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🌎 Sharing with You the Beauty of Montana 📍Roaming Montana & Beyond 🔸️Discussing Anxiety, Mental Health, Social Justice

Location Montana
Country United States of America
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Adventure awaits. 💫 What is the top place on your bucketlist? AD: This double wall insulated steel bottle, which holds 25oz, can be found via the link in my bio to @happier_place . Use my code "HappierRoaming" to get 15% off this travel beverage holder or other great products that will help you curate your happier place outdoors and indoors. Shipping worldwide! AD ☕🛍💚 #hyggelifestyle #hyggehomedecor #hipflask #wanderlust_tribe #montanatravels #montanalife #happierplace #optoutsidemt #optoutside #optoutdoors #drinkware #travelflask #flask #flasks #reusablecup #campgear #metalmug #sustainablehome #sustainabletravel #hyggelife #luckywelivemt #montanacolors #lifeoutdoors Key Words: Montana, Flask, Drinkware, Eco-friendly drinkware, camp gear

What was the hilight of your summer? #montanaexplored #montanamoment #hawaiivacation #washingtonstate #visitwashingtonstate #visithawaii #visitmontana #summer2022 #summer2023 #distinctlymontana #glaciernationalpark Key words: national park, Montana, Glacier, Whitefish, Flathead, Hawai'i, Kualoa, Oahu. Big Island Hawai'i, Bozeman, Palisade Falls, Kalispell, Great Falls

I'm working on my blog post for Northwest Montana! I'm including some info about a day trip to Kalispell and Whitefish! In Whitefish, I recently checked out @sweetpeaksicecream and loved the Flathead Cherry ice cream! 🍦🍨 Otherwise, I've been MIA since I have been sick on and off with bronchitis and various maladies since August 24th, and most of my free time is recuperating or rehearsals.😷🤕🤒 I also am frustrating with how Reels are performing, since I count on them for some side income to help with debt and inflation.💸 What have you been up to? Any questions about Northwest Montana? Happy Monday! Hope it is as colorful as this mural!!❤💙💜💚🧡💛 #whitefishmontana #whitefish #whitefishmt #sweetpeaksicecream #explorewhitefish #kalispellmontana #montanamoment #montanacolors #streetartaddicted TAGS: travel blogger, Montana, Montana Vacation, Ice Cream, Flathead Cherries, Whitefish Montana, Northwest Montana, Street Art

One of the most gorgeous forests--The Ross Creek Cedars Scenic Area in the Kootenai National Forest. Save for your bucketlist! Comment below if you love forests or if nature also makes you feel whole. 🌳 I loved seeing these huge Cedars as well as ferns and moss. 🌿 Personally, I feel more connected to myself and closer to God when I see majestic natural wonders like this. 🥰 #forestbathing #forestphotography #kootenai #rosscreekcedars #rosscreek #montanamoment #onlyinmontana #happierplace #montanalife #forestcore Key Words: Montana, Forest, Cedar, Forest Bathing, meditation, Ross Creek Cedars, Kootenai National Forest, hoke, family travel, couple travel, bucketlist, Glacier, Troy, Libby

[SPONSORED post] Montana residents can get a free Lottery ticket! This year, I finally tried entering the PowerBall. However, that requires a trip to a store, which is pretty inconvenient. Enter the Mido Lotto app. @midolottoapp The Mido Lotto app is an app that makes it easy and convenient for Montanans to buy lottery tickets from home, securely from your phone. It works similar to Ticketmaster or DoorDash. The Mido Lotto app works with official state-licensed Lottery retailers to deliver tickets for official draw-games straight to your cellphone. The benefit of using Mido Lotto is that Montana residents don’t need to worry about losing a ticket or failing to claim a prize—the only thing that is worse than losing the lottery is losing a winning ticket, whether losing it in the wash or your cat trying to eat it! To celebrate their Montana launch, Mido Lotto is giving every eligible Montana resident a FREE Lottery Ticket! All you have to do is download the Mido Lotto app from their website or from your app store of choice (i.e., the Apple App Store) and use the promo code TREASURE! You can also use the link in my blog post to get the app by text message. No purchase is necessary for this free ticket. This promotion runs through September 30, 2022.  To receive your ticket after downloading the app, use the promo code TREASURE. What happens if you win the lottery with Mido Lotto? Winnings of up to $600 are directly  deposited into your account; if you luck out and win more than $600, the winning ticket is provided so you can claim your winnings directly from the state Lottery. Also, Mido Lotto doesn’t take a percentage of your winnings! To read more, and for responsible gambling resources, check out my blog post about the Mido Lotto App. Link in bio! If you don't live in Montana, on the blog I list the other states where Mido Lotto can be used. Fine print: Must be 18 years of age or older and a resident of Montana. Not sponsored by Instagram or anyone other than us. #MidoLotto #Powerball #MegaMillions #lottery #lotteryticket #montanalottery #montanaliving #missoulamt #montanacolors #buttemt #glaciermt #greatfallsmontana #helenamt #billingsmt

