Christopher Mitchell

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🏆 Award-winning blogger, podcaster, freelance writer, social media expert & speaker

💻 Founder of - @travelingmitch

💻 Cofounder of - @ultimateontario

🇨🇦 Cofounder of the Toronto Bloggers Collective - @tobloggers

📫 Cofounder of the This Week in Blogging Newsletter - @weekinblogging

🎙 Cohost of the I’m Anxious About Podcast

📖 Author of “A Local Travel Writer’s Guide to Toronto”

📰 Featured in/on Forbes, CNN, CBC, USA Today, Escapism, Outpost, Dreamscapes, Ensemble, International Living, Go Overseas, Transitions Abroad & many, many more.

🗺 Toronto, Ontario, Canada 👨‍🎓Honours English Lit. - Bachelor of Education - Masters of Education 💼 Portfolio @

Location Toronto, Ontario
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London, Ontario is a city that I’ve been to in the past, but I never stopped to explore it with PURPOSE. Since I arrived, I’ve finally done that, and I’ve found out a number of things. Firstly, this is a passionate and proud city. I’ve taken the time to chat with many locals here, and they’ve got a lot of love for where they’re from, and deservedly so. Not a single person I’ve met claims it’s perfect, but they know the city has a certain spirit about it - one they wouldn’t trade. Secondly, there are a TON of restaurants here worth visiting. For a city of its size, London punches well above its weight. Hard to imagine this wouldn’t be one of the top cities for foodies in the province. I’ll write a lot more about this city on my respective sites, of course, but the last thing that I wanted to mention was the people. Everyone I’ve met has gone to great lengths to make sure I feel welcome here. It’s like I’m an honorary Londoner or something - the hospitality has been off the charts. People love to talk about this city, and sometimes in a negative way, but I wonder how many of those people have really scratched beneath the surface to understand what makes this place tick. All I can say is that I’m glad to be here, doing just that.

Which Image Monitoring Service is For You?

Thankfully, third-party services exist that allow you to upload your images to their server, and then their proprietary algorithms find and log instances where your images are used outside of your domains and social channels. Copytrack is arguably the most well-known image monitoring service out there, and getting your images into their database is a simple upload (although there are some file size restrictions as well as a maximum file count which can be increased upon request). One of the biggest pros of Copytrack is that they provide as many matches as possible as they come in, but this also doubles as a con as we have far more false positives than exact matches (frequently greater than 10:1) such that sorting through the images can become a chore. Once the images are on their server, the RYDE team will sort through matches and send you cases that they think they personally have the best shot of winning- generally once a week.

During this week in which I’m sharing content from my past trips to the Czech Republic, there’s one thing that I really want to highlight. And that’s the fact that, while Prague is truly incredible, you need to explore more than the capital to get a genuine feel for the country. Enter České Budějovice, the capital of South Bohemia - a spot well worth visiting. It’s a city of about one hundred thousand people that’s very pedestrian friendly, and all kinds of picturesque (the lovely river certainly doesn’t hurt). Not to mention, they’re well known for their beer (and are famous for the Budweiser Budvar Brewery - you may have heard of it!) When we arrived in this city via bike, we dropped our gear off and went straight to the breweries. As you might imagine, we were not disappointed. Even just walking around the city, with the mix of Gothic, Baroque, and Renaissance architecture is a treat. So add it to that Czech bucket-list for when we’re able to be on the move again, and use it as a seat to explore other spots nearby such as Hluboká Castle! South Bohemia does not disappoint (especially for beer lovers 🍻😉)

Instagram's Controversial New Challenger

Dispo's name comes from a reference to the disposable camera, and the experience of the app which aims to basically bring the disposable camera into the digital age. your photos won't appears in the app until the following morning at 9am to emulate the “development' process of disposable cameras. The barrage of the app on the app store seemed to subside a bit in response to this news. When we initially tracked the app in the midst of the controversy, it was rated 2.1 on the App Store, and now, as we noted above, it's much closer to 3.

Don’t forget about the places that may not be a great distance, but help you feel worlds away. ❤️

Snapchat is Looking to Change E-Commerce

this acquisition may bring big opportunities for fashion brands on the platform and it could provide interesting new ways for (direct to consumer) brands to reach younger audiences as more business are set up to live exclusively inside platform ecosystems where their consumers live their lives.”Of course, many people are already speculating that this may finally really open up the possibility of creators selling directly through social platforms. There's a world in which this move by Snap benefits individual creators with a product or product line immensely, but for now it seems as if Snap is primarily concerned with integrating businesses and retailers, and then looking towards influencers after they see the initial results. away).Even if Snapchat isn't your thing, it's worth understanding how these platforms are being monetized, if only to be ready if it appears that e-commerce will be a fundamental part of your favourite social media platform down the line. If you're looking to stay up to date on all the comings and goings of the world of blogging and social media, be sure to subscribe to our newsletter, which drops every Tuesday morning.

