Bobby Hicks

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Hello! My name is Bobby Hicks and I have been a brand ambassador and influencer for the better part of a decade. I have worked with brands like Audi, Sony, Phillips, Speedo, and many more, creating high-quality video and photo for web-based commercials. I currently run a cooking series called Retro Recipes Kitchen, that specializes in recreating mid-century dishes today, but with some personality, humor and education. My platform has been designed with focused detail to allow any product or brand to be organically and uniquely spun into my videos. I offer professional-quality photography, commercial-quality video and a decade of service experience that comes with punctuality, professionalism and trust. Thank you for your time and I hope we work together soon.

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The Candy Bar Cookie, 1961. From the 13th @pillsbury Grand National Bake-Off. #retrorecipeskitchen

Today we’re making Banana Mayonnaise, with a special guest appearance by Earl of Sandwich himself @sandwichesofhistory.

Today I’m sharing the 7-up Cake recipe submitted from Brett Wright! This is one of the new episodes of The Home Bureau, where I’m taking viewer-submitted childhood recipes that were handed down from their parents or grandparents. Side note: It’s a banger.

The Lemonade Punch, 1961 A massively refreshing sipper.

#ad When it comes to pairing, flavor is key, so it’s was an easy decision to go with @YellowTailWineUSA for this Scallop St Jacques recipe! Yellow Tail is my go-to wine of choice for the variety and affordability to go hand-in-hand with their beautiful flavors, which have won over 550 wine awards. There’s so much to love but please enjoy this product responsibly. #YellowTailWine #21+ #drinkresponsibly

Aunt Laura’s Brownies! This recipes was fantastic and came from Laura Rott, who actually made the Starlight Mint Surprise Cookies from the Pillsbury Bake Off in 1949! Thanks to the family members that reached out with so many stories and for giving me this other recipe of hers!

Mystery Meal 007 - with my guest @justinkhanna Justin is a content creator, podcast host and culinary educator who has not only the Repertoire to walk into any situation prepared it’s also the name of his company. @joinrepertoire

The Passard Egg from @themenufilm A wonderful modern classic from @alain_passard You’ll want to stay tuned for the end of this video 👨🏻‍🍳

The Hidden Treasure, 1945 What a roller coaster. #retrorecipeskitchen #spam

Gnocchi, 1933 I apologize in advance. #retrorecipeskitchen

See ya, 2022. Howdy, 2023 👨🏻‍🍳 #retrorecipeskitchen #nye #nye2023

Bean Dip A La @drpepper, 1965 As absurd as this sounds, it was an absolute banger.

Merry Christmas! For our Twelfth Day of Christmas recipe we’re making Pepper Nut Cookies, also known as Pfeffernüsse! Delicious, simple enough to make and absolutely scream Christmas. Thank you all for watching my silly videos and I hope you have a wonderful Holiday and end of year!

The Yule Log, 1958! Day 11/12 Retro Recipe Christmas. It’s a Christmas Miracle that it rolled with no cracks. I followed those instructions TO THE T and they worked amazingly. #retrorecipeskitchen #yulelog

Curried Spaghetti, 1958 Day 10/12 Retro Recipe Christmas! You asked for it, I made it - the Curried Spaghet. Enjoy. #retrorecipeskitchen #christmasfood

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