When Sailing

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We are Greta and Michael and have been living on our sailboat ForTuna since April 2019. We travel the Mediterranean Sea and soon the Caribbean to raise awareness about ocean pollution. We share our travel and sailing adventures with our community of sustainable travellers. We would love to collaborate with Brands or Influencers who share our believes in sustainability and eco-friendly travels. So far we have worked with NorthSails, Beneteau, Albfilters.

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Remember to protect your skin ⛵️ . the month of May was all about the damaging effects of the sun on our skin. Together with @clinuveldna , we learned about the different UV rays, the Fitzpatrick skin types and what our skin actually looks like. If you still have questions, follow the Clinuvel link in our bio. . #adv #cuva #boatlife #boatlife⚓️ #sailinglife #sailboats #skincaretips #sunprotection #sailorlife #sailor #whensailing #staysalty

he’s just lucky I really love him 😡😅😂 . #boatlife⚓️ #boatlife #sailinglife #happy #couplegoals #wegotengaged #sailingcouple #sailingtrip #coupleshoot #youandmeforever #saltylife

yesterday was a perfect reminder to never get too comfortable on board ⛵️ . within seconds a huge squall tore over our anchorage causing our anchor to drag 🌧️ rain was pouring non stop and the wind spiked to 35kts 💨 while the coast was getting closer and closer . these are the moments when our foul-weather gear does not only look good but allows us to do the job necessary 💪 protecting us from the weather and help keep our feet steady on the slippery deck . if your looking for new foul-weather gear remember to use the discount code BOATLIFE10 for 10% on all @zhikaustralia products ⛵️

4 years of boatlife equals to 4 years of applying sunscreen on Michaels faces while he tries to escape 😅 which sunscreen type are you 🤪🧴☀️ #adv #cuva #sailing #boatlife #boatlovers #boatlife⚓️ #sunscreen #protectyourskin

how we make money while sailing the world? a question we got often in the last 4 years . no we are no trust-fund babies or won the lottery 💰 or robbed a bank 😅 we put our brains to work and created multiple income streams 💻 all from the cockpit of our sailboat ⛵️ . if you would like to get more information shoot us a DM ☺️

my happy place ☺️⛵️

home sweet home 😍⛵️ . full #boattour on our youtube ☺️

Our passion for sailing adventures leads us to expose our skin to dangerous UV radiation. Applying sunscreen and wearing protective clothing has become second nature to us. We can only hope you all protect your body, whether you walk down a city street or sail along the coast. Want to learn more about the impact of the sun on our skin? Follow the @clinuveldna link in our bio. . #cuva #ad

yesterday we had one of those sunsets we wont forget easily 🌅 watching the sun set over the sea from a sailboat just never gets old 😍⛵️

another year of boatlife another year of boat upgrades ⛵️it was a step by step process but ForTuna truly has become our home ☺️ offering everything we might need to explore the world 🗺️ . can you guess which upgrade is our favourite?

kind of 😅 sometimes it feels like we spent all our income on our sailboat ForTuna ⛵️ sometimes it feels like the cheapest way to live 🗺️ . leave us a comment if you want real-life numbers 💰

How to afford a sailboat and become liveaboards

A sailing license, but in specific sailing experience is very important of you want to be living on a sailboat. While the sailing license gives you the basis to handle a boat and is necessary to get good insurance, sailing experience does give you the confidence to sail the boat, to dock it properly, to be able to react when situations get more tricky. Many of you have been asking us how to get sailing experience so here our best ideas so far: * go sailing with friends who already have sailing licenses Once you defined which kind of sailboat you would like to buy and have found suitable options these are the following steps which await you Take it our for a sailing trail if possiblelift our the boat and make a professional surveyReneogatioate the price if anything was detected during the surveybuy your sailboat and new home We will write a second blog post which will go more into detail about sailboat buying, what you should look for when visiting the sailboat and what you can use to negotiate the price.

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