I love that Helena has SEVEN BREWERIES now and an amazing crafthouse. This is the newest brewery in town, @mtascensionbrewing ! 😍 Can you imagine being in a town with only one brewery? 🥺🥺🥺 Feeling blessed with the seven and other great places to grab a drink! 🙌🙌🙌 #helenamt #helena #downtownhelenamt #downtownhelena #breweries #montanabeer #montanabreweries #montanabrew #distinctlymontana #montanamoment #visithelena #visithelenamt #visithelenamontana #welovehelena

Still don't know how Hawai'i stole the name paradise. 😆 (Although 6 month winters are pretty bad I guess 🤣) #lastbestplace #bigskycountry #montanagram #montanamoment #montanaexplored #montanacolors #glacier_national_park #glaciernps #glaciermt #visitbozeman #westglacier #eastglacier

📍Many Glacier, East Glacier National Park, near Many Glacier Hotel This felt like stumbling upon a Lord of the Rings movie set and I didn't want to leave. 😍 Have you every been somewhere similar or just as pretty? #manyglacier #manyglacierhotel #eastglacier #glaciernationalpark #glacier_national_park #glaciernationalparkmontana #glaciernps #glaciernp #glaciermt #montanamoment #distinctlymontana #montanacolors #montanaexplored Key Words: Glacier National Park, East Glacier, Many Glacuer, National Parks, Montana, Montana Travel, Montana Videos, Waterfall, Lake, Wanderlust, Breathtaking Places

It's okay to buy new clothes if your clothes don't fit.... I've been punishing myself by wearing clothes that are too small or falling apart and telling myself "you can buy clothes when you lose weight" and "you can't afford new clothes," "why waste money on clothes that you'll grow out of?" Here's the thing....you deserve to feel and look good. Even if you are struggling with money, Goodwill/some thrift stores have a plethora of hidden finds and many stores have sales since people have cut back on buying clothes given inflation. Yesterday, I finally bought a couple of pairs of jeans, a new bra, a few shirts, and some stuff from Goodwill. While I am committed to getting healthier, it won't happen overnight, and I don't need to punish myself with a stretched out bra and outfits that make me feel crummy and beat myself up every time I put them on. Be kind to yourself. And be kind to others who are struggling. How can you be kind to yourself today? #selfcaretip #bekindalways #mentalhealthblogger #mentalhealthtips #mentalhealthisimportant #weightlossupport #weightmanagement #garnetghosttown #montanalife

Two Medicine Lake and Many Glacier! 🤯 Watch until the end for an epic view of Many Glacier! These two lakes are so beautiful. I overheard someone complaining there is nothing to do in East Glacier. There are things to see or do, the issue is just that, for example, these two lakes are separated by one hour and 21 minutes. So for these epic views, you need to be patient. Technically it isnt as convenient as West Glacier. For me, I do get frustrated since our stamina is low right now, so we haven't been able to do epic hikes. But both of these lakes are accessible by car! Which lake looks better to you in this video? Have you been to Glacier and if so, do you prefer the East or West side? #montanagram #glaciernationalpark #glaciernps #glaciernationalparkmontana #montanaexplored #montanamoment #visitmontana #montanalandscape #montanacolors #glaciermt #glacierpark #glaciernp #glacier_national_park #visitglacier #montanamoment #mostbeautifulplace #mostbeautiful #nationalparksusa #naturereels #mustdotravels Key Words: Two Medicine Lake, Many Glacier, Many Glacier Hotel, East Glacier National Park, Montana, Lakes, Nature, Epic Views

Have you ever tried Flathead cherries?! They are DELICIOUS!!! For $3 a pound, you beat the crazy store prices and have a fun excursion or date to boot! We visited Getmans' Orchard but there are also a few other orchards and cherry stands along Flathead Lake as we drove down south of Bighorn. Pro tip: I've also had Flathead Cherry hard ciders by a couple of cider producers in Montana and they are delicious. Whether you want cherries for smoothies or to snack fresh, don't miss out on this summer pasttime! Have you ever gone cherry picking? What would you make first with a stash of cherries? I made an insanely good cherry tart! 📍Getmans' Orchard, Flathead Lake East Shore. Make sure to call ahead for hours and availability at this or other orchards. #flatheadlake #Flathead #cherrypicking #dateideas #familytravels #kidfriendly #visitmontana #montanamoment #kalispell #montanagram #montanaliving Key words: Family Activities, Kid Friendly activities, family travel, solo travel, date ideas, first date, Flathead Lake, Montana, Montana Things to Do, Cherry Picking

IYKYK, am I right?!?! Is this you or not? #travelbloggerlife #travelbloggers #sheisnotlost #travelbloggeres #reelstrending #reelstrendingaudio #trendingaudio #thestruggleisreal #womenwhotravel #montanagram

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