Dave Chant

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I like great coffee, and write stuff. Usually found in flip flops, ski boots or walking boots.

On my self-titled site I write on value travel, skiing, hiking, festivals and other life hacks. Also interested in books and films.

On the undertourist.com I write about getting away from overtourism and being more environmentally conscious.

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10 Tips to Sleep Better

It’s a body clock that allows us to be up at the same time as everyone else, hence able to look after our offspring, find a mate, get food when we can see it and chase it and hunt it, and then sleep to repair the body when it’s dark. Preferably, its better if its an early wake up (say 6am-7am) because this helps with light that also affects our rhythm (more on that later). Some people do have slightly warped rhythms where they seem to function better later on in the day. While there are some benefits in studies to taking naps, this appears to be with short naps (I call them snappy naps) below 20 minutes.

What I Learnt On Tinder Posing As The Opposite Sex

I did find out two things about women through doing “woman” on woman dating – The universal element I found is that women are much more open on dating Apps when they think they are talking to other women. I realised that she hasn’t dated a guy for over a decade, doesn’t like men anymore and that she lived with a girl in New Zealand (not a guy as she told me). Part of me thinks that I should be a little guilty about this, about the fact that she gave away her truer self away to me thinking I was a women.

2020 Review: A Killer Virus and Living in the "New" World

Increase Domain Authority (DA) to 20, Make 3 figures per month ($), Have 100 Posts by the end of the year, Write a Mountain Series of Books, Less reliance on social media but automate Instagram and explore TikTok, 5000 Unique Visitors per month I also took both a videography course and a photography course and these were another two things (along with the website redesign) that took up considerable time during lockdown. To this end I sold my Mirrorless camera which does make a lot of the teachings of a photography course defunct. Finally, I did want to bring 5000 visitors to the site and start making some money – even if it was just $100 a month, I would have been ecstatic.

3 Methods To Plan New Year's Resolutions 2021

This is more the method that calls to me to plan New Year’s Resolutions, and to creative types (although I still have a healthy dose of Method 1 in me too) I like the idea to plan New Year’s Resolutions this way as it focuses on the positive and keeps our emotions high. We grow and we change, and often the reason that we aren’t an astronaut like we wanted to be as a kid, isn’t because we didn’t follow the dream. I would split it into the dream world if life returns completely to normal, and then a set of goals of what we can accomplish in the world that we currently live in.

It's hard to convey the last 24 hrs in words. Though the photo tells a story of friendships, it hides a completely tumultuous day. After the last three weeks spent skiing in Italy, I never thought I'd be leaving it because of lack of skiing or Coronavirus. But that's what happened. I flew into Gatwick Saturday; the captain was ordered not to open doors because of an I'll passenger. We eventually where let in, for me to fly back out to North Italy where I'd been a day later. The atmosphere was straight away different. Mild concerns in the Dolonites had turned to fear in Aosta Valley. Lombardy and other regions were due to be red zoned. We arrived in La Thuile to find out within hours that all the ski resorts in the region were closing. The Dolomites was forecast to close days later and logic would suggest that Susa valley would bit be far behind - my best guess is end of this week. North Italy was closing for business. I'm not one to flee a situation, the media always making out evebts to be worse than they are. But something didn't feel right. I worried that Italy's red zone could grow in days to include Aosta valley and the rest of the North. Its quite possible that planes would be blocked from leaving North Italy and that land borders like the Mont Blanc tunnel could be shut by the French authorities. That's not to say that it would happen but my sixth sense was tingling. Having flown independently without the backing of a toyr operator, we decided to make a bolt for France and then fly home from Geneva. Was it the right decision? Who knows - maybe we could have salvaged a week skiing in Tignes (our original plan) In the interim we had a day to rediscover our love of La Thuile and it's people, have one of the best steak meals and drink for 10hrs solid with much giggles and laughs. So we spent £700 on one day in La Thuile including "emergency manoeuvres" to Switzerland and an extra flight home. And we are so upset and depressed about the lack of friendship, good skiing and great food the week would have brought. But it's worse for the Italians and the world on general. Either way its definitely a great story to tell when the dust settles.

