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This Blue Dress is a lifestyle blog for women written by six sisters. We love sharing "advice you'd give a sister" and specialize in honest reviews of products and services that will help other women. This Blue Dress focuses on a family-friendly lifestyle that brings joy. We've worked with brands like Schick, Russell Brunson, and Kindermusik and have several top ranking reviews on Google for health products, beauty products, and homeschool curriculum. We also share all things family on our blog and social media—recipes, traditions, parties, homemaking, self-care, and more.

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Where do you go to find peace? Lately I’ve been pretty overwhelmed with things that are outside of my control. Sometimes the pain and injustice that exists in the world is too much for me to handle. When I feel myself dip into despair, I find that going to certain places helps me to ground myself again. In these places, I can realign my eternal perspective and remember that one day, all my questions will be answered. All the wrongs will be made right. All the broken will be made whole. I’m feeling thankful for a Savior who understands all of our burdens and offers us peace. “Peace I leave with you, my peace I give unto you: not as the world giveth, give I unto you. Let not your heart be troubled, neither let it be afraid.” (John 14:27) #ldstemples #peace #perspective #savior #jesuslovesyou #comfort #scriptures #nashvilletemple #youarenotalone #beofgoodcheer

Do you love or hate online shopping?? I LOVE it! Most of the time 😅 Thank you @actively.uplift and @madison.thisbluedress for hooking me up with some new clothes! Seriously so in love right now! #zyiaactive #zyiaactivewear #zyia #zyiarep #exercisemotivation #exerciseroutine #exerciseformentalhealth #exerciseforhealth #exerciseismedicine #behealthy #activewear #newclothes #newoutfit #newbrand #activewearfashion #activewearforwomen

What are you grateful for today? In college, I took a health and wellness class that focused on holistic care: mind, body, and spirit. For one assignment, we were encouraged to stop for 5 minutes a day (in the shower, driving to class, or at night) and focus on feeling grateful. We didn’t have to write anything down, just trying to channel that feeling. It was pretty amazing how my mind started to go to little things that I didn’t even realize I could feel grateful for! Like, of course I’m thankful for my family, but I started thinking about the games we played together when we were little, sharing a room, and nights spent eating ice cream while watching The Biggest Loser (true story lol). Of course I’m grateful for my husband, but I started recognizing that the attributes about him that make him truly remarkable! It made me feel more thankful for his family that shaped him into such a wonderful person. Gratitude somehow stretches your perception and helps you be more mindful of how everything affects you and blesses you. It makes the world around you brighter. So this fall: 🍁 Take 5 minutes a day to reflect on your feelings of gratitude 🍁Tell people why you are grateful for them, specifically 🍁Count your blessings ❤️ #ldsfamily #ldsquotes #comefollowme #christianquotes #comeuntochrist #lighttheworld #latterdaysaints #ldsgeneralconference #generalconference #sundayquotes #sundaymotivation #godisgood #praymore #ldswomen #gratitudequotes #gratitudeattitude #gratitudealways #begrateful #godisgoodallthetime #shortstory #christianwomen #gratitudequotes #gratitudedaily #thanksgiving #thanksgivingdecor #falldecor #gratefulquotes #falldecorations #falldecoratingideas #countyourblessings

I don’t see you. Although I understand the point of all of the “I see you” posts, the truth is, most of what we do is unseen. The most important work we do is usually behind closed doors or when we are alone. No matter what our work is: parenthood, our job, school, community service… not even our spouse sees everything that we do all day. And it’s sometimes hard to feel unseen. I can see some of what you do. I empathize with the really hard, meaningful work that you do everyday. But God sees all of you. The Bible says that “thy Father which seeth in secret, shall reward thee openly”. He knows when you are patient with your children. He knows when you help a coworker. He knows when you pray for people who you feel like you can’t help. He sees you. He sees all of you. Of course we should continue to have compassion for unseen trials and unseen goodness of others. But what if we were just kind for the sake of being kind, even if we didn’t “see” or agree with someone? And what if we remembered that our own unseen efforts are noticed by a loving God? That’s such a comforting truth.

A few weeks ago, I went to a water park with my 3 year old nephew. He excitedly ran from water slide to water slide, barely taking a second after each ride before yelling, “Again!” Each time, he took the concrete path that wrapped back around to the front of the slides. Except one time. He took what appeared to be a shortcut across some grass, and ran far ahead of his brother and sister. I followed him to make sure he wasn’t alone, and came face to face with a large path of rocks. We looked to see if there was another way, not wanting to backtrack the entire way we had already come. Deciding it would be faster to just go over the rocks, we started scampering across in our bare feet. No more than a few steps in, my nephew looked at me with wide eyes, because the sharp stones were hurting our bare feet. Without any hesitation, I picked him up and carried him across the rocks. It was painful. But I knew I could bare his pain. As we crossed over the rocks, he got back onto the sidewalk and immediately ran for the slide. But it made me stop and think. Of all the times I have been given a stony path or chosen to go across a stony path because I thought it would be easier than staying on the sidewalk. I thought about how many times I have been given “strong shoes” or the tools I needed to get through it. And many times, how Christ carried me. Maybe I didn’t recognize how painful it was for his feet as he carried me across the rocks. And all I cared about was getting back to the path and back to the fun. But I see those times very clearly now. I see how he carried me through so many stony paths—and it didn’t matter if it was a trial or a wrong choice I had made that led me there. He carried me all the same. Just a reminder that all things are possible with Christ. Christ is walking that stony path beside you. You are not alone. #ldsfamily #ldsquotes #comefollowme #christianquotes #comeuntochrist #lighttheworld #stonepath #latterdaysaints #ldsgeneralconference #generalconference #sundayquotes #sundaymotivation #godisgood #praymore #ldswomen #gratitudequotes #gratitudeattitude #gratitudealways #begrateful #godisgoodallthetime

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