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We are Greta and Michael and have been living on our sailboat ForTuna since April 2019. We travel the Mediterranean Sea and soon the Caribbean to raise awareness about ocean pollution. We share our travel and sailing adventures with our community of sustainable travellers. We would love to collaborate with Brands or Influencers who share our believes in sustainability and eco-friendly travels. So far we have worked with NorthSails, Beneteau, Albfilters.

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we are ready to sail on 🤩 . after 5 weeks in Martinique 😱 time just flew by 😅 we are ready again for a longer sail ⛵️ . after crossing the Atlantic ocean we needed some time to recharge and decided to throw the anchor and not lift it for a while ☺️ honestly we were that tired form sailing and constantly moving around that I was scared we would not move at all anymore 😳 . but in the last days we caught ourselves looking at maps and dreaming of distant places again 🗺 seems like our travel gene woke up again 🧬 so we are lifting the anchor and can’t wait to sail on 🤩 . can you guess where we will be sailing next? ⛵️ let us know in the comments 🗺 . 🇮🇹 si riparte 🤩 . dopo 5 settimane a Martinica 😱 quanto vola in tempo 😅 siamo pronti per cambiare isola 🏝 dopo aver traversato l’oceano atlantico eravamo stanchi e la prospettiva di cambiare luogo ci sembrava troppo faticosa 😴 talmente faticosa che avevo paura il nostro viaggio ha trovato la sua fine 😳 . ma negli ultimi giorni ci siamo sorpresi a vicenda a controllare mappe e luoghi sconosciuti 🗺 e sembra proprio che la voglia di viaggiare sia tornata 😉 perciò tra poco isseremo le vele e navigheremo verso la prossima meta ⛵️ . indovinate un po’ quale isola andremo a scoprire? 🤩 fateci sapere nei commenti ☺️

How to afford a sailboat and become liveaboards

A sailing license, but in specific sailing experience is very important of you want to be living on a sailboat. While the sailing license gives you the basis to handle a boat and is necessary to get good insurance, sailing experience does give you the confidence to sail the boat, to dock it properly, to be able to react when situations get more tricky. Many of you have been asking us how to get sailing experience so here our best ideas so far: * go sailing with friends who already have sailing licenses Once you defined which kind of sailboat you would like to buy and have found suitable options these are the following steps which await you Take it our for a sailing trail if possiblelift our the boat and make a professional surveyReneogatioate the price if anything was detected during the surveybuy your sailboat and new home We will write a second blog post which will go more into detail about sailboat buying, what you should look for when visiting the sailboat and what you can use to negotiate the price.

set your goals high, because only the sky is the limit ☁️🤩 . until Elon breaks that limit for us all 😅

Freediving in Cyprus (log15)

Getting the cables through the mast is quite a tricky thing but we found a way at the end to pull trough three new cables For now we decided to use our Radar only via WiFi and not install the data cable. Also we go on our second freediving session and explore the crystal clear waters of Cyprus. Why not subscribe to our channel so you wont miss the next episodes released twice a week?

what is this? 🧐 . probably not a microphone 🎤😂 when we moved on board little did we know about all the amazing small and big improvements we would make on ForTuna ⛵️ and yet here we are, after 2 years with a boat able to cross the Ocean and prepared for light winds and heavy storms ⛈ . check out our latest YouTube episode to know more about our biggest Sail related installation - and discover for what we needed that smooth @sveggen_furlers for ☺️ LINK in BIO 😉 . 🇮🇹 e questo cosa sarebbe? 🧐 . molto probabilmente non è un microfono 🎤😅 andate a vedere la nostra ultima puntata su YouTube per scoprire l’investimento velistico più importante a bordo di ForTuna e cosa tiene in mano Greta ☺️ LINK nella BIO 😉 . #adv

Installing AIS 700 and a Quantum Radar on our Beneteau Oceanis 393 (log14)

For the AIS we choose the AIS 700, perfect for sailboats of our size and easily installable. For the radar we choose the Quantum Radar from Raymarine, which was a bit bigger than expected and caused some delays in our plan due to an unfitting radar mount. Check out this video to see the problems we encountered during the installation and what you should avoid when doing the installation of radar and AIS. Why not subscribe to our channel so you wont miss the next episodes released twice a week?

a sunset for you ☺️ . a momento to take a breath, take a break, make a stop - a moment to appreciate life and be thankful for what you have ☀️ . happy weekend to you all ☺️ . 🇮🇹 un tramonto per te ☺️ . un momento per fermati, per guardati attorno - un momento per vedere la bellezza nella vita, per esprimere gratitudine ☀️ . buon fine settimana a tutti ☺️

Losing the boom at sea (log13)

We finally hoist the sails and leave Israel behind us, but on our sail to Cyprus we encounter our first serious problem. If you want to see how we cope with losing the fixing pin of our boom during our 200nm crossing from Israel to Cyprus check out the video! We obviously also show the amazing sailing experience we had before the incidents and will show you how you are going to prevent losing your boom and the fixing pin of your boom at sea. Why not subscribe to our channel so you wont miss the next episodes released twice a week?

our home ⛵️ . this is not a sailboat, this is not a means of transport, this is not a sport equipment, this is our HOME 🤩 our home which has the crazy ability to bring us around the world, our home which protects us from storms, produces its own energy and rocks us to sleep at night 😍 . this is our home and hopefully it will be our home for many years to come ☺️ . 🇮🇹 casa dolce casa ⛵️ . questa non è una barca a vela, non è un mezzo di trasporto, non è un attrezzo da sport, questa è CASA nostra 🤩 una casa incredibile che ha l’abilità di portarci in posti meravigliosi, produrre la propria energia e proteggerci dai temporali 😍 . questa è casa nostra e spariamo che lo sia ancora per tanti anni ☺️

Yes 😬 another sunset picture 🙈 but have we ever truly seen enough sunsets 🤩 every time it feels like the first 🌅 . si 😬 un altra foto di un tramonto 🙈 ma ci sarà mai il momento che ne abbiamo visti abbastanza 🤩 a noi sembra sempre di vederlo per la prima volta 🌅

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