Tim White

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🎵: #Singer based in 📍#NYC ▶️: #Music & #VLOGS on #YouTube 🤳🏻: Try my filters for a S/O ✉️: mgmt@timwhite.co

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#MovieNight at the White house, what's your favorite film? • • • • • #lingerie #movietime #winelover #movieday #winetime #cinephile #boudoirphotography #intimates #lace #victoriasecrets #davidfincher

Informal Poll: #Trump or #Biden Who are YOU voting for?

What are your weekend plans??... If they're NSFW then just write "Thank god it's Friday!"

What was the first concert you ever went to??

Halfway out the door. I think Kylie wants me to stay. What should I do?

Comment the name of your favorite band then make up a song title with the first four auto suggest words your phone comes up with! 500 points to the best comment (vote for your favs by liking them) 👍🏻

Shout out to @bn3thapparel for sending me the most comfortable underwear I've ever owned. Save 20% on your order with my code 'TIMWHITE20' . . . . . #gifted #ad

I don’t usually do this but I feel like it’s my responsibility to speak up and use my platform for good. See, the other day I saw something shocking. It started out as an ordinary day. I woke early and got in a workout, hit the @juicegeneration for my morning protein fix, & was on my way to Starbucks to reaffirm my "basic bitch" status. You with me so far? Cool. Anyway, I’m one latte away from bringing the world back to equilibrium when something shocking happens. My thumbs are lit-ter-ally shaking as I type this. The barista, I won’t say which one (*cough* Shannon *cough*).. The barista hands a customer an iced coffee WITHOUT a straw... Now this isn’t the crazy part. A simple mistake right? Well… When the customer requests a straw (as would I if I was handed an iced beverage in a plastic cup sans drinking mechanism) things get WILD. The barista whips around like she’s auditioning to be Ashley Tisdale’s back up dancer, thrusting up a “single ladies” hand as she cries "hold up". Shannon (oops) explains that the cup provided is a “sip cup” and “doesn’t require a straw”. Now I’ve heard of some ridiculous things in my life… Jumbo shrimp, Gangnam Style, the fact that hello kitty isn't even a cat…. But this one tops them all. Shannon informs us that a Sea Turtle in Costa Rica had gotten a straw stuck up its nose and that's why we're all being forced to devolve into toddlers and quench our thirst with strawless sip cups. This is NOT okay. Did you know that straws are responsible for just 0.025 percent of ocean plastic? Do you realize the sip cup itself is made of plastic too? Because I recycle a plastic straw and somehow it finds its way to the nostril of poor Jerry the Costa Rican Sea Turtle who’s just out trying to catch a wave … because Jerry got strawed... I have to cling to a bottle like I’m on the set of Toddlers In Tiaras??? No. I have a better idea. How about you stop crushing the hopes and dreams of every latte loving ‘merican. You know what’s better than 1 less straw in the ocean????......not dumping waste IN THE FUCKING OCEAN in the first place. Give me my damn plastic straw and let me Frappé in peace. Jerry will be just fine.

Work hard\Play hard... How do you #laborday ???

On the hunt for the next big thing... Know an unknown artist I need to check out? Tag them in the comments.

She stole my shirt AND my coffee 😭 😂 ☕️ ...

I'll never be that asshole who forgets his keys again... . . . @keysmart @tile

Have you checked out the White Space #filter yet? It makes the backgroud black and white so the color of your eyes, skin, and outfit pop! You'll stand out like the star that you are. Click the 🙂 icon on my profile to try it out. I'll repost stories using the White Space filter to my own IG story. Comment below if you used it so I can check it out on your profile!

You guys keeping up with all the music @ryandonovannyc and I have been dropping?? #thisislove #supernovagirl #tomorrowsounds ... Much more to come. . . . #newmusicfriday

Life's short, have more sex

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