Claire Tammaro

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•Suburban Philly Mama •Hairstylist •WW Enthusiast •Affordable Fashion •Lover of all things beauty Contact for Collab:

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This was so good, so easy and 3 points! I will 100% be taking these in my purse the next time I go out with friends! @rsvpskinnies are zero calorie mixers you can add to any drink for flavor like Maui Mai Tai, Baja Margaritas, and Paloma and more! . #rsvpskinnies #livingmybestlife #wwcocktails #cocktailswithclaire #wwlowpointdrinks #mauimaitai #wwcommunity #lowcaloriecocktails #wwsisterhood #wwblueplan #wwcommunity

Well…we did it! Made it through the 1st day! Chip, Steve and I ended with 4 @ww point s’mores on the unnecessary s’more roaster I purchased at @target today! #targetdoesitagain 🤷🏼‍♀️🤣 I know a lot of you had some anxiety going into today, how did it go? . #firstdayofschoolpic #prek #daycare #5yearsold #tenmonthold #oldnavy #oldnaykids #oldnavystyle #oldnavybaby #oldnavystyle #oldnavystyle #ww #wwcommunity #wwfamily #wwfreestyle #targetstyle #target #targetfinds

Happy Labor Day! The unofficial wrap of summer 2021…I definitely have some Sunday scaries or is it Labor Day scaries?! Going to need some positive vibes tomorrow as Jaxy starts her first day of daycare and Chip goes to Pre-K 🏫 🍁 🍎 Sending all of you prayers and positive vibes if you’re feeling anxious too. New season, new routine, schedule changes, covid mandates, time changes etc….. We also have pumpkin beer, football, changing leaves, chili, chunky sweaters, Halloween and legging season to look forward to too! How are you feeling? Do certain times of the year make you feel anxious too? . 📸 @snappedstudios 🌊 🪄 . #laborday2021

@filemonade taste testing: Going to count as 6 @ww points. I loved it!! You definitely need to try!! . #cocktailswithclaire

Join me and my best friend Alexis (owner of Avec Elle Beauty Bar) as we answer all of your questions about the opening of her new shop in Newtown Square! If you have ANY questions please post below!! Thanks for joining us! . #avecellebeautybar #smallbusiness #newtownsquare #botox #microblading #phillyinfluencers #beautybloggers #beautybar #beautytips #botox #microblading #permanentmakeup #botoxbrowlift #shopsmall

If I got a nickel for every time someone said “She has so many teeth!” we’d be rich!! I’ll admit, it’s the teeth for me too though 😃❤️ . #thinkingjaxy #jacksonrey #10months #oldnavybaby #summersalt #summersalt2021 #lewesdelaware #ww #wwcommunity #mommyandme #babysmile

Black or Blue? Obsessed with both. So flattering, comfortable and most importantly I felt beautiful in both! coloristas_closet nailed it! Also comes in green and red!! . Links in my highlight: Coloristas Closet Code: CLAIRE10 #linkinstories #coloristascloset #midsizestyle #midsizefashion #womensupportingwomen #smallbusiness #shopsmallbusiness #size8 #weddingguest #fallwedding #formaldress #motherofthdbrideoutfit #fallfashion #ww #wwcommunity #wwblueplan #wwsisterhood #ww #phillyinfluencer

My favorite @ww dessert hosted by @cher.the.foodie for #sweettoothsunday check out my best girls sweet treats! @ashleytrackspoints @stephkaye.stories @mexijewlicious @thinkingclairezy @ww.ksquires @ww_jessicablayne @life.with.hannah.banana for more sweet treat ideas! 2 Apples sliced and put into bowl then add: 1/2 TBSP Sugar (or Splenda for 0 points) 2 tsp maple syrup 2 tsp cinnamon squeeze a half a lemon Bake in the oven at 350 (I put in tinfoil) for about 20 mins or until soft! Serves 2! . #wwdessert #wwsweets #wwblueplan #wwapproved #wwsisterhood #wwcommunity #wwsisterhood

Happy Sunday! Wrapping up a week of 💩 talk (literally)and headed to the Cape May for a few days of relaxation! Hope you all had a great weekend ❤️👙🍹 You can shop this look on my @shop.ltk page or follow @judithmarch for more cute similar styles! Judith March code: CLAIRE20 Follow my shop on the @shop.LTK app to shop this post and get my exclusive app-only content! #liketkit #LTKunder50 #LTKsalealert #LTKstyletip #judithmarch #judithmarchlooks #ww #wwcommunity #wwsisterhood #wwgoodstyle #concertstyle #midsizestyle #size8fashion @shop.ltk

Coming in at 3 @ww points this is what you’ll need: Watermelon Cucumber Mint Gin Lemon Seltzer How to: Muddle sliced watermelon, cucumber, and mint at the bottom of tumbler. Take 1/4 of lemon juice, add 1 1/2 Oz of gin and muddle all together. Shake and pour over ice. Top off with seltzer. Garnish with watermelon chunks and mint. ENOJY!! .

