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Life is a Trip. Adventure Traveler and Technology Evangelist on a quest to visit every country in the world, building communities and changing lives. 163/193. Only 4 countries outside of Africa after my next trip.

Location Oceanside, CA Southern California
Country United States of America
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Announcing: m365 Virtual Community and 3 Global Launch parties

Together Mode and a community focused platform announced I couldn’t wait to help launch a truly global community on M365 with Microsoft technology at it I still remember the Windows XP launch party, the SharePoint 2001 launch party, Office XP, 2003, 2007 and so many more. I want a virtual party that is the biggest virtual tech party. Don’t forget to Register to be a member of the M365 Global Virtual Community Register for the 3!

Microsoft SharePoint Workflow End Of Life

Microsoft has clearly identified the end of the legacy SharePoint 2010 and SharePoint 2013 workflows with a few different timelines to be aware of. The most surprising is the one month clock to the end of SharePoint 2010 workflow creation with November being the date 2010 end of existing workflow support. Here are the short links provided by Chris McNulty in his end of life SharePoint workflow announcement to the tech community. Support article on the SharePoint Workflow and SharePoint Designer creation to Power Automate and finally the Migration guidance for getting from SharePoint 2010 Workflow or SharePoint 2013 workflow to Power Automate.

Behind the Scenes of the Microsoft 365 Virtual Marathon: Microsoft Woodstock

Remember we have keynotes every 4 hours so during the second keynote the live meetings started to drop as speakers were dropping to watch the keynote and as producers felt it was ok to take a break, and much didn’t have the next shift anyway. It allowed me then to focus on the problem areas where speakers may be having a variety of issues from a no show (very limited), guest login issues (more common such as joining accidentally as attendee such as mobile or browser), audio issues (common), or speakers waiting to be introduced (odd but happened a few times). For the most part the troubleshooting was happening 20-10 minutes prior to the session starting, but I’m sorry to say there were a handful of situations we weren’t able to correct quickly enough to share the special producer PowerPoint to send the message attendees should pick one of the other 20 or so sessions happening at the time. I put in a 25 hour shift essentially starting at 6am and going strong till 7am the next morning when Ryan got up and taking a 2 hour nap before getting up and joining up for day 2 keynote.

Demistifying Microsoft Groups: 5 Keys to Successful Group Management

With the advent of Azure AD and the Office 365 Cloud, the newer Microsoft 365 groups have evolved beyond the on premises groups to provide not only access control for files, email distribution and resources, but also security boundaries including the one of the newest features in Teams the information barriers which give you the ability to isolate one group of people from another including their ability to even see them or collaborate with them in the user interface. There are 4 main Microsoft groups in a hybrid environment and you will see overlap in groups between on-premises and the Microsoft cloud. Microsoft Graph is a great way to script or automate Microsoft 365 group changes. 5 Keys to Successful Group Management” on slideshare or the the JPG version of “Microsoft Groups Demystified: 5 Keys to Successful Group Management.

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