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Track training, news, & blog. Watch & read exclusive track content on Exclusive track workouts, running stories, and track news.

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@ihatetemporuns Anyone else feeling like this? 😂

@jazminsawyers flying to 6.73m Swipe for reaction ➡️

@roberttt_t_williams Sunday morning in the pool 🏊‍♂️

@gf_training 🔥SPRINT DRILL PROGRESSION🔥 Performed by @_1k.nadale_ of Rutgers University Track and Field ➡️ Progression: 1️⃣ Isolated A-switches over 12” hurdles - reset after each switch with no hopping in between and a pause before switching 2️⃣ A-switches over 12” hurdles - more dynamic with skipping action in between 3️⃣ A-switches without barriers 4️⃣ A-switch run - switches with more horizontal speed 5️⃣ Triple A-switches 6️⃣ Triple A-switch run - switches with more horizontal speed 7️⃣ Quick marching run into an acceleration- piston like leg action with a slight body lean, low heel recovery, roughly 60° shin angles and popping off the ground quickly ✅ Technical considerations: 1️⃣ Attacking back (negative foot speed) and applying force into the ground under the hips with the vertical shin angles of maximum speed sprinting (top-end speed) 2️⃣ Synchronization of the legs to actively switch in the air and stepping over the knee with high heel recovery (max velocity mechanics) during the switch 3️⃣ Synchronization of the downward arm stroke with the leg - chopping the hand down at the same time the foot is attacking down and back with negative foot speed

Every 400mh race with @sydneymclaughlin16 and @dalilahmuhammad_ 🤩🤩

@kwarholm 😂😂 facts

Would you try this pole vault drill? 🤯 🎥 @sandicheekspv It’s also not a very common drill amongst vaulters because it’s a unique setup, and you need the perfect location to make it happen, and it’s also risky if not setup properly. 😍 We call it Bouncy Pole 🤪

@leonreidtrack1 Zoom zoom 🏃🏽‍♀️🥶 With the fastest girl from Ireland @phil_healy 💚💚

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