There are few nations on this planet that I hold closer to my heart than the Czech Republic. I first visited back in 2010 on a short trip to Prague that firmly convinced me that I needed to explore more of this nation. Luckily, I’ve been able to return many times since, and most recently when I teamed up with @visitcz in 2019 to bike across South Bohemia. That was a trip that changed my life in terms of my appreciation for cycling, but also for my understanding of just how much there was for me to explore here. This photo, of the town of Česky Krumlov, was snapped on that trip. Over the next week, I’m going to be using my channels to reflect on my adventures in the Czech Republic thus far. However, it’s not just going to be about the sights and the scenery (though there’s no shortage of that), but rather the stories and the people as well. I don’t think folks talk enough about the hospitality of the Czech people, and I’d love to do that, after being treated almost like family over and over again while I was there. I’ll be using my site and social to think about what made my past trips here so special, while also pondering on future adventures, and what I’d love to do when I’m able to again. I thought this photo was an appropriate place to start - a moment off my bike as the sun was setting in Česky Krumlov. It’s a reminder that there’s always a new day on the horizon. I hope you’ll enjoy this journey with me, and wherever you find yourself at this moment, I send nothing but my best. #visitczechrepublic #visitcz

The 2021 Windsor Essex Tourism Awards Highlights the Best in the Region

Tourism Windsor Essex Pelee Island has just announced the winners of the 6th Annual Best of Windsor Essex Awards. Now in its sixth year and with record breaking support by locals, you can see how passionate our residents are of their locals businesses and attractions. We want residents and visitors to be able to use this list as a great way to plan a Staycation in Windsor Essex this year. And we know that Orr agrees as he said publicly about this recent awards that they “struggled with the timing and practicality of offering the Best of Windsor Essex Awards as an opportunity for locals to engage and support their local businesses.

#AD Italy is the sort of place where you're excited to visit for your whole life, and, when you finally visit, it still manages to live up to your expectations. I've been thinking a lot as of late about the places that I've visited that have left some sort of indelible impact on my heart, and Italy comes to mind over and over. I think part of that is because the whole country is like a museum in some way - you simply can't escape the history, even if you wanted to. One spot in particular that I know Bri and I were taken by was Pompeii. It was incredible to take a moment to understand what life would have been like all those years ago, and to see the houses, the bars, and even the brothels that made up society during that age. I also remember feeling a deep sense of empathy for the fate of the citizens of Pompeii, which I think is important - it means I'm remembering that these people were just like me...but many moons ago. And that's the magic of Italy. You're constantly humbled, and constantly forced to consider your own place in the world and in history - by the simple act of walking around with your eyes and ears open. I look forward to visiting again when I can, and once again spending time in a nation that seems to do nothing but intrigue and fascinate me to the core. #italianmuseums #experienceitaly #italytravel #pompeii #pompeiiruins #pompeiitaly #italyiloveyou #italylove #peerITALIA2 #italytrip #italy_vacations

The moment that I first stepped foot in Ireland, I quickly understood why this was a land of stories and storytellers. Every inch of the country seemed to warrant its own fairytale, and I can swear there were a few times I saw something out of the corner of my eye and was half convinced I was going to be whisked off to Narnia. I remember one particular day when I found myself in the village of Howth which, for those who don't know, is a coastal village with a charming harbour about 25 minutes from Dublin. Of course, because it's Ireland, Howth has an 800 year old medieval castle, but funny enough that wasn't what stole my heart. Rather, it was the winding paths and trails behind the castle that I've never quite forgotten. I was on my way to do the Howth cliff walk, which offers some of the most breathtaking views of the east coast of Ireland, but I kept pausing in the woodlands to take it all in. I don't know if I read one too many fantasy novels as a child, but I did truly feel like a character in my own adventure. I'd be sure that I'd set eyes on the most beautiful spot in the forest, and then I'd go around the next corner and realize I was mistaken. All around me it was lusher than lush, and the trees bent every which way. There was just enough sun poking through the canopy, but just enough shadow to keep things mysterious and intriguing. I felt as if I was on a movie set, and the leaves had been strewn across the path intentionally for dramatic effect. If you listened carefully, the forest had its own hum, and I figured that if I was ever going to be a poet, this would be my moment to write something. Alas, a poem never came to fruition, but that's probably a good thing because it allowed me to keep looking around and to soak it all in. Howth and the surrounding area are special, of that there's no doubt, but I can't help shake the feeling that these woodlands and this region are just one of innumerable examples of this kind of beauty on The Emerald Isle. I've visited the country five times, yet I know I've only scratched the surface. #AD #longingforireland #FillYourHeartWithIreland #howth #howthireland #irelandtravel #ireland🍀 #ireland_gram

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