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1 Year Old #triplets 💜Lily 💓Mia 💙 JJ

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First Day of School (a day late)

18 months of Emmy! Our chill, happy, playful girl is halfway to TWO! She’s talking up a storm, learning what seems like several new words a day and just said her first sentence a few days ago. She can name several body parts and identify several more when asked to point them out. She loves the water and graduated from her survival swim class, so she’s fully proficient in floating even in full clothes, a winter coat, and winter boots. She loves shoes, but hates socks or pajamas that cover her feet. She’s become very attached to her stuffed animals “lambie” “quack” and “hop.” She often eats more than all of her siblings and loves yogurt “gogurt,” cheese, crackers and her favorite, ice cream. Emmy fits right into our crew and has a great bond with her siblings, especially JJ. Lily and JJ are both especially protective of her. I think she might think all of their names are JJ 🙈

Happy 4th birthday Lily, Mia, and JJ! Every day is an adventure with our crazy crew and we have loved watching you all grow into kind, funny, smart, caring little people. We love you tons and can’t wait to see what this year brings 🥰🥰🥰

✌🏼out 3️⃣


Happy Father’s Day to our favorite guy! ❤️ @jdelisi42

Last day of their 1st year of preschool! What do you want to be when you grow up? Lily: “A bunny” Mia: “A mermaid unicorn on a farm” JJ: “Super Batman”

Happy Easter from our crew🐣🐇🌷

Happy National Triplet Day (3/3) from our favorite trio!

Emmy is ONE! How has the past year flown by so quickly?! Emmy has completed our family is such an amazing way and we are so incredibly grateful that she’s ours 🥰 She loves her mama, swimming, the bath, Ms Rachel. She’s content with someone else unless she sees mama, and then it’s all over. She has her big brother wrapped around her little finger and her sisters as well, most of the time. They were very proud to make her cake for her. She’s crawling like crazy, pulling up to stand, and taking a few steps with her push walker or holding our hands. She signs “milk” and “all done” and says uh oh, dada, mama (though rarely…), baby and buh-bye. She has two bottom teeth. She’s rounded out her first year illness bingo card with a current bout of bronchiolitis from human metapneumovirus as well as a double ear infection. She’s lost about half a pound from being sick lately, so currently weighs 17lbs 8oz. She’s not feeling much like partying unfortunately, so we’ll get together with family in a week or two to really celebrate ❤️ #1stbirthday #firstbirthday #one #1yearold

I almost missed it, but these three are 3.5 today! Three three-year-olds is ROUGH, not gonna lie, but we’re halfway through! They’ve grown into such smart, inquisitive, fun and opinionated little people. While we’ve certainly had our share of whining, crying, tantrums and overall chaos (#threenagers) we have equally as many amazing times and we marvel about how kind, caring, funny and empathetic they’ve become. #3yearold #3yearolds #3yearsold #threenager #4under4 #triplets #tripletmom #momoftoddlers #toddlermom #toddlerlife #twinsandmultiples

Happy Valentine’s Day from our littlest #valentine 🥰

Happy Valentine’s Day from these three love bugs ❤️❤️❤️ This day holds a special meaning in our family since it was the day we found out that we were actually expecting THREE babies and not just one The girls insisted on going shopping yesterday for “special Valentines dresses” and picked these outfits all on their own. Lily of course had to add a pop of orange to make it her own. JJ will only wear PJs or this threadbare sweatsuit (🤦🏼‍♀️), but it wouldn’t be him otherwise so we just go with it!

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