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Empowering and inspiring women in Christ Founder of Walking With Lisa LLC Inquiries: Lhammond4563gmail.com

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Time for a roll-call! We're halfway through February and into the second month of the year. I want to know how you're doing. How's your year going? How did your first month go executing those plans and goals we talked about last month? As for me, this has been the first year that I've actually stuck to some of the goals I created for myself and you know what, it feels good! Now that doesn't mean I've been perfect at everything, but I've been working on holding myself to a higher level of disciple. Your turn! How has your 2021 been so far? Even if you don't have an elaborate answer about all the goals you crushed, I still want to hear from you! Let me know in the comments 👇🏾👇🏾👇🏾 Oh and if you want to start over or just start making goals and plans for your life, make sure you check out my blog called "5 Ways to Plan for Success" that I wrote last month. Link in bio! #christianquotes #faith #scripture #christianbloggers #blackblogger #blackgirlsslay #blackinfluencers #blackgirlbloggers #melanin #melaninbloggers #blackwomenrock #bloggingcommunity #iamtheeverygirl #browngirlswhoblog #christianbloggersofinstagram #christianliving

This is us...lol Happy Valentine’s Day ❤️

A 👏🏾 WORD 👏🏾 #inspirationalquotes #motivationalpage #gottastayfocused #gogetter #successmindset #achieveyourgoals #inspiringquotes #entrepreneur #successquotes #motivation #melaninblogger #browngirlswhoblog #bloggingcommunity #christianbloggersunite #christianbeautyblogger

Ever have someone tell you that "time heals all wounds"? Ever wonder if that's true? Does time actually heal all wounds? This week on the blog we're talking about 3 more lies we believe and the truth we need to combat them and "time heals all wounds" is one of them. Want to know why I believe this is a lie? Click the link in my bio and get to reading! Happy Monday ✨ #ontheblog #christianity #christian #christianblog #christianquotes #faith #scripture #christianbloggers #prayer #god #jesus #godisgood #blackblogger #blackinfluencers #blackgirlbloggers #melanin #melaninbloggers #blackswhoblog #melaninmonday #melaninblogger #dreambig #entrepreneurquotes #success#lifestyleblogger #browngirlswhoblog #bloggingcommunity

Do y’all mind if I praise God real quick? I have been praying that my faith in God increase and that I see God move in my life in a new way. I had certain goals I wanted to achieve but I wanted to solely rely on God to achieve them. Earlier this week in my Midweek Motivation message, I talked about how we need to rely more on God than we do on ourselves and I challenged my crew members to pray about what they want God to do in their lives. I can’t ask people to do something I’ve never done so I’ve been praying that I would get a graduate assistantship for school. I wasn’t expecting to get it until next fall because I’m still new to my program. But I prayed anyway knowing that the only way I would get it would be through God. Last week I randomly received an email asking me if I wanted to be a GA and of course I said yes! I knew that opportunity came from God because I didn’t do anything to get that job. I didn’t even apply for anything. I was in awe, but why be in awe of God doing good things? That’s WHO HE IS! He wants to do good things for His children. I pray that this year you trust God more than you ever have before. I pray you stop relying on your own strength and skills and lean into the power of God and watch how He moves in your life. Happy Saturday ❤️ #saturdayvibes #God #motivation #blackchristianblogger

I know a lot of us (it is me lol) feel that our feelings dictate our actions. But the truth is they don't. Feelings are indicators that internally we are responding to something happening externally BUT they should not dictate what should happen next. We should use our feelings in conjunction with logic to make moves. This is super hard though! If you're an emotional person like me, you want to react based on feelings alone. You want your feelings to be of the upmost importance but even the word says this isn't true. Read more about this lie and the other lies we believe on this week's blog. Link in bio! Remember to like and share if you find this formation helpful!

I’ve believed a lot of lies about myself over my lifetime. These lies have caused me to miss out on opportunities, make mistakes, misjudge character and more. It’s only been recently that I’ve come to the place where I’m combating the lies I believe with the truth of God’s Word. Some of the lies I’ve believed are: ❌ I need to love myself more ❌ I will never be enough ❌ If I feel something, it must be true #ontheblog this week, we’re talking about these lies and I’m giving you the truth we need! Link in bio 🤎 #blkcreatives #christianwomen #motivation #encouragement #christianlifestyle

Happy Black History Month ✊🏾 #blackhistorymonth #blkcreatives #browngirlbloggers #blackgirlblogger

She is clothed with strength and dignity. She speaks with wisdom and faithful instruction is on her tongue. - Proverbs 31:25-26 ✨ This has become one of my favorite Bible verses. But can I be honest? I believed so many lies about myself for so long that I'm just now getting to the place where I can believe the truth of God's Word. Have you experienced that? Starting on Monday, we're taking the whole month of February to talk about 10 lies we believe about ourself and I'll be sharing the truth of God's Word to help us combat those lies whenever they try and pop up. I'm very excited about this topic. Show of hands, who's ready to break free from the lies we believe about ourselves? 🖐🏾🖐🏾🖐🏾 #motivationwednesdays #humpday #lieswebelieved #browngirlbloggers #browngirlbosses

