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1 Year Old #triplets 💜Lily 💓Mia 💙 JJ

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Happy Thanksgiving from our family to you and yours! 🦃

Emmy’s loving our @storypod just as much as her big siblings, and I love that one device is great for all ages! She was enthralled with the Spike the Penguin read along book and loved the songs that came with the Manu Monkey craftie character. One of my favorite features is that the song or story continues to play even if the character is removed from the device, which is something I found to be frustrating with another similar device we’ve tried in the past. All of the kids are tempted to play with the characters, and I love that they can do that without essentially disabling the Storypod. Use code TRIPLETHEJOY20 to save 20% off your order. #storypod #storypodpartner #giftguide #kidsgifts #kidsgiftideas #christmasgiftideas #toddlergifts

EIGHT months of Emmy! ❤️ Likes: Mama (at least 1 of the 4 counts me as their favorite!) Books Swimming - she’s a little fish and her instructor said she’s the “most advanced baby” in their whole program (however an 8 month old can be advanced 🤷🏼‍♀️) Hey Bear Watching her siblings Scooting around on the floor Babbling: dada (all the time), mama (a few times) and baba Can clap on command and when you sing “If you’re happy and you know it She still thinks her brother is the funniest person ever and has him wrapped around her little finger. He’s found a rival in her for most talkative of the bunch Still not sitting up, likely because we don’t do a ton of sitting practice with her (she much prefers scooting around on the floor), but we’re working on it! UPDATE: as of literally 20 minutes after I wrote this, she’s now sitting independently for good stretches 🙌🏼 Weight: 16lbs 1oz (24%) Length: 27” (58%) Teeth: 0

Joe took Mia and JJ to play basketball the other day, and Lily opted to stay behind for some one on one time. She chose to play with their new @littlepassports kit. It came with a fun pop-up playset game that she was able to help me put together, and little animal discs that we used to launch into the tree to make a game out of. Through October 30th, use the link in my bio and code 10DOLLARS-JSV to get your first @littlepassports kit for just $10 (almost 70% off)! They have different age-appropriate boxes for kids ages 3-12 and a wide variety of topics to fit any interest! These make a perfect gift for the holidays!

We had a snuggly movie night with their new “super cozy” (JJ’s words) @caden_lane_baby personalized blankets! These kids are blanket connoisseurs and these have quickly become their favorites. Use code TRIPLETHEJOY20 to save!

Time is a thief #itmademethinkofyou #timeisprecious #timeisathief #growingup #growingsofast #thenandnow #nowandthen #triplets #momoftriplets #twinsandmultiples @twinsandmultiples @tmbeofficial #tripletmom #momstrong #pumpkinpatch #fallfun #toddlermom

Three years ago today was these three’s due date!

Seven months with our Emmy girl! This month she transitioned into her own room, started ninja rolling across the room, and started saying dada (though not really directed at dada himself) She loves mama, watching her siblings for entertainment, bathtime, and thinks her brother is the funniest person ever. She randomly growls or screeches and then giggles at herself. She’s liking solids, but much prefers fruits over vegetables, and seemed indifferent to chicken. She’s still waking up at night once or twice to eat and then goes right back to sleep, and after waking up in the night with triplets, I’m not actually minding it that much for now. It’s kind of nice to get those middle of the night baby snuggles I feel like I missed out on with the older kids (because everything was always so crazy). She weighs 15lb 9oz and is wearing size 3 diapers and size 6-9 month clothes. #6monthsold #6months #6monthsold #baby #babygirl #monthlymilestones #momlife

Rounding out #nicuawarenessmonth with mister JJ. He was in the middle size-wise at birth and came home after 25 days in the #nicu

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