Bobby Hicks

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Hello! My name is Bobby Hicks and I have been a brand ambassador and influencer for the better part of a decade. I have worked with brands like Audi, Sony, Phillips, Speedo, and many more, creating high-quality video and photo for web-based commercials. I currently run a cooking series called Retro Recipes Kitchen, that specializes in recreating mid-century dishes today, but with some personality, humor and education. My platform has been designed with focused detail to allow any product or brand to be organically and uniquely spun into my videos. I offer professional-quality photography, commercial-quality video and a decade of service experience that comes with punctuality, professionalism and trust. Thank you for your time and I hope we work together soon.

Location Coconut Creek, FL
Country United States of America
Member Since MAY 16, 2022
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Never enough pink. Keiko had the amazing idea to wallpaper the ceiling of the book and it’s honestly the coolest thing ever.

What an amazing week. I got to spend the last few days photographing wonderful people for the @impressmanicure influencer retreat in Boca Raton. So many fun stories, photos and wonderful people I got to meet. I love being a freelance creative so much! Sun Glasses by @our.furore Photo taken by @nataliesoutlet (She was so kind and offered to take mine because I’d been snapping for days 🥰)

Sweet and Sour Tongue recipe, 1940 - GIVEAWAY! A classic dish can sometimes let you down, If you need something reliable, try Gerber for their faucets and more, that will last a lifetime! Not only have they been leaders in the field for 90 years, but they want you to have the chance to own your very own Gerber faucet, like mine! Simply Follow @gerberplumbing, Tag a friend and leave a Comment with the word “Faucet” to not only win your own brand new faucet but also a stack of vintage cookbooks from me! Rules are in the Linktree, in the Bio! Good luck and get creative! Narration by @katherinealice @garrettfstorm

Wine Cream (Creme au Vin) recipe, 1961. This wonderful French dessert is as delicate as it is delicious! But, if you’re a bit too busy and still want to take a trip to France, you can enjoy @mycremily! This indulgent French yogurt is not only delicious, but uses A2 dairy for those with lactose intolerance, is Keto-friendly and (my favorite part) 100% of profits go toward supporting charities for young girls around the world to ensure we have strong, female leaders in our communities. #ad #VivreCrèmily #CrèmilyLife

A little sunshine goes a long way. I’m struggling to find as much “Me” time as I think I’d like, but I’ve been enjoying the moments I can and making them worth it. Let’s make this week awesome.

The good folks at @tilitnyc sent me some goodies that I basically live in now. Their Supply Apron is amazing and will be my go-to for a while and the overall comfort of the Essential Pants and Long Sleeved shirt are so solid. Totally unsponsored - I’m just genuinely stoked on these products and think you’d be also.

Potato Ice Cream! Another episode of Antiquated or AI Generated is here and it’s your job to guess before I say if you think this recipe came from a book or a computer. #retrorecipeskitchen

I’ve been called a “Ray of Sunshine” most of my life so this was a fitting shoot. @keikolynn was sick at the time had the idea of making a Rain Cloud headpiece and thought it’d be fun to sneak me in there. I got out my construction paper and paste and threw together this Sun on some wire so I could hold it. Some of the most fun photoshoots come from some random ideas, with a little imagination and a glue gun.

It’s time for another Mystery Meal episode! Today we’ve got @codytriesstuff throwing out a family favorite, so I hope I didn’t disappoint. #mysterymeal #retrorecipeskitchen

Mystery Meal 008 - with @dan_churchill! This is the full video version and was an absolute blast to make. Dan was kind enough take make time to do this with me and you’ll see a snip of how busy he normally is. Go give his accounts some love and I highly recommend giving this dish a shot.

Keiko recently ordered a new camera and we took it on a maiden voyage with some late night photos to test some low light aspects. I think we’ll keep it. Despite being told for years that photos are dead, I think this got us inspired to shoot more, algorithm be damned.

The Green Tomato Pie, 1958 What a banger

The Alphabet Pie, 1940 This was a fun video with @victorykitchenpodcast. Go watch her video to see my recipe! #retrorecipeskitchen

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