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Freelance blogger and host of the Wellness & Wanderlust podcast, which can be found on Apple Podcasts, Google Podcasts, Spotify and several other apps.


Location Orlando, FL
Country United States of America
Member Since AUGUST 12, 2018
Social Audience 2K
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✨Episode 50 ✨I’m still so inspired by my conversation with @nanettevhucknall! This week on the #WellnessAndWanderlust podcast, I had the honor of interviewing Nanette Hucknall, founder of @higherselfyoga and an award-winning author, psychotherapist and teacher. Nanette shares: 💫 The story of her own spiritual journey 💫 Ways for busy professionals to incorporate mindfulness into their lives and careers 💫 How to cope in difficult times (like a pandemic!) 💫 Tips for those new to meditation 💫 And SO much more. ❣️ This episode is packed with actionable tips and is one you won’t want to miss. 📲 Tune into WELLNESS AND WANDERLUST on your favorite podcast app, or tap the link in my bio! . . . . . #wellnessandwanderlust #wellnessjourney #higherself #higherselfhealing #higherselfyoga #mindfulness #mindfulnesspractice #mindovermatter #heartcentered #meditation #selfcare #spirituality #selfcaretips #wellnesspodcast

Leave it to me to go on a walk and casually stumble upon a lighthouse. ☀️ Trivia time: Where in Central Florida is this lighthouse located? ⛵️ (Hint: It has never been a true working lighthouse.) Share your best guess in the comments! 👇👇👇

✨ NEW EPISODE ✨We are chatting with @devonloftuswrites, founder of @mooncyclebakery, and @jennabeebasics, holistic nutritionist. 🧁 Devon and Jenna have teamed up to create The Moon Cycle Cookbook, empowering women to nourish themselves with recipes and rituals organized around each of the four phases of our cycles. In this episode, we talk about what our bodies need most at different times of the month, and how we can destigmatize those conversations. 🎙Devon and Jenna share easy-to-implement self care rituals, the importance of celebrating our bodies, what to do about period cravings, and why it’s ok sometimes to have a good cry. ❣️ Check out this magical episode at the link in my bio or wherever you get your podcasts! 📲 . . . . . #selfcare #hormonebalance #hormonesupport #wellness #wellnessandwanderlust #wellnesspodcast #wellnesspodcaster #mooncyclebakery #holistichealth #selfcarerituals #selfcaretips #womensupportingwomen #inspiringwomen #jennabeebasics

Time for a check-in! 👀 Are you prioritizing self-care? 📝 As an introvert in a very outward-facing career, I know how easy it is to feel depleted after a long day (or week or month) of #extroverting. If you’re like me, you may need a few reminders to recharge and refocus. A few of my favorite tips: ✨ TAP INTO YOUR CREATIVE OUTLETS. So many of you love to paint, play music, write—whatever it is you love to do that makes you happy, do it! 🎼 ✨LISTEN TO YOUR BODY. Make sure you’re getting enough sleep 💤 and eating foods that nourish you. 🥙 Whether you crave physical activity or aromatherapy, make your health a priority. ✨PRIORITIZE TIME TO YOURSELF.❣️This may sound like such a simple tip, but if you’re a chronic over-committer like me, it can be easier said than done. It’s ok to say NO ❌ sometimes. Take that time alone to do those things that fill your cup, like curling up with a good book or a movie. ✨TURN OFF NOTIFICATIONS. Even when you’re alone, having your phone on hand means you’re constantly connected. 📲 Set aside time to unplug, switch to “do not disturb” or turn off notifications for specific apps that you know you can’t resist. Introvert friends, how do you reenergize? I’d love to know! . . . . . . #wellnessandwanderlust #wellnesspodcast #wellnessblogger #selfcare #introvert #healthyliving #onairpersonality #listentoyourbody #selfcaretips #selfloveclub #wellnesstips #orlandoblogger #orlandopodcaster #selfcareforintroverts

EPISODE 48 🎙 What is #SeaMoss, and how can we use it? 🌿 This week’s guest on WELLNESS AND WANDERLUST is Karen Mitchell, Founder and CEO of @goldcoastseamoss, a natural apothecary focused on sustainability. After seeing her family use sea moss as a natural remedy for generations in Jamaica, Karen wanted to bring that healing modality to even more people who did not grow up in the islands. ❣️ In our conversation, Karen shares the numerous health benefits of sea moss, and how we can all incorporate it into our wellness routines. ✨ We also talk about the importance of #CorporateSustainability and water stewardship, and Karen shares not only how Gold Coast Sea Moss is giving back, but how we as consumers can identify and support other businesses that are protecting the planet. 🌎 📲 Tune in to #WellnessAndWanderlust wherever you get your podcasts, or tap the link in my bio! . . . . . #wellnessandwanderlust #goldcoastseamoss #seamossgel #wellness #wellnessjourney #wellnesstrends #wellnesspodcast #orlandoblogger #onairpersonality #sustainability #sustainableliving #ecofriendly #savetheplanet

