Mandy Zuniga

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I am an elementary school librarian and blogger. My blog Read Write Mom! is my labor of writing love for the past eleven years. I also sell on Ebay.

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Mourning and Celebrations

The silver lining in it all was that the hospital was so gracious to set up Zoom meetings for the family, as my husband lives 8 hours from them and the hospital didn’t allow visitors. My mom planned a drive-thru celebration for her and we had cake and ice cream with our small family “quarenteam”. 8-12 inches of snow have been predicted with temps dipping down to 3 degrees for tomorrow night. I lived through the Ice Storm of ’94 (as it is not so affectionately called here) and went without power for two weeks.

And Now I Know Why My Foot Hurts

If anyone reads here regularly, which I highly doubt, you know I’ve been wondering why my foot hurts so bad. This past Thursday night I got no sleep because my foot started having shooting pains going through it that were just constant. Turns out, I have diabetic neuropathy and it’s bad in my foot and starting to affect my left hand as well. Well, Lord bless the makers of Gabapentin because I was a brand new woman after I went home and took that medicine!

Yoga and Meal Planning

Hamburger Rice Casserole sounded good, so I decided to give this recipe a try. I hate when cheese burns, so I always wait to add it near the end when a recipe calls for cheese to top something. I was able to work from home today since it was a professional development day and I absolutely LOVED it! It was a day full of Zoom meetings, but doing it in the comfort of my own home made for a good day.

Snow Days Just Aren't Snow Days Anymore

About three weeks ago I learned that snow days just aren’t snow days anymore. Our district determined that traveling wouldn’t be safe, so we were all told to carry on with our regular school day schedule from home. It made for some pretty pictures, but by day’s end the sun came out and the snow melted off. I’m trying to do fun, creative things at home, but I miss visiting my mom regularly, I miss my students, I miss going places without fear of germs.

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