My time in the Dolomites for this Season is up - gone too fast. It's hard coming back to a place that feels so much like home but then having to leave. Had a fantastic week with my friend Debbie. Six great ski days that are going to be hard to beat. On our last run on our last day the sun shone round the Sella and Sasslong mountains and an eerily beautiful cloudy mist fell over the the town below. It was a great end to a great holiday. #sella #selva #dolomites #valgardena #gonebutnotforgotten @dolomitesvalgardena @dolomiti.it

Perseverance - I've been thinking a lot yesterday about this. When I started skiing in 2014 I was awful. One of the worst skiers you've seen in your life. I used to snow plough every slope, always the last to the bottom by over 5 minutes and once refused to do a blue slope and walked down it (disclaimer: walking down ski slopes is ten times more scary so keep your skis on!) I hated those skiers who had been on the slopes since kids - they looked so graceful. I persevered and hardly improved. I persisted. Year by year went by and I still was behind everyone else. But I'm so glad I stuck with it. I now get to appreciate amazing mountains like the view here of the Sassolungo mountains in the Dolomites. Plus for all my weaknesses still, for instance I cant even skate or ski backwards or tackle black runs full on, in 2020 a company decided to let me ski guide. It was amazing to be able to look after and guide people across the mountain to see the best spots. I never thought I'd get to that point. So whatever you're up to, stick with it way past the point when you wanted to give up a hundred times. You never know, it may bring you the joy, peace and harmony that you then won't be able to live without. #skiingisamazeballs #skiing #sassolongo #dolomites #ihateblues

Fed up of all this Coronavirus rubbish.... Alpaca my bags to North Italy 😝 #somejokesnevergetold #grumpyalpacas #wotchulookinat #dolomites #rifugiolee

Time to hang up the Powder Byrne uniform and leave the Dolomites for a (very) short time. Had a great time as a Ski Guide for the first time. Also great to have a team like these fools that smashed it from day 1. Sad it went so fast... #dolomites #powderbyrne #altabadia #rifugioarlara

Love comes in many shapes and sizes. Some places feel more like home these days than home does. 💙 #dolomites #viaferrata #tridentinabrigata #sella #sellamountains #happyvalentinesday

The newest Ski Manager of the Dolomites has arrived 😆😉 My clients arrive Saturday so will be guiding them across the mountains from Sunday but for now, just getting used to skiing again and using one day on the mountain to have to ourselves. Pure bliss #rifugiocherz #sellamassif #altabadia #pb #powderbyrne #skimanager #skiguiding #dolomites

"If you think you've peaked, find a new mountain" Time for a new adventure. Denali, Alaska..... May 2020 🗻🙈 Highest mountain in the North American Continent, Coldest mountain on Earth. #denali #mckinley #alaska #sevensummits

Chilean Protests & the "Black Dog" It's been very sobering to arrive in Chile when protests are still going on daily in the centre of Santiago around rising costs. My favourite icon is The Black Dog. Back in 2011's student Chilean protests, the was a stray dog known for its black fur and red handkerchief that seemed to hate the cops, chased them and was present at the demonstrations. He became known as the Negromatapacos, "the black cop killer". Though representative of the student population, and now deceased, the Negromatapacos lives on in the recent riots, a symbol of hope for the people. You see his photo everywhere, dogs in the street with red handkerchiefs - he even has his own line cof tshirts, keyrings etc. It's a reminder of how powerful a symbol can be, and symbols never die. #negromatapacos #chileanprotests #santiago #chile #acab

Most people (especially Americans) look at me weirdly when I say I love Hard Rock Cafes. As usual, it's all about the memories. When I was 17, I went to New York City for the first time and I experienced my first Hard Rock. I lived everything about the concept having been so disappointed the day previously going to Planet Hollywood - crap food, tackier decor. We accidentally ordered