Hi friends! ✨ It’s always so exciting to see new faces here, so I thought I’d take a moment to re-introduce myself. ❣️ You might know I’m the founder of WELLNESS AND WANDERLUST, a podcast + lifestyle blog all about how we can create happier and healthier lives for ourselves. I deal with my share of inflammation + autoimmune disease, so I’m always down to explore new healing modalities and share them with my fellow #spoonies—and others who just want to feel a little better! 🥰 Here are a few quick facts you might NOT know! 😱 1️⃣ I work full-time for a credit union. (Yes, I’m a reluctant #MoneyNerd.) 2️⃣ I’m SUCH a Harry Potter geek that I hosted a Triwizard Tournament in college. 🪄I am a Ravenclaw, how about you? 3️⃣ I collect spoons 🥄 from different states/countries I visit. A few favorites include a Pinocchio spoon from Italy 🇮🇹, my Royal Wedding spoon from London 👑 and my Cat in the Hat spoon from Islands of Adventure. 🤪 4️⃣ I am extremely introverted. This surprises people, because my full-time is socially oriented and I’m chatty AF, but I love a quiet night with a good book 📕 (or a Netflix binge or a bad reality show). 5️⃣ I’m a fantasy football 🏈enthusiast (I think this will be my eighth year?! 🤯) which makes the season way more enjoyable, since my actual NFL team is the Dolphins. #FinsUp 🐬 Your turn! ⤵️ I’d love to know a fun fact about you!

Who else needs a little Sunday pep talk? 🙋🏻‍♀️ I constantly struggle with those nagging thoughts that I’m not good enough, accomplished enough, pretty or thin enough, or simply “enough” enough. I often face #impostersyndrome as a podcaster, blogger, professional and even sometimes as a functioning human—and in a world where everyone’s highlight reel is front and center, it can become easy for all of us to fall into that comparison trap. 📆 Over the past year and a half, I think most of us have felt a little S T U C K. We’ve put our lives on hold, experienced major losses and felt disconnected from many of the people we love. 💔 For many of us, our health and wellness goals have not been the number one (or two, or three) priority, and with that can come a lot of feelings of guilt and inadequacy. If that describes you at all, I’m here to tell you IT’S OKAY. 💕 YOU are enough. YOU are doing the best you can in a difficult (and, dare I say, unprecedented?) situation. Be kind to yourself. Don’t beat yourself up for skipping a workout, eating the chocolate, or feeling the feelings. Every day is a new day. ✨ Do what you can with what you have, and most importantly, do it with love. Sending all my love and positive vibes to those who need it. 🥰 . . . . . . #wellnessandwanderlust #wellnessblogger #wellnesspodcast #selfloveclub #selfcaretips #womenwhopodcast #loveyourself #orlandoblogger #orlandopodcaster #onairpersonality #beyourbestyou #bekindtoyourself #influencerexcellence

EPISODE 47🎙 How can we create safer spaces at work? 🏢 We spend a third of our lives working, so the #culture and environment of our organizations can play a huge role on #mentalhealth. This week's guest is Jana Morrin, CEO and Co-Founder of @speakfullynow, an anonymous reporting platform that allows employees to document harassment, bullying, bias and other toxicity in the workplace. 🖥 In our conversation, we discuss: ✔Why documentation is so important + when we need to start documenting our own experiences ✔Navigating the gray areas ✔How we as coworkers, leaders + friends can support someone going through a similar situation ✔How to create safer spaces for employees to come forward ✔And more! Tune in to WELLNESS AND WANDERLUST on your favorite podcast app 📲 or tap the link in my bio. . . . . . . . #wellnessandwanderlust #wellnesspodcast #selfcare #selfcaretips #toxicworkplace #corporateculture #career #speakfully #speakfullynow #speakingup #shareyourtruth #womeninbusiness #femalefounder #womensupportingwomen #inspiringwomen #womenwhopodcast #wellnessblogger

MY MUST-HAVES FOR TINY CUBICLE LIFE 🖥 (Save this for inspiration!) After working from home for a year, I came back to a redesigned semi-open office space. 📝 (Not exactly the best situation for an introvert like me!) I’ve been slowly setting up my space to better fit my needs but I realized there’s very little out there about making the most of a tiny space at work, so I wanted to share how I’m making this new spot home. ❣️ ✔️Mini shelves to create more vertical space + make up for limited drawer space! (DM me for the link) ✔️ Comfy seat cushion courtesy of @everlasting_comfort — I adore their products! Get 20% off with code WELLNESSANDWANDERLUSTBLOG 😘 ✔️Matching wrist support and mousepad for more comfort when typing 💬 ✔️EDITED TO ADD: My @yeti tumbler with my name on it so I don’t end up with someone else’s. In the words of @deceptively.fitb (see comments), “ALL Y’ALL READING THIS NEED TO HYDRATE BETTER.” I tend to agree. 🧊 How are you sprucing up your space these days? Let me know what to add to my list! 🛍 . . . . . #wellnessandwanderlust #officelife #wfh #remotework #cubicledecor #cubiclelife #careergoals #9to5life #9to5style #9to5tips #corporatelife

