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✨Helping YOU Maneuver Through Motherhood • Entrepreneurship & Cannabis✨ CEO • Curator • Content Killa 💅🏾

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It’s Monday and you’re back to work. If you could be anywhere in the world right now, where would it be? What would you be doing ? . Take us there in the comments. . For me, it would be Thailand swinging amongst the trees high as a kite. (Pun intended) #cannaluxe #sitwithus . By the way, she is using our Oshun Bubbler which you can buy individually or as a set (with a grinder ) at

🤬🤬I’m not certain which thing I’m MORE upset with. The risqué clothing or the MORE than risqué posing of their bodies 🤬This is literally selling SEX via kids clothing !!!! All I can think of is a bunch of pedophiles rubbing their hands together and thanking @fashionnova for pushing their agenda ! . Dear @fashionnova @novakids you COMPLETELY missed the mark on this ! Fire your marketing team NOW! Fire your designer NOW! Fire your vendor NOW!!!! #fashionnova #fashionnovapartner #fashionnovajeans #fashionnovacurve #fashionnovadress #kids #parenting #parentingishard #saveourchildren #saveourkoalas #savethechildren

🥰PSA You NO LONGER need a code at check out for Black Friday deals! You spoke, we listened! . All sale prices have automatically been applied so you can enjoy all deals in one order ! . Shop now before inventory is GONE! (link in bio ) #cannaluxe #sitwithus

Planning your own content ? Whew, the ghetto 🥴 They call me the content killa , but when you produce content for tons of other brands like and @yelleskincare , sometimes your own content falls through the cracks. . I’m lucky to have have my first employee and I can say it’s been a big help ! One thing @bonded4ever taught me was to HIRE OUT! . The independent mind frame most black women live by is usually our downfall in business. With our group being amongst the highest climbing group of entrepreneurs, it’s necessary that we adapt to tactics from our successors ! . Get a team. Hire out. And let’s continue to push our group forward in business ! . #urbanmomspot

Happy Holidaze from Canna Luxe 😚💨 #cannaluxe #sitwithus

It took a long time to get back to this smile. I was MISERABLE at my corporate job. I’m talking , DREADED waking up in the morning type of miserable. . My 1 year anniversary of being a full time #entrepreneur (#mompreneur ) is approaching and I’m over the moon at where I am currently in my career. My daughter has watched me persevere through all adversities you can think of. And quite honestly , I wouldn’t have it any other way! . P.S be on the lookout for Black Friday sales over at . #urbanmomspot

Swipe to see how is doing! 🥺🙏🏾 I’ve been waking up at 3am the past few days. If you are unfamiliar with what that means spiritually , it means an enlightenment is upon me. . When I read this message from a customer this morning, I knew she was merely a vessel from my spirit guides. . When growth is brewing in your life, pay close attention to the signs around you. The universe is waiting for you to acknowledge you are not in control. In this time, it is important to show gratitude and relinquish any worry or anxiety you may have. . #urbanmomspot

How does cannabis help the pain? Marijuana contains nearly 80 cannabinoids which stimulate, or activate, the human body’s endocannabinoid receptors. These receptors are in many parts of the body, including the brain. They work by attaching themselves to the cannabinoids’ chemicals and the result, researchers are finding, is a significant reduction in inflammation and pain, as well as a calming impact on the body’s central nervous system. . Marijuana may actually be a safer option for treating menstrual pain than traditional medications because: -Overall, cannabis use does not have any long-term side effects. -Unlike NSAIDs and other pain relievers, it is almost impossible to overdose on marijuana. -Cannabis won’t interact with foods and beverages, so there is no reason for an individual to change their diet while using it. . The next time you want to enjoy the flower to manage menstrual pain, opt into using one of Water Bubblers with room temperature water. . You can grab one now at #cannaluxe #sitwithus

I had this @blackgirlmagicwines on set the other day and was tipsy in 2.5 🤭 I am so proud of these ladies for dominating an industry that we rarely see done by women of color! Thank you for inspiring women like me ! . Have you tried it yet ? (And no this is not sponsored. I just got super exited when I realized it was black owned 🤩) . #urbanmomspot #blackgirlmagicwine

*G I V E A W A Y * hosted by @phyliciabennn 🥳 details below! ___________________________ *C L O S E D * winner @gotta_befearless Repost from @phyliciabennn • Giveaway time tribe!! Basically I’m giving away things I use daily. If you love to smoke like me you’ll enjoy 💨 a set of Waist Beads by @nyaraiwaistbeads , Blue Tooth Remote Tripod for your phone. 📷 Then I’m giving away $200 worth of product from my store @citygirlcurlz @citygirlcurlz In order to win you MUST FOLLOW ALL THE RULES! Follow theses pages tagged @citygirlcurlz @cityrepublik @phyliciabennn @nyaraiwaistbeads Tag 3 friends under this post and share this on your stories to increase chances of winning. I’ll announce the winner in my stories on Wednesday!! Best of luck and happy holidays! #supportblackownedbusinesses #blackfemaleentrepreneurs #holidaygiveaway

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