Mitch Gurowitz

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Aftershock Ambassador NJ, Concert photographer , Tattoos, Coffee Roaster, I saw The Clash 12x, Guitars and songwriting for Resistance 1982-85, 2015 to present. Cigars, Scotch, Bourbon, IDPA, Glock, Smith and Wesson, Springfield, XD, Sig Sauer


NJ Ambassador Mitch Gurowitz bought his first comic Batman 212 (1969). When Mitch was 13 he started writing to comic writers, artists and has many letters and sketches from industry greats like Jack Kirby, Joe Sinnott, George Perez, Gene Colan, and many many more.

He made a very successful career as a prepress manager for printing companies for most of his life, and was able to combine his passion for art and computers. Mitch has been into photography and playing guitar since he was 8 and is known for concert photography, shooting sports photography and even was in a band with skateboarding great Mike Vallely. (Currently with Black Flag).

Mitch has a great time visiting and chatting with store owners. When he first got the position from AfterShock he told the owner of his LCS and his response was “So you get paid to go into comic shops and speak to the owners? But you do that anyway”

Mitch is thrilled to be involved in comics (Thanks RuthAnn!) it was his dream as a 15 year old kid. If you are into Punk, Indian Classical, Shooting sports, Asian and Bollywood Cinema, Anime, Tattoos and Scotch, you probably have already run into him. He lives with his wife Margaret Daughter Alice and two silky Selkirk cats.

He can be found on Instagram, Facebook, LinkedIn and reddit as Mitch Gurowitz and Twitter @mitchg and mitchgtz on Xbox and PlayStation.

Location Piscataway, NJ Northeast
Country United States of America
Member Since SEPTEMBER 05, 2022
Social Audience 866
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