HIDDEN GEM ALERT: PORT ORANGE 🍊 Stumbled upon this former sugar mill turned defunct amusement park turned botanical garden the other day. 🌸 If you’re wondering what you’re looking at here, it’s an enormous ground sloth statue! 🦥 The Dunlawton Sugar Mill Gardens are open from 8-5 every day and feature some beautiful plant life—and interesting creatures! 👀 A sugar mill in the 1800s, the area briefly transformed into the BONGOLAND theme park in the 1950s. (Swipe for 🦕 🦖 friends!) You’ll also find a gnome garden, nature’s chapel, human sundial and more. ❤️ This quirky stop is definitely worth a visit, especially for nature lovers out there! Admission is free, but it’s nice to leave a donation upon entry. 🥰 What other hidden gems in the Volusia area do you recommend exploring? . . . . . #wellnessandwanderlust #portorange #daytona #daytonabeach #volusia #volusiacounty #hiddengemsofflorida #hiddengemsoforlando #thingstodoinflorida #groundsloth #bongoland #floridahistory #floridahikes #lovefl #dunlawtonsugarmillgardens

EPISODE 46 🎙 We hear about gut health a lot in the health and wellness space, but what does it actually mean? This week on #WellnessAndWanderlust, we dive into all things gut health with @drmarvinsingh, a triple-board certified gastroenterologist and integrative medicine doctor in the San Diego area and founder of the @precisioneclinic. 🧬 In our conversation, Dr. Singh and I discuss: ✔️ The importance of gut health and the role it plays in all other aspects of our wellness ✔️What we can do to improve gut health and lower inflammation ✔️Lifestyle changes that we can make for the whole family ✔️How we can better understand our health through precision medicine and individualized testing ✔️ And more! This episode was incredibly informative and a blast to record. 📲 Check it out at the link in my bio or wherever you get your podcasts! . . . . . #wellness #wellnesspodcast #precisionmedicine #precisione #precisioneclinic #functionalmedicine #integrativemedicine #guthealth #guthealthmatters #gutmicrobiome #healingjourney #wellnessblogger #integrativegastroenterology

Photo evidence that I wore something other than yoga pants this year 📸 . . . . . #TransformFPRA #FPRAAnnualConference #Goldchella #GoldenImageAwards #PRpro #OrlandoBlogger

Let’s talk about #bodyimage. 🙌 Most of us have struggled with it or approached our health goals from that place of negativity and restriction, but the latest episode of #WellnessAndWanderlust is here to change that! This week’s guest is @alaynajcurry, a certified group fitness instructor and full-time PR practitioner who will help you fall in love with fitness. 💪 In this episode, Alayna and I talk about how fitness can support our mental health and the non-scale victories that go along with our workouts. 🏋🏻‍♀️ Alayna also shares: ❣️How we can make fitness more fun ❣️Tips for new moms getting back to the gym ❣️Finding balance in our lives ❣️Avoiding the comparison game and improving our body image ❣️And more! Tune in wherever you get your podcasts—or tap the link in my bio for a can’t miss convo! 🎧 . . . . . #orlandoblogger #wellnessblogger #wellnesspodcast #orlandopodcaster #workoutwithmom #bodypositivity #bodyconfidence #newmoms #fitnessmotivation #loveyourself #selfloveclub #womensupportingwomen #womenwhopodcast

So excited to be featured by @orlandovoyager today as one of their Change-Makers! ❣️ I had the opportunity to share a little about my career, my love for Central Florida + my blog and podcast journeys. 💻 If you want to learn a little more about me, tap the link in my bio for the article! . . . . . #wellnessandwanderlust #changemakers #orlando #orlandovoyager #orlandoblogger #orlandopodcaster #sanford #onairpersonality #floridatravel #floridastyle

How have your struggles shaped you? ❣️ As women, we often find ourselves diminishing the experiences we’ve been through because “I don’t have it as bad as she does,” but we’re really doing ourselves a disservice when we say that. I loved chatting with @gokellylewis last week all about how all pain is valid and how our trauma can fuel us. 💪 If you enjoy this snippet of our convo, you’ll love the full episode! 🎙 Tap the link in my bio or tune into WELLNESS AND WANDERLUST wherever you get your podcasts.(And be sure to check out Kelly’s show—and book!—@tellhershecant, all about the ways women have pushed past the obstacles and fought back when people told them they weren’t good enough.) 🎧 You won’t want to miss this one! . . . . . . #wellnessandwanderlust #wellnesspodcast #inspiringwomen #tellhershecant #womenwhopodcast #womensupportingwomen #orlandoblogger #orlandopodcaster #unstoppable #unstoppablewomen #alphafemale #badasswomen #igbooks #empoweringwomen #defiance #defyinggravity

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