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Combined, we have been working as educators for 21 years. Even though we have worked with all age groups, the majority of these years were spent working with very young learners.

It comes as no surprise that the younger the child, the greater the challenge. Very young children are so complex that, regardless of the many years spent learning, the seminars and courses attended, the scientific journals read, we still found ourselves in awe of their reactions.

There is so much that needs to be learned when working and dealing with children. The information may be out there, but it takes a professional to make the most use of it. If a teacher after 5 years of educational training and 7 more years of continuous professional development finds difficulties in teaching her own toddler, then we can imagine that other parents feel the same strain, if not greater. Finding the right resources and the right answers can be a challenge.

So a dream was born along with a mission and a vision. Our mission is to provide parents with all the means to help their children grow in every way.

We realized we should make good use of the thousands of games, worksheets, and activities that we used in our 21 years of combined teaching experience. And we decided to offer you simple, efficient, and tested resources to help your child’s skills grow and flourish.

These resources will address specific skills necessary in the 7 areas of development:

  • Personal, social and emotional development
  • Communication and language development
  • Physical development
  • Literacy
  • Mathematics
  • Understanding the world
  • Arts and design

In addition to the educational resources, you will also find support for first-time moms and veteran moms in the form of personal experiences, parenting tips and “how-to” articles.

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We experimented with primary and secondary colours today. It was so much fun mixing the colours and discovering new ones. Mix the colours is just one of the 13 activities in the new pack of Printables for Early Years. It is Free so if you want to download it, just follow the link in BIO and go to the "What is Early Childhood Education" post. . . . . . . . . . . . . . #playbasedlearning #learning #learningthroughplay #funlearning #funactivities #whatdoesmammasay #handsonlearning #fungames #spain #momlife #momandson #lifeasmama #Toddlerlife #freeebook #freebies #freeprintables #free #education #freeeducation #activitybook #freeactivitybook #freeworksheets #stem #languageandcommunication #understandingtheworld #socialemotionaldevelopment

Play and Learn- Interactive Book for Preschool

To help all parents, we offer 13 FREE worksheets from this amazing activity book, worksheets that cover: -literacy (alphabet cards that can also be used as flashcards) -social-emotional development (identify the behaviour and give it a thumbs up or thumbs down) -as well as an interactive worksheet to help children practice days of the week (jumping pumpkin) -and a pre-writing activity (trace and place the object in the basket). In order to help children learn to associate letters and letter sounds, use the alphabet cards that are designed as such: the letter, a picture that represents a word starting with that letter, and the written word. Make small alphabet manipulatives: I cut in small pieces 3 corks from wine bottles, but you can just as well use plastic spoons, cotton balls, small lego blocks, small bouncy balls etc. Once the child practised the days of the week enough, use the jumping pumpkin interactive worksheet to help the child produce the words and learn to identify what day it is today.

Grab 21 fantastic printables that cover 4 of the 7 areas of early childhood development: STEM, Language and Communication development, Understanding Nature, Social-Emotional Development. These FREE worksheets have been created by 2 experienced educators and aim to prepare children for a successful academic life as well becoming balanced adults who can successfully deal with their emotions. All the worksheets can be put together in a binder and create a mini Activity Book for kids. The printables cover various ages from 3 year-olds up to 8 year-olds. If you want to DOWNLOAD THESE PRINTABLES just follow the LINK IN THE BIO and search for the post What is Early Childhood Education. . . . . . . . . . . . . . #playbasedlearning #learning #learningthroughplay #funlearning #funactivities #whatdoesmammasay #handsonlearning #fungames #spain #momlife #momandson #lifeasmama #Toddlerlife #freeebook #freebies #freeprintables #free #education #freeeducation #earlychildhoodeducation #freeworksheets #childdevelopment #activitybook #activitybookforkids #busybook

Oh Crap Potty Training and a little boy's potty training story

You are about to read about our potty training story and a little boy who’s favourite word is “no!”. Get your Activity Book from Meet Sir George, the first of his name George, the apple of my eye and my little sunshine, is a unique little boy (aren’t they all). The First-time Parent’s Guide to Potty Training” by Jazmine McCoy is very good and touches subjects like potty training readiness, how to prepare, ground rules suggestions, the actual process of potty training, naps and nighttime training and more. I kept explaining that he’s a big boy now and like mommy and daddy it’s time for the nappy to come off.

FREE Halloween Printable Games (㇏(•̀ᵥᵥ•́)ノ) It's never too early to start preparing for one of the most anticipated celebrations for kids. If you are looking for super fun Halloween ideas for preschoolers just follow the link in the BIO and discover 11 HALLOWEEN ACTIVITIES AND AMAZING FREE PRINTABLE GAMES that your little one will surely enjoy.♥️ . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . #playbasedlearning #learning #learningthroughplay #funlearning #funactivities #whatdoesmammasay #handsonlearning #fungames #spain #momlife #momandson #lifeasmama #Toddlerlife #halloween #freebies #freeprintables #free #education #freeeducation #halloweenactivities #halloweengames #halloweenfun #freestuff

What Does Mamma Say?

