Cindi Conley

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A travel blogger figuring out how to travel later in life who always checks her bag. Next up: Morocco #TravelingLater

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What’s your favorite place on the west coast of Mexico? Have you ever ventured away from the major resort cities and found a little fishing/surfing village to stop for awhile? > > These pics are from my second visit to Sayulita. You fly into Puerta Vallarta, grab a car/cab and drive north about 40 minutes and then down the hill into this little town. > > Second visit - we were able to see all the growth that’s been happening in Sayulita, but still - slow, easy, laid back. This second trip, we stayed on the south end of the village, closer to the action. To the north, there are amazing rental homes and lots of wide uncrowded beaches. Check it out on your next trip south of the wall. . . . #sayulita #sayulitalife #sayulitamexico #mexicanriviera #mexicanbeach #visitmexico #beachvacation #beaches #beachfront #beachy #beachvibes #beachlover #beachfun #beachbound #beachtravel #thewanderingtourist #travelmoments #shetravelz #adventurealways #romance #relaxmode ebatravellove

Best Tips For Your First Ancestry Trip

Chances are your trip will be long and may include a flight over an ocean, so make sure to read up on Cindi’s awesome post on the best travel carry-on essentials for long flights and her best tools for travel planning in order to get good deals and plan your trip. Once you’ve planned your trip as best as you can (best to plan a little loosely, in case you find out something really interesting in one city and want to stay longer), it’s time to prepare for your first ancestry trip!I have to say, when I went on my first ancestry trip, I was unnecessarily cocky. While the results didn’t surprise me, since I’ve taken it, I’ve been connected to more people who’ve done serious research on my family tree. I’ve even connected to someone around my age who lives in England (and is related to that side of my family!).If you can, before you go, take a DNA test, do some research within your own family and whatever records you can find online, and get to know as much as you can about where you’re visiting.

If I could click my heels together and make a wish (and then do it again every time I wanted to) I would wish for a spontaneous and spectacular trip. . . Or for someone to just say - here’s a whole lot of money and there’s only one condition when you get it - you have to immediately travel. . . I know all the places I’d go. Ready? Everywhere. One continuous ticket until I had to come home and get recalibrated. It happens to me 🤷‍♀️✈️ . . #gotravel #gotraveling #travelaroundtheworld #spontaneous #spontaneoustrip #ebatravellove #roam #discoveries #traveldiary #gonow #travelgrams #exploreeverything #planes #trains #roadtripping #takeatrip #seetheworld🌍 #falltravel

Ten Best Destinations for Your Next Girls Trip

You and your BFF’s of a unique size group, who like to do the things you like to do (whatever those have been sorted out to be), are ready to pick the destination for your weekend/vacation girls trip to… Downtown food carts offer great ethnic eats and local gems serve unique authentic food like Indian, Korean, Laotian, Ethiopian and more. Check out a show at the historic Ryman Auditorium, find something completely unique at the Nashville Flea Market, find your inner hipster walking through the East Nashville neighborhood, go for drinks and bowling at Pinewood Social, try to find all 200+ murals in the city, take a hike at Radnor Lake or Percy Warner Park, or head a little bit South to Franklin and visit Arrington Vineyards. Perfect because one night we saw Girls Trip on our girls trip!

A fall sunset over Northern California - no filter - anchors me. I like to stop and catch the sky when it’s showing off here - and not just when I’m traveling. Because while this is home for me - it’s a travel destination for someone else out there in the world. Come see Northern California! Do all the things that we like to do when we visit your beautiful countries. Talk to us while you’re here. Try our food (which could be YOUR food reinterpreted by us because we fell in love with it when we visited.) And while you’re here - take a look at our sky. At our sunrises and our sunsets. Look like home? Yep, that’s what I think too. 🌞 🌞 #sunset_love #sunsetparty #sunsetlovers #sunsetpics #sunsetpic #skyphotos #northerncalifornia #visitcalifornia #travelcalifornia #californiaroadtrip #seecalifornia #roamanywhere #travelmoments #shetravelz #traveldeeper #exploretheworld #travelinspiration #goodthings #skyview #traveladdicts #californiatravel #ebatravellove

The Best Travel Hack for Your Smartphone (Hey, Siri)

There I was, searching for a photo editing App in the Apple App store. I opened that App on my iPhone and the first thing that popped up sent me right down a travel App rabbit hole! Even though there’s a ton of content on this blog about the best Apps to use while you travel, plan travel, and organize travel – So keep watching on your own App store and you might find the one cool App that will transform your travel into the Easy Travel experience we (I) crave.

She looks so small from an airplane window. But she still looks Mighty. ✈️ The thing is, what she stands for seems to be cloaked in fear right now. I wish I could have zoomed in to her face. Was she crying? Or holding her head up, keeping the faith and the torch alive that what she stands for will ultimately prevail? 🗽 🗽 🗽 #statueofliberty #viewfromabove #viewfromtheplane #viewfrommywindow #travelmoreoften #Beopenminded #exploretheworld #wandering #everyonewelcome #meltingpot #meltingpotofcultures #symbolism #symboloflove #newyorktravel #travelingtheworld #opendoors #opendoorsopenminds

The Best Travel Carry-On Essentials for Long Flights

If I’m not going to use something, or even NEED it, I’m not putting it in my travel tote. It’s a concise list: a pillow, blanket, quiet + entertainment headphones, water bottle, allergy safe snacks ( I can’t leave without telling you my favorite go-to’s for bringing my travel must-haves on the plane. all the things I absolutely need in my travel kit when I’m in for a long haul flight to a fabulous place.

To Love.

The iconic Stonewall Inn, Greenwich Village in NYC and the park across the street. We take certain freedoms for granted once they’re attained. We get a little blind to the injustice that is still present in our world once SOME strides forward are made. 🌈 I loved stumbling onto this during my trip to NYC. Its on Christopher Street. Have you been? I love how its very presence represents a long hard fought battle that isn’t over yet. When you live a life that is blessed with the visual ‘blending in’ - can you really know what it means to battle for just that one small thing? Fitting in? 🌎 The world is big and you should travel it widely and expose yourself to it all. (Cliche’ alert!) Open the doors to your mind and your eyes to the world. As travelingmitch said recently, “I’ve met some people who have been everywhere and seen nothing, and some people who have been a few places and seen it all…” . . . #travelers #traveltheworld #nycity #nycstreets #visitnyc #travelingtheworld #Beopenminded #discoveryourself #discovertheworld #wanderers #travelinspiration #travelisthenewblack #Travelismytherapy #attitude #traveldiaries #ilovetoroam #travelgrams #thewanderingtourist #traveldeeper #travelersnotebook #travelingram