Wally Jay

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Vegan Lifestyle blogger in the UK. I like to share recipes, lifestyle hacks and reviews. I also like to help with Anxiety and mental health as well as PCOS and Fertility. All towards a healthy living.

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Chickpea 'Tuna'

This recipe is for a delicious Chickpea Tuna that is great as a sandwich filling, in pasta, on jacket potatoes or on a salad, or even just on its own if that’s how you roll. Tuna is one of the foods I miss most as a Vegan, this doesn’t taste like I remember Tuna If you enjoy this recipe and are a lover of chickpeas then try this recipe for Roasted Chickpeas, or maybe you fancy your hand at making some hummus? Don’t forget to follow me on Instagram (my main social media platform) to see what I’m eating as a pregnant Vegan.

Struggling to focus? PMS might be to blame

You find yourself bloated, emotional, cranky, tired, sluggish and even worse, you can’t focus no matter what you do. Your brain just seems to go on a holiday leaving you with brain fog, the inability to concentrate and confusing your words like a toddler learning how to speak. For many women, PMS symptoms coincide with a crappy week for you full of struggles to do your work, exercise and just everyday things like cooking or doing the laundry. Eating crap can make your mind crap which can make your symptoms, i.e. brain fog worse.

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