Maria Batista

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I'm a travel writer and blogger, passionate for photography and for wandering the world. I’m curious and eager to learn, not only what’s in the books (yes, I’m an avid reader!) but also, and mostly, about what’s out there in the world. Always had this passion about new places and different people and cultures, and love to share with others what I’ve experienced and seen, through photos or through words.

Location Lisbon
Country Portugal
Member Since JANUARY 22, 2020
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A visit to Lisbon is not complete without a yellow tram ride. Tram 28 is one of the favorite of the city’s visitors and it’s easy to understand why. Have you experienced Lisbon’s yellow trams?

The view from this spot in Lisbon is not to be missed. What are your favorite viewpoints in Lisbon?

The streets of Mdina are like an history and art book open for us to read. Statue of the Madonna and Child in the corner of the baroque Annunciation Church.

The bright sun, the light reflected from the limestone walls, the blue sky, the layers of history in every corner of the silent city, make Mdina a special place. If you’re planing to visit Malta you shouldn’t miss it and I wish to have spent a night or two there. If you’re looking for a place to eat there, the small restaurant located in Mesquita Square it’s really nice and we have there the best watermelon juice ever!

This viewpoint is one of my favorite spots in Lisbon. In the recent years (pre COVID) was always crowded with people and some of the magic was lost… nevertheless there is also pleasure in sharing the beauty in our countries with our visitors. Do you also have mixed feelings about excessive tourism in your countries / cities? What scenario do you expect after the pandemic is over?

I’m sure many of you are, like me, living every day, trying to get the best of this situation but still keeping the eyes on the horizon. We are counting the days for a future where, once again, it will be possible to travel carefree, to meet and party with our friends, to do all those precious little things that we used to take for granted. I’ve taken my second jab of Covid vaccine and I feel more protected, but we must keep strong for the hole community (masks, social distance and hands higiene) until the numbers get lower. Also, until the vaccines get to all the world population the fight will not be over. Have you been vaccinated? Where are you from?

Sending you one of my favorite views of Lisbon and hoping that you can visit this lovely city soon. We’re now under a 4th Covid-19 wave, but the hospitalization numbers already reflect the effects of vaccination. We’re also making a massive effort to vaccinate everyone and the Portuguese people is strongly committed to get their immunization. How are the things going in your country?

This is pretty much the essence of Seville: narrow streets, hot air, colorful buildings, the smell of dust and food, music and loud voices… Impossible not to love it!

The view of Seville from the top of La Giralda- the bells tower of the city’s Cathedral - is one you should not miss. This tower, a true landmark of Seville, was once a minaret of the great mosque of Seville, in al-Andalous Moorish Spain. The tower is over 100 meters heigh, but you must not to be afraid to walk to the top as it is an easy way up, with lots of interesting stops and photo opportunities at the different levels. Are you planning to visit Seville anytime soon?

Imagine… Sevilla in a Summer afternoon, 42 degrees Celsius under the clear skies. The stunning beauty of the Real Alcázar and the fresh, luxurious gardens feels like a balm. Have you been there?

Remembering happy days in Monsaraz! You can check our stories for extra views of this white gem of Alentejo.

On the top of the hill, Monsaraz looks almost like a small island surrounded by the immense lake of Alqueva. Stay tuned with our Stories as I’ll be sharing some videos of the lovely place. Please use the comments to share any questions you have and I’ll be glad to answer.

Monsaraz is this lovely, small, whitewashed Portuguese town, perched on the top of the hill and overlooking the Alqueva reservoir. The place looks like a fairy tale scenery, the people are friendly and the food and wine in this region are superb. Coming here can be a perfect day trip from Lisbon or you can stay overnight. Have you ever been there?

The Trocadero Gardens feature a series of sculptures, mostly dated from the 1930’s. Particularly striking are the two gilded bronze fountain sculptures presented in today’s photos. The Bull and Deer (photo 1) and Horse and Dog (photo 2) have both intrigued me and captured my heart since my first visit to Paris. What do you think of it?

The terraces of Trocadero are one of the best spots to look at the Eiffel Tower. But the old Iron Lady is surely a conspicuous landmark of Paris and visible from different places in the city. What is your favorite spot to look at or photograph the famous Parisian tower?

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