Rosdaly Ramirez

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My name is Rosdaly Ramirez, I'm a mom/lifestyle blogger. I have a cute two years old and I'm expecting my second son.

I love sharing my motherhood journey with other moms and also introducing them to amazing brands and products I come across. I'm an Ergobaby ambassador and teaches mothers about babywearing. Many of my blog posts and campaigns are centered around being transparent and honest with my followers. I've worked many baby brands in the last two years and have created great relationships with companies such as DockATot, Frank - Bod, Nuna, Chicco.Usa, etc.

I’ve been reviewing products via Instagram, along with collaborating with companies to share baby gear, children's books, clothes to moms like myself.

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It’s either sweats & a crewneck, or we at least trying over here 😂 y’all the “ it’s given I’m from the bronx, but you have to respect me” jacket is my FAVORITE! 🙌🏽 best purchase of the year! But Tell me I’m not the only one using the hair tie to hold my pants together 😂😂😂 #pregnantstruggles —- Outfit details: Nursing bar: @baobeibody Shirt @abercrombie Mom Jeans: @zara Boots: @drmartensofficial Coat: @zara Bag: @dagnedover —— #stylingmybump #bumpstyle #pregnant #pregnacy #grwm #momlife #mombod #motherhood #newyorkcity #citymom #styleoftheday #bumpdate #pregnancyfashion

Yup, this was our worse restaurant outing. Yes, they spilled the water and one played with it. But so much growth was revealed here. It’s taken me a long time to get here, and not that I’ve arrived but I feel safer now. It was easy to be reactive during conflict if you always felt unheard, it was easier to lash out the way I always knew and what I got as a kid. But that’s not who I wanted to be for me. And I’m still not perfect everyday. I love talking to my husband a lot more now, our conversations have grown and become safer to dig deep. Truthfully I’ve been able to have them more because I’ve healed a lot over there last ten years. Being able to acknowledge the areas I was bleeding on my husband and kids gave me a better understanding for the parts of me that needed healing. Though it has been a painful process, I’ve seen so much beauty in who I am right now. I get to love my kids in a way I never experienced, and I get to experience marriage the way God always wanted me too. I know it’s scary, growing is scary. But I’m not sure anyone would ever say it wasn’t worth it. So in case you feel like you’ve have yet arrived, or perhaps you have wounds that are to hard to heal…. Just know you are deserving of version of you that makes you feel safe of yourself. You are deserving of the love and safety those around you have been wanting to give you. 🤍 - #healing #growingpains #generationaltrauma #generationalhealing #gentleparenting #innerhealing #marriage #parenting #womanhood #motherhood #reflections

So, here we are again. Transitioning my youngest into a big brother. A lot of the fears I had with Calvin, I’m having with Lucas. I didn’t grow up with siblings, and I often get the “ he’s gonna be the middle child… heard of middle child syndrome?”… Me: no, whatever it is we’re not speaking into that. Ha. But y’all know I googled it, and here is what we found. “Middle child syndrome is the belief that middle children are excluded, ignored, or even outright neglected because of their birth order. “ And that right there is not the type of things I’m believing or practicing with my child. Yes, the reality is that being outnumbered as a parent by your kids will come with different juggles. It’s unrealistic to believe that you will equally invest the same amount of time to each of your kids, and that doesn’t make you a bad parent. What I do know is that I desire for Lucas to feel loved, included, and important just like his other siblings. Maybe we won’t do it perfectly, but I hope we speak enough love into his mind so he never feels replaced. Mama, going from one to two, Two to three… your babies will be loved, they will know they carry value, and you did not replace them. 🤍✨ Any tips from my mamas of three and more ? Share in the comments. #parenting #parentingtips #motherhood #transition #momlife #pregnancy #babybrother #bigbrother #family #boymom #parentlife #momtips #encouragement #momblogger #pregnancyannouncement #momofthree #motherhoodjourney #realmotherhood

Friday’s are for baby 🤍 - I’ve been seen weekly during this pregnancy for three months now. If it’s not OB appointments, it’s sonograms, blood specialist, nurses, rheumatologist, labs, and whatever else comes with it. Last night as I prayed and cried of discouragement… I also found much peace in gratitude. This baby has grown for 25 weeks, and that is a gift. Here’s to many more weeks, a lot more appointments, tears, but so much joy. ✨ - #baby3 #parentinggoals #motherhoodjourney #highriskpregnancy #pregnancyandbeyond #pregnantandperfect #expectingababy #expectingmom #babyontheway #babyonboard #pregnancylife #babynumber3 #babyannouncement #momlife #momblogger #momsofinsta #expecting #momanddad #motherhoodjourney #parentinglife #motherhoodunplugged #pregnantbelly #momoftwo #marriage

