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Shandos Cleaver is the founder and blogger-in-chief of Travelnuity, a travel blog focused on dog-friendly travel around the world. Currently travelling in Europe with her Miniature Dachshund, Schnitzel, Shandos realised there was a shortage of information about travelling with a dog. Travelnuity aims to provide hands-on information to other dog-loving travellers, whether about sight-seeing, transport options or where to stay, plus inspire more people to travel with their dogs.

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How Much Does It Cost to Bring a Dog to Australia in 2022?

One of the most variable costs of bringing a dog to Australia is the cost of the various vet visits and tests required to complete the paperwork required to bring your dog to Australia. Finally, as the only post-entry quarantine facility in Australia is located in Melbourne, if you don’t live in Melbourne there is the cost to transport your dog to their final destination in Australia. Even without using a pet transport company it is very expensive to bring a dog to Australia, with more costs involved than many people realise, and pet transport companies often just list one daunting large number, rather than breaking down the component costs. As an example of a lower end cost, where my dog flew directly from Los Angeles to Melbourne, is a small dog, and we did not use a pet transport company except for the final flight to Sydney, here were my total costs (using the latest May 2022 fees for set government costs):

Visiting the Beaches of Outer Banks, NC with a Dog

The Outer Banks (or OBX for short) not only attracts people from all over the world, but it is also a popular destination among dog owners and their dogs. But before letting you let your dog go wild on the beaches and let them off their leash, make sure you’re aware of the regulations for dogs, including whether they need to stay leashed. From the Friday before Memorial Day up until the day after Labor Day, dogs must remain on a leash that cannot exceed If your dog is an innocent-looking pug or a friendly lab then you don’t need to worry, because during the off season it’s also permitted to allow well-behaved dogs off their leash on the beach, as long as they don’t disturb other people and remain under your control.

4 Dog Business Ideas You Should Consider In 2021

Starting up a dog walking business is a perfect, flexible job for someone who enjoys spending time with dogs and getting outdoors and exercising. This means there’s going to be a lot of demand for dog walkers to take dogs out during the day while their owners are back in work. And you need to ensure that you follow all rules and regulations about the number of dogs you can take out at once, keeping records, and cleaning up after the dogs. And once you’ve spent a little bit of money on your business set up you should be able to make a good profit, while also getting to spend your time working with dogs.

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