Tracy Jane Q

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Success Coach | Mindset Coach for aspiring coaches and female entrepreneurs who want to create their dream business, luxury brand, live epic lives & make money!

Location Los Angeles, CA
Country United States of America
Member Since JUNE 03, 2020
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Behind the scenes. #behindthescenes

Be brave. If you don’t take a risk and try something new, you’ll never experience what life truly has to offer you. 🌸

Whatever it is, you never have to do it alone. Look around you and reach out your hand and a ask for support. You’re never alone. #selfcare #brenebrown

Hold onto your light. The power is within you. 🤩 #selflove

This is one of my favorite places to visit. #terranearesort

I love Dr Joe Dispenza teachings. Nothing will change for you until you changes what is going on inside your mind. You have to do the inside work to attract what you want on the outside. Are you willing to change your mind today? #drjoedispenza 🤯🧘‍♂️

Break the cycle of negative energy and build a better life. You can do it! #michelleobama

Nothing is more powerful than waking up in the morning, looking in the mirror and loving what you see. 🤩 Not everyone was fortunate enough to have love in their life as a child, if this sounds like you, then you may have a tendency to put everyone else first in your life. Learn to make yourself a priority and fill up your own cup first, then you will have more love to share with others. 💜 #selflove

No one can close a door that God has open for you 🤩 #faith

The energy of your intention is what determines your life. #oprahwinfreyquote

Believe it until it feels real. The power of your mind can make or break you. We all have learned habits that no longer serve us. Learn to use the 3 pound muscle inside your head called your brain. It takes time to change an old thought pattern, but over time your brain will eventually catch on that you’re serious about what you’re telling yourself, and with great effort you will start to believe! 🤩 #anthonyhopkins

This is proof that your expectancy determines your outcome. Believe in the power of your mind and watch your life change #goalsetting

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