-the child chooses materials, the players and has his own rules; children learn the most from play if it chosen by them -play is child-invented: they are the inventors and experimenters -play is pretend but done as if the activity were real –play focuses on the process not the product: play is a basic activity of childhood and it is where learning occurs –play is done by the players, not the adults: and draw simple instructions and labels for everyday use, e.g. in the kitchen, bedroom -identify and discuss characters, compare characters from different stories or plays -become aware of character and dialogue, e.g. by role-playing parts when reading aloud stories or playing with others -reading brochures and filling out booking forms in a travel agency Read 15 Amazing Stories for Kids to discover great books for your child and get instant access to 12 phonics and reading comprehension worksheets. Communicates with peers and adults in small and large groups Conveys ideas, comments on actions, and gives directions Negotiates rules and follows them Uses abstract thinking to convey meaning and pretence Manages self and others in play Distances self to direct, negotiate, develop and extend the play Listens to others/understands perspective of others Uses sensory exploration in investigating the properties and behaviour of materials Uses fine motor skills in investigating, controlling, and manipulating materials Notices and communicates causes and effects Uses descriptive language to convey experience, feelings and ideas, to organize or persuade Uses specific terms to describe and analyse experience (e.g. mathematical, scientific, technological) Makes connections between existing and new knowledge Asks for help from peers/adults Understands the what if/as if nature of pretend play Conveys abstract ideas verbally and through different media Responds emotionally to experiences and expresses emotions verbally and through different media Discover all our free printables for kids on our Educational Resources page. However, the book recommends that when interacting with your child during play activities you need to: -support and respond to children’s needs and potential -enrich the content of their play -support their own ideas and provide additional ideas and stimuli -enable children to elaborate and develop their own themes -be responsive to the level of play development -remain sensitive to the ideas that children are trying to express

IT'S FINALLY HERE! Play and Learn- Printable Busy Book for Preschool Carefully developed by 2 experienced teachers, the Busy Book revolves around 5 focus areas: - Math - Literacy - Social - Pre-writing - Understanding the world There are 26 activities and a total of 77 worksheets. And because we value our community, we want to offer 13 WORKSHEETS FOR FREE. Just follow the link in BIO and get this amazing Busy Book for Preschool that will keep your little one entertained and learning (successfully tested on our little bugs)! . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . #playbasedlearning #learning #learningthroughplay #funlearning #funactivities #whatdoesmammasay #handsonlearning #fungames #spain #momlife #momandson #lifeasmama #Toddlerlife #busybookforpreschool #freebies #freeprintables #free #education #freeeducation #printables #educationalprintables #worksheets #worksheetsforkids #funprintables #funeducation #funathome #momdaily #activitybook #busybook #learningbinder

Fun Halloween Activities for Preschoolers

Our fun Halloween activities for preschoolers can even help them improve gross and fine motor skills with a game of Swat it, Mummy Wrap, Silly Spiders Crafts, Pin the Head. As teachers, we know how important it is to use learning through play activities and we want to offer parents a chance to use our amazing resources. How to play: This is a great game for any age and it is both fun and educational just like all the other Halloween activities for preschoolers in this list. Scavenger and Treasure Hunts are among our favourite Halloween activities for preschoolers since they are so versatile and exciting to play.

Suddenly it was quiet. You know how it is with a toddler...silence rarely brings anything good. Not this time! I turned around and saw my little bug playing QUIETLY and ON HIS OWN with his Busy Book. Oh the joy. What am I going to do with so much free time?? *I did the dishes in case you were wondering* 👀Keep your eyes on the blog because the same Interactive Worksheets for Preschool that kept my son busy will become available to you shortly. So exciting!!🤩🥳 . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . #playbasedlearning #learning #learningthroughplay #funlearning #funactivities #whatdoesmammasay #handsonlearning #fungames #spain #momlife #momandson #lifeasmama #Toddlerlife #interactiveactivities #freebies #printables #free #education #freeeducation #busybook #activitybinder #busybookforpreschool #quiettime #quietbook #learningbinder #worsheetsforpreschool #interactiveworksheets

Here is George, fully focused on playing with his Knobbed Cylinders. Although they look plain, it’s a fantastic toy for teaching children visual discrimination of high and low, big and small.  Children will get to fully practice their fine motor skills by grasping the knobs which vary in height and diameter. Thus, unknowingly, they will prepare themselves for writing by developing the coordination needed to hold and use a pencil.  Besides practicing visual discrimination and fine motor skills the Knobbed Cylinders will also help children develop logical reasoning, their observation skills and help them draw conclusions based on what they notice.  If you want to see more classic Montessori toys that you can use at home, follow the link in BIO. 👆

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