Achraf Aouadi

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When Achraf is not devoted to civil society, like helping organize the Olympic Games in Rio in 2016, he’s most probably backpacking the Alps. He enjoys being on the road and taking snapshots of life around the world. Achraf loves sharing his travel journey and helping people plan their itineraries.

Location Stuttgart
Country Germany
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A calm place that has A LOT to say about HISTORY 🇹🇳 و المعنى الحقيقي للجلوس على الأطلال 😂

One of the umbrella streets back Home 🇹🇳 Who knows other ones? 😊 نهج الكوشة، زغوان

Would you live here in Winter? I've always admired those Refuges built in the middle of nowhere ⛰️ They bring you back to the basics of life, get your mind rid of unecessary life-noise, focus on what really matters, and better enjoy the planet 🌍

Since most of you guys wanted to see other winter shots, I took the chance to go back to some cold memories up in the mountains ❄️ It was one of those winter days where it snowed so much overnight. We setup our tents on a dry ground and woke up on a white dreamy layer up there 🏔️

11 Reasons Why Malta in Winter is a GREAT Idea! (+ Bonus)

Whilst the heat is a welcoming change, we much prefer waiting until the slower months, beating the tourist crowds, and having the island to explore practically to yourself! It’s possible to feel a bit more relaxed if you decide to explore Malta in the off-peak season, with most establishments still being open but without the typical high-season crowds. You’ll also find that the locals are even more welcoming during this period, supporting small establishments relying on summer tourist crowds during the slower months is a great way to travel more sustainably. If you’re a curious traveler who is eager to explore the off-beat, smaller villages on the island of Malta, then self-driving is the best way to explore the island.

[Camping Tips - Save it for Later Adventures 🤓] When we first tried camping 5 years ago, we didn’t do much research to prepare ourselves the right way. Even worse, We even had our first camping experiences without knowing all about the best practices to enjoy this connection with nature to the fullest. The good thing is that we learned afterward so many camping tips, that I am happy to share with you guys in this post: 1- Research Your Destination 2- Choose the Right Backpack 3- Don’t Buy All the Gear at Once 4- Practice Pitching Your Tent Before You Go 5- Plan Your Meals Beforehand 6- Pack light 7- Pack smart 8- Take a garbage bag 9- Take Off the Batteries from Your Light Torch 10- Wear Waterproof Clothes {THE REST IS ON A BLOG POST) 17- Keep Your Campsite Tidy and Clear of Any Food 18- Exercise Before You Go Inside Your Sleeping Bag 20- Dry Your Tent Out in the Morning 22- Camp in a Small Tent That Blends into the Landscape 23- Keep Your Group as Small as Possible 25- Don’t Stay for More Than One Night in One Place

What happens in the mountains stays in the mountains 🏔️ Last weekend, we had an adventure to remember ❄️ By the way, 4 days later and I still feel the effects of the cold in my toes 😂

19 Most Beautiful Places to Visit in Slovenia in 2021!

The Soca Valley is a scenic region and offers amazing hut-to-hut hiking tours in the Triglav National Park, near the city of Bovec. Maribor is another beautiful city located 20 km away from the Austrian border in the wine hills of the Drava river. If you’re traveling from Ljubljana, you can take a 1h 40min bus ride from the Ljubljana Central Bus Station to the Maribor Central Bus Station for 15$. During your stay in the city, you can hike on the scenic trails, attend a cycling trip, walk through the corridors of the caves in the area and visit the beautiful medieval castles.

5 Days in Cyprus: The Perfect Itinerary Step-By-Step

Larnaca, the island’s third-largest city after Nicosia and Limassol, is a major tourist center, located on the southern coast of Cyprus in the Larnaca Bay and known for its bustling sandy beaches, warm water, palm-tree seafront, and many historic buildings. Of course, while roaming the streets, you will find yourself in front of the Larnaca Castle, one of its most intriguing monuments surrounded by blossoming vegetation and wonderful floral gardens you can explore free of charge, whereas, on the other side of the castle, a massive azure beach awaits! If you did not rent a car, hop onto a 47-minute bus drive from downtown Larnaca to Limassol, Cyprus’ key port city and biggest tourist center. It is an hour or so away from Larnaca and Limassol, while from Paphos, it might take you up to 2 hours to arrive via intercity bus or rent-a-car.

10 Insane Waterfalls in Cyprus (+ How to Reach Them)

Only discovered recently because it’s hidden in a mountain, Millomeris Waterfalls are your perfect spot to explore the raw nature of Cyprus. You can also follow the trail from Platres; it’s a great journey for you who like to be endorsed in nature with all of its promises and minor spooks. It’s a great trail surrounded by enchanting nature (you’ll love every step you take) Cool, now all you need to do is figure out when it’s time to visit Cyprus!

My Collection of the BEST lakes in GERMANY! (SAVE this post to find it later when you wanna get some inspiration about your future get away) Guys! My post of the 17 Best Lakes in Germany is LIVE on the Blog! ✏️📚 I sorted them by accessbility and in categories to make it easy for you to check them out and see which ones you feel like visiting! 🚣 Now I could only out 10 of them here because instagram caroussel does noy allow more 🙈 The link is in my stories and bio Go check it out and share with me your thoughts 🤗 Here are the lakes names in the caroussel order: 1- Titisee 2- Königssee 3- Oberer Gaisalpsee 4- Seealpsee 5- Christlesee 6- Alpsee 7- Kochelsee 8- Funtensee 9- Schwansee 10- Walchensee

It's crazy how tiny we feel in the arms if mother nature 🏔️

Well guys, it's officially the coldest winter I have ever witnessed in my 8 years in Germany ❄️ Still, I can't wait to get back to the snowy mountains 🏔️

You know that you are a nature and photography addict when you decide to go out on such a weather just to hike in the snow and sacrifice a couple of fingers for some shots 😆 What about you guys? Would you do the same or rather prefer to stay warm and cozy? 🤔

My mind is so full and overwhelmed with things, that only mountains would sort out 😌 Anyone sharong the same feeling?

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