Want to save money on groceries and reduce food waste? @flashfoodinc has you covered! From produce to poultry you can browse any #flashfooddeals up to 50% off! Here’s how it works: •Download the #flashfood app •Find a store near you like @giant •Add any items to cart and pay with any major credit card •Go to store and pick up items from the Flashfood refrigerator (by self checkout) •Confirm order with store attendant and you’re done! It’s easy and you saved money on the process! From more information go to: or go to the link in my bio! Thanks for doing your part to reduce food waste! . #flashfood #flashfooddeals #flashfoodgiant

Elderberry “Rose” Mary 5 @ww points . What you need: Tsp: Elderflower Liquor 1/4 cup Rose (I used dry) 1/4 of a lemon juice 1 Oz vodka Spring of Rosemary . How to: Add Ice to shaker. Put lemon, elderflower, rosemary, vodka and Rose in shaker. Shake and pour. Garnish with rosemary and lemon slice! It’s SO GOOD! . Counting as 5 @ww points #cocktailreels #cocktails #wwcommunity #wwcocktails #lightcocktails #wwsisterlylove #wwsisterhood #wwblueplan #wwcocktail #wwgoodstyle #wwfamily #wwbrotherhood #wwconnect

I don’t love before/after pictures. Honestly all “before” pictures are beautiful. It’s how we “feel” in the before that makes us uncomfortable. All bodies are beautiful. At this stage in the game I’m working on loving my body at every stage it’s been in…I made two babies for god sake! I don’t weigh myself because it gives me a reason to focus on numbers that are meaningless to me. I judge by “weight” on how my clothes fit and how I feel. I’ve learned how to dress my body to be sexy/confident. I wear the tank top, cheeky bathing suit, and shorts…. Recently I had an amazing opportunity to shoot a campaign for @ww and had my photos taken by @jefflipsky (if you don’t know him, look him up)! Talk about feeling good!! Before the shoot, they asked me to weigh myself so they could get an accurate number of how much weight I lost. I hadn’t been on the scale since January. I mustered up the courage to get on the scale and I lost close to 52lbs since having Jaxy and starting WW! Although that number on the scale truly doesn’t matter to me, I felt proud AF. WW has changed my life and @jefflipsky has the photos to prove it!! . Here is a reminder to love yourself. Your body isn’t offending anyone. You are beautiful. Your size and weight do not define who you are. You are loved. . #feelingproud #feelingmyself #feelinggood #jefflipsky #ww #wwcampaign #wwblueplan #wwsisterhood #wwsisterlylove #wwsupport #wwcommunity #wwfamily #wwgoodstyle #wwrecipes #bodypositivity #loveyourbody

Let’s talk bras and undies. It can be tough to find a good pair, especially if you’re in between sizes! (M/L girl right here 🙋🏼‍♀️) @thirdlove developed a line called: Form. I’m really impressed! Seamless. Can be worn on any occasion and super high waisted. Check out my stories for more details or visit @thirdlove and use code: FORM20 for 20% off! . #thirdlovepartner #thirdlove #thirdlovebras #thirdlovemodelsearch #braandunderwear #bra #undies #midsizefashion #midsizestyle #formbythirdlove

Seven Helpful Tips on How to Communicate With Your Hairstylist

First I want to say it’s important to REMEMBER when going into a hair salon that hairstylists are NOT mind readers nor magicians so be mindful and realistic about what you are asking for! If you are bringing your stylist a picture of Kim Kardashian but your coloring is more like Scarlett Johansson I will also add, the person with the cut you want may have it curled with extensions, you can’t see what it looks like straight or without extensions (for that matter). The more your stylist gets to know you (and your hair), the more they get to know how your hair responds to different cuts, colors, and products which in turn helps create a better future for your gorgeous locks!

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