Have you read my latest blogs? This month we had such good conversations around the 3 blogs I posted! I'm so excited that you all are enjoying my content. We talked about: 1️⃣ How to get our hearts focused on God 2️⃣ 5 Ways to Plan for Succes 3️⃣ Why “Thinking Like a Man” Can Be a Dangerous Dating Strategy for Women My personal favorite topic to talk about was number 3. I actually really like talking about dating. I don't do it as much because so many people talk about dating in a superficial way and it's hard trying to get a different perspective out there but this year, I have resolved to share my perspective on dating a lot more. I have a whole month dedicated to talking about dating and relationships and I'm very excited about it. Be sure to check out my website in case you missed any blogs from this month and take a quick second to JOIN THE CREW! My Midweek Motivation Crew is a small community that I get the chance to talk with personally to share messages, special discounts, and new blogs. All you have to do is fill out the form with your name and email address and you're in! Next month we are coming back with a brand new topic and we're talking about 10 lies we've believed about ourselves. Let me know in the comments below, what lies you've believed about yourself over your lifetime 👇🏾👇🏾👇🏾

To my kids: This is how your parents looked before you were born 😝 Happy Monday everyone! #blackmillennialmarriage #millennialmarriage #blackwifelife #wifelife #christianmarriage #christianwife

Happy Saturday! Ok, let’s play a quick game. I’ll share 3 fun facts about me and you comment and share 1 fun fact about you! 1️⃣ I LOVE crime shows! I love the story telling aspect of it. I watch Fatal Attraction, For My Man, Snapped. I listen to crime show podcasts. I’m just obsessed. Sometimes I have to take a break from listening because I get too scared lol 2️⃣ I’m an extremely picky eater. I don’t like certain textures and I don’t like cold, mushy food (potato salad, cole slaw) I also don’t like corn but I like Chipotles corn lol Same thing with avocados and bananas. I won’t eat them raw but I’ll eat them mixed together with something (guac and smoothies) 3️⃣ I’m not a fan of socks. If I lived someplace where I didn’t have to wear them, I would be extremely happy lol they make my feet hot and I like my feet to be cold for the most part. Now it’s your turn! Let me hear a funny fact about you 👇🏾👇🏾👇🏾 #funfactsaturdays #blkcreatives #browngirlbloggers

No matter what your political views are, we can all agree that history was made yet again yesterday. When Barack Obama became President in 2008, little black boys all over the world were inspired. They finally got to see their reflection represented in the highest position of power anyone could ever hold. In 2020 when Kamala Harris became the Vice President of the US, little black girls and black women were not only inspired but we were glad to see people finally recognizing how powerful and special we are. We are a highly educated group of people. We are becoming entrepreneurs at fast rates. WE 👏🏾 ARE 👏🏾 AMAZING! For the majority of my life, I didn’t view myself in a healthy way. I doubted myself and I made some pretty bad decisions 🙄 But as I move closer and closer to 30 and a new decade of life, I’m tapping into my power as a black woman and more importantly, an image bearer of God. Leave a comment below with your thoughts on how we’re still making history as a people 👇🏾👇🏾

What happens when personas fade? What happens when you are no longer able to use the tricks you used to get someone? Do you think that person will stay? Will that person be upset with you for lying to them? How can you begin a relationship based upon lies? ⁠ ⁠ These are the questions that need to be asked before you begin the act of playing games with someone's heart. ⁠ ⁠ When we begin to behave this way are we truly honoring other people? Are we treating them the way we should be according to God’s standard? Or are we making our own wants and needs the primary focus and forgetting about everything else. ⁠ ⁠ Yea we see celebrities and influencers dating multiple people at a time and moving from relationship to relationship but what we don't see is the condition of their heart. We don't know if they're using these relationships to fill empty voids.⁠ ⁠ But before you begin “acting like a lady” and “thinking like a man,” look at the condition of your heart. Talk with God and figure out if that's what you really want or do you just want someone to love you for you.⁠ ⁠ The best thing is to just be you. Be who God has called you to be without all of the games and all of the strategies. Trust me, you will be pleased in the end.⁠

There was a time in high school and college that I got tired of being the “good girl” when dating. I got tired of being honest. I got tired of being fair. I got tired of being faithful and I got tired of showing and sharing my mind, body and heart with men that wouldn’t reciprocate the same behavior. So I thought “acting like a lady” and “thinking like a man” would help me begin to win at dating. I began to hide my emotions from men. I wouldn’t initiate any type of communication. I wanted them to chase me. I dated multiple men at a time. I became very emotionally disconnected and illusive. What I thought would get me what I wanted didn’t. What I thought would help me to feel free actually turned my heart cold. I became distrustful of men. I simply wasn’t being myself or who God wanted me to be. This week #ontheblog, we’re talking about how dangerous game playing in dating and relationships can be and how we think we want that but in reality it’s not good for us. Click the link in my bio and read this weeks blog where I transparently share my story! #blkcreatives #browngirlbloggers #clevelandblogger #dating #millennialmarriage #womenwhowrite #jesusgirl #christianwoman #christianinfluencer #blackbloggersnetwork #blackgirlswithpurpose #wifelife #blackwife #blackbloggersandcreators #blackchristianinfluencers #microblogger #melaninfeed #blackcontentcreators

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