is just epic 😍 and we visited other two spots on the island which are as beautiful 🌎 this episode will be drone loaded 😂😅 . if you want to see more hop over to our YouTube channel to not miss out on this beauty 🤩 Link in BIO . 🇮🇹 che spettacolo 🤩 . al momento sto finalizzando la nuova puntata su YouTube nella quale vi porteremo a navigare lungo la costa di Formentera 🤩questo è solo uno dei tre posti che abbiamo visitato 🗺 vi dico sarà una puntata spettacolare 😍 . se non siete ancora iscritti, andate su YouTube e iscrivetevi al nostro canale per non perdervi la prossima puntata ⛵️

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