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This Blue Dress is a lifestyle blog for women written by six sisters. We love sharing "advice you'd give a sister" and specialize in honest reviews of products and services that will help other women. This Blue Dress focuses on a family-friendly lifestyle that brings joy. We've worked with brands like Schick, Russell Brunson, and Kindermusik and have several top ranking reviews on Google for health products, beauty products, and homeschool curriculum. We also share all things family on our blog and social media—recipes, traditions, parties, homemaking, self-care, and more.

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Have you ever read this book? I tracked down most of my favorite childhood books a long time ago, but this one eluded me for YEARS. I just remembered it was something about beautiful eggs and that I checked it out a bajillion times from the library when I was in kindergarten. And that the lady had awesome hair 😂 Google finally helped me find it on a @goodreads review last year. I scored an old copy on Amazon, and this story and I were reunited 😍 What is one of your favorite spring or Easter books?

How to Save Money With the No Spend Challenge

True to its name, you complete this challenge by going a whole month without spending any money on “nonessentials”. One full month is a common period that is used to complete the challenge, but you can choose any amount of time to complete your challenge. A day, a week, a month, even a year if you are feeling extra good about no spending! I AM capable of going a whole week without spending money.

My heart is heavy tonight thinking of a sweet friend who recently passed away after complications from the virus. She was a wonderful mother of two boys. So heartbreaking for her loved ones. I know she left behind a wonderful legacy for her boys. We do not know how long we have on this Earth. Let’s share love. Snuggling all my dear ones close.

How to Rock Your Mortgage in 2021

This beginner’s guide to mortgages and 2021 housing market predictions will help you get the best rates! Under the CARES Act, homeowners with government-backed mortgages (including USDA loans, VA loans, etc) can pause their mortgage payments for up to 12 months with no penalties. With this combination of record-low interest rates and possibly affordable home prices, the next six months will be a good time to buy! The mortgage interest rates are almost guaranteed to increase in the near future because they are currently at a record low, but according to, experts have predicted that they will remain lower than the 2019 rates.

What do you do for self care? I took a Maegan night last night and didn’t work on the blog or the house or our homeschool. It’s been a looooong time since I did that! Joey also helped me go on a long walk several days this week, and I’ve tried to focus on nourishing my body regularly. Now time for a Friday night treat!

Three Little Peas Children's Upscale Resale Clothing Boutique Review

Looking for affordable and classy secondhand children’s clothes on a budget? The boutique has clothing for girls and boys size newborn-14 years and also carries shoes, accessories, and baby essentials like swaddles and pacifiers. How do Three Little Peas prices compare to other children’s retail stores? Any time you buy secondhand clothing online for children, I would recommend reading the descriptions carefully and size up if you’re debating between sizes.

We were treated to a delicious restaurant meal yesterday! I love seeing their skills grow from pretend play in the kitchen set to a full real menu, building more and more skills over time. ❤️ Everyone loved the Brazilian Lemonade! I’ll put the recipe link in my stories.

How to Find the Best Apartment in Kansas City

In my early KC rental days, I spent a bajillion hours scouring for apartments (ineffectively) online and driving my kids around during nap time hunting for our next new home. Make a list of properties to check out I’ll walk you through my streamlined process for making a list of 3-5 apartments to look into further. If I don’t like a rental online, I’ve never liked a place more in person, so I don’t bother adding it to my list. Some Kansas City areas seemed like a different place at night and weren’t the right fit for our family.

How do you like to celebrate birthdays? My mom would always let us skip school on our birthdays if we wanted to ❤️ Homeschool birthdays usually spill into the whole week around here, and I love it! It’s been a lego building, Pokémon drawing, snow fort making, cupcake baking kind of day. (Posting birthday fun soon in stories) Happy Birthday to our grand adventurer—we’re so glad to have you in our family!!

What is your favorite flavor of pie? 🥧 Although apple pies are good, Dutch Apple pies are far superior! The credit goes to the incredible streusel topping, which makes this Dutch apple pie so flavorful and completely iressistable. Good luck with reasonable portions when this pie is on the menu! (Recipe at the link in our bio!) This Dutch apple pie got some raving reviews at our last Thanksgiving meal (including from people who compliment sparingly!), so be sure to Pin this recipe for your next get-together! #applepie #applepie🍎 #applepierecipe #cookingwithkids #kidsinthekitchen #pie #pietime #pielover #berrypie #blackberrypie #blueberrypie #pietime #easydesserts #easydessert #sweettooth #fruitdessert #fruitforbreakfast #bakingwithkids #bakedwithlove #bakedfromscratch #bakedgoods #dutchapplepie #bakingtherapy #bakingtime #bakingfun #bakingforbeginners #bakingtips #bakingphotography #springdesserts #summerdesserts

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