Silver Foxy

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I have been creating inspiring content for people transitioning to their natural color hair (usually some shade of silver) for the past few years. I made my own transitional journey from 2015-2017 and learned a lot from my experience. In addition to creating video content for my YouTube channel, Silver Foxy (currently 15K), I created and admin a Facebook group (11K) of ladies and men who need support during their transition. Much of my content includes makeup ideas/tutorials, hair tutorials, and product reviews.

Location Three Rivers, MA
Country United States of America
Member Since JULY 11, 2020
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Tee Contest Winners — SILVER FOXY HAIR

Today I’m excited to announce the winners from a recent contest in our Silver Foxy Facebook support group. If you are a memeber of our Facebook support group, then you know we’ve been running a tee-shirt contest. And let’s do a contest and find another winner for a tee shirt design. The design is mine; I came up with the graphics, but they came up with the initial slogan.

Foxy Eye trend — SILVER FOXY HAIR

This particular eyeshadow is heavily pigmented, so I want to only touch the shadow lightly and slowly build up the intensity on my eye. I’m still going to use a sweeping upward motion, however I’m going to start to create large and very diffused wing. I also apply a little just below the outer lower lash to create more balance to the eye. I’m now using a smaller fluffy brush to concentrate the wing to the outer corner and close to the lash line.

5 Alarming Things You NEED TO KNOW about BOX DYE — SILVER FOXY HAIR

Today I’d like to share with you 5 Alarming things you NEED If you enjoy the content about silver hair on this channel, please subscribe to my Youtube channel, Silver Foxy and turn on all notifications If you’re not already a member of the Silver Foxy Hair support group on Facebook, join here. Don’t forget to answer all three membership questions!

EASY Salon Blowout at Home — SILVER FOXY HAIR

I first brush the hair out a bit and then place the brush behind the hair and roll it a little to grab the hair and kickstart the volume. When I have done this 2 to 3 times and I’m ready to release the hair, I twist the brush around in the same direction I was drying it. This helps the ends to be very soft with a tinny bit of round curl to the ends. I have been growing out my bangs since last fall, and they’re at a stage where curling them under or over may or may not work.

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