Claire Tammaro

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•Suburban Philly Mama •Hairstylist •WW Enthusiast •Affordable Fashion •Lover of all things beauty Contact for Collab:

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Do yourself a favor, buy the @ww One Pan Meal Fall Recipes magazine on your next grocery run! This 7 point meal did not disappoint!! . #wwcommunity #ww #wwdinner #wwblueplan #wwfallrecipes #wwfreestyle #wwsisterhood #wwchicken

Seven Helpful Tips on How to Communicate With Your Hairstylist

First I want to say it’s important to REMEMBER when going into a hair salon that hairstylists are NOT mind readers nor magicians so be mindful and realistic about what you are asking for! If you are bringing your stylist a picture of Kim Kardashian but your coloring is more like Scarlett Johansson I will also add, the person with the cut you want may have it curled with extensions, you can’t see what it looks like straight or without extensions (for that matter). The more your stylist gets to know you (and your hair), the more they get to know how your hair responds to different cuts, colors, and products which in turn helps create a better future for your gorgeous locks!

Sweet baby J... counting down the days until we get to meet you #nationaldaughtersday ⏰ . Support tank and leggings: @blanqigirls . #maternityphotography #maternityfashion #blanqigirls #blanqi #maternitysupport #maternityleggings #pregnantblogger #pregnancy #maternitysupporttank #maternitysupportleggings #36weekspregnant #girlmom #wwcommunity #weightwatchersblue #weightwatcherspregnancy #hospitalbagessentials 📸 @laurabriggsphoto

2 WW Point Arugula Salad

Lunch is served and the ENTIRE lunch was only 2 @ww points . Salad: Arugula, yellow tomatoes, 2 chopped hard boiled eggs, 2 TBSP of shaved Parmesan, 1 tsp of olive oil, 1/2 lemon squeezed, mix well and top with fresh crushed pepper = 2 points 1 cup of Chicken Taco = 0 points was last modified: by

#ad Who doesn’t love breakfast for dinner? Tonight we are cooking family style - I’m on bacon duty and the boys are pancakes! It’s important to not to let “life” get in the way of spending time together! Our family has this “breakfast for dinner” tradition because it truly is one of the best ways to get to spend quality time together and create memories! And let’s be honest, a lot of times, our “dinner table” is right here at the kitchen counter! @giant is launching their For Today’s Table campaign which promotes togetherness and loved ones connecting over a meal - wherever you tend to share that meal! (could be a car, restaurant, park, dining room, or even over FaceTime) by eating a good meal and enjoying one another! During the month of September, for every picture shared of a family connecting over a meal and tagged with #giant and #fortodaystable , @giant will be donating 100 meals* to those in need, with a goal of providing up to 1 million meals!* Let’s help them get there! It’s so easy to participate! I’m nominating @thebeautysnitch , @simplylifewithlo , and @mytinyspirits , to take part. #supportthecause Learn more about For Today’s Table here: *The GIANT Company will donate the monetary equivalent of 100 meals to Feeding America (monetary equivalent of $10) up to a maximum of 1,00,000 meals (monetary equivalent of $100,000).

Two Ingredient Dough Pizza

What you’ll need: 1 cup of fat free Greek yogurt 1 cup of self rising flour (you can use almond flour but add a teaspoon of baking powder to it) . Mix both together (I used my kitchen aid because it’s super sticky) but you can add flour to your hands to mix it then shape it into whatever you’re making (bagel, pretzel, pizza). . I split the dough into 4 pizzas and brushed with a whisked egg. Then added fat free mozzarella cheese, canned tomato sauce, and turkey pepperoni.

The bigger the bump the bigger the hair?? 🦅 🤷🏼‍♀️ Lame, I know. That’s the only thing that comes to mind after that Eagles game 🤦🏼‍♀️ Thank god for family play dates because the eagles STINK!! Side note: Are you interested in an updated hot roller tutorial? Great way to get body and bounce without too much heat! . Sweatshirt is still cute (after loss) and linked in my stories! . #aerietailgate #americaneagle #americaneagletailgate

2 WW Point Stuffed Peppers

BUT you NEED to add this recipe to your grocery list for the week! Ingredients: Ground Turkey Taco seasoning Onion Cauliflower rice (I used frozen) Green Peppers (Used 4) @sietefoods queso dip Fat Free Greek Yogurt Salsa Directions: Preheat oven to 400 and toss green peppers in (until soft takes about 20 mins) Cook ground Turkey with half a packet of taco seasoning and onion in pan Cook cauliflower rice (I did in microwave) Pour half a container of Siete Queso into ground Turkey mixture and stir Take peppers out of the oven and fill bottoms with cauliflower rice, then top with the mixture from pan and fill to top of the pepper Place peppers back into the oven for another 20 minutes (or until pepper is cooked to your liking, I like them very soft) Once taken out top with FF Greek Yogurt and salsa was last modified: by

SEVEN HELPFUL TIPS ON HOW TO COMMUNICATE WITH YOUR HAIRSTYLIST: First I want to say it’s important to REMEMBER when going into a hair salon that hairstylists are NOT mind readers nor magicians so be mindful and realistic about what you are asking for! •A consultation is the most important part of your hair appointment. Keep in mind that stylists are educated and trained in HAIR. We live, breathe, sleep and have seen it all so please respect our advice and opinions. 1. Tell your stylist what you love/hate about your hair. This can be made more clear with a picture (could even be of yourself). Find a picture of something you LOVE and something you hate. Maybe you love warm tones but hate ashy tones. Maybe you love long layers and hate blunt cuts. If you feel like you don’t have the “words” to say it show them a visual! I PROMISE they won’t be offended! 2. When it comes to color, compare the tonality to something like food...for example butter, caramel, honey, peach, etc. All eyes see color differently. If you see “yellow” I may see “gold”. Comparing the color to an adjective that describes something can be a very helpful perspective! 3. Be realistic in what you are asking for. Is your skin more warm or cool? Do you have fine hair or course and thick? If you are bringing your stylist a picture of Kim Kardashian but your coloring is more like Scarlett Johansson then maybe your expecting something that’s completely out of reach. This can be a slippery slop of doom and disappointment. Try to choose pictures of someone who has more realistic expectations to your coloring! One helpful tip in regards: After choosing a picture of someone you love, place your thumb over their face. Ask yourself, “Do I still love this cut/color?”. A lot of times we get tricked into just liking photos of beautiful people (drawn into the makeup/ features on their face). After their face is covered their hair might not seen as special! 4. MOST PICTURES HAVE FILTERS! Most images seen on Instagram or Pinterest have a filter! EXAMPLE the first photo on this post has ZERO FILTER but the next one DOES. Continue reading on link in bio!

Do you think I’m looking high or low? . #comfypjs #pregnancy #endofpregnancy #pregnancypajamas #pajamaparty #pajamaset #pajamastyle #hospitalpajamas #hospitalbagessentials #comfyslippers #comfortzone #uggslippers #nordstromlingerie #liketkit

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