So let’s talk about it… “Medicaid provides health coverage to millions of Americans, including eligible low-income adults, children, pregnant women, elderly adults and people with disabilities.” I’ve been sharing in my stories my experience with Medicaid during this third pregnancy. I opted for a home birth this time around due to a lot of my fears about the care I could receive with this insurance. Unfortunately, becoming a high Risk pregnancy brought me back to hospital care. For my first two pregnancies I was under private insurance, and care looked very different. The quality of care that I have experienced as a latina in NYC with Medicaid has been rather shocking. I find myself privileged to be able to say I have gotten to experience the other side of care, which many unfortunately due not due to their financial circumstances. Did you know that most Medicaid recipient are often not seen at locations with other private insurance users ? That came at a shock to me when my old OBGYN shared that I would have to be seen at another smaller location due to my insurance change. Very, you get what you pay for. I’ve had to travel to multiple locations to be seen, the facilities are underfunded and often lack nurses and doctors. Advocating for myself in hospitals has always been hard for me, but this time around I felt obligated to ask for the care that I felt I deserved. Many low income mothers face neglect in so many ways in the medical field, the lack of care displays the maternal mortality rate among many black and brown women, especially within low in come neighborhoods. Being informed of your benefits under Medicaid and also voicing your needs during a vulnerable time as pregnancy is key to navigating this system. So here’s a reminder… the insurance you have, your income or your race should not determine the quality care you receive during pregnancy. Speak up sis, it’s your right. Know your options, learn about whether you can be a great candidate for a home birth. What kind of care you can receive. Many midwife’s take Medicaid, the care can be life changing. - Share and save 🌿#maternalhealth #pregnancy #advocate #health #lowincome #motherhood

Hi, I’m a Bronx mom raising kids in the hood, creating content to remind myself that small beginnings are also worth capturing. This season of my life has been humbling. I have so many new faces here & I wanted to say hello! One of the common things I get told here is that many find it comforting seeing a city mom share their life outside of the “picture perfect” homes Instagram feeds us. I remember when I started creating content from my apartment and how insecure I felt. After a while, it’s been humbling to share bits of my life to remind others that life doesn’t always look like what we see here. Where I am in life doesn’t determine the kind of person or parent I’am. I grew up as a latina in the hood, and I’ve always known the stigmas that come from it. I feel it more as a young mom raising kids here. But so many of us are living in circumstances that will never truly display just the work we’re doing on the inside. The cycles we’re breaking, the dreams we’re pursuing, the way we’re loving and enjoying our kids. Everyday my husband and I dream about what’s next for us, but for now we’ve made the best of the little we have. I think it’s fair to say that many of us are doing the same. That though we have parented out of survival, we’ve done it with one thing in mind.. these kids. So welcome to this side of Instagram where we’re parenting kids in the hood. Investing in them emotionally and mentally, breaking cycles of our own, live in non- aesthetically apartments, and pursing dreams. Share this with a mama that needs to be reminded that this is also a wonderful life ✨#realmotherhood #citymom #momlife #bronxmom #breakingcycles #gentleparenting #generationaltrauma #healing #realmom #newyork #latina #boymom #contentcreator #parenting #dreaming #realmomlife #innerchildhealing

In case you keep forgetting to take a picture during this pregnancy, here’s your reminder to just take the picture ✨ - #pregnancyannouncement #baby3 #motherhoodjourney #pregnancyandbeyond #pregnantandperfect #expectingababy #expectingmom #babyontheway #babyonboard #pregnancylife #babynumber3 #babyannouncement #momlife #momblogger #momsofinsta #momanddad #motherhoodjourney #parentinglife #motherhoodunplugged #pregnantbelly #pregnancyphotoshoot #momoftwo #marriage #photography #christmastime #miracles #welcometoparenthood

Spring Time Rides with Colugo

So once spring time comes I love strolling the neighborhood for some fresh air or picking up Calvin from preschool. The kit comes with a universal car seat adapter, extra infant padding and allows you to lay flat the stroller seat in order to give baby a comfy flat ride. I love that the height is great enough for Calvin to see his baby brother and check in during our rides together. The extra large basket is great for carrying all the extra bags that moms think they need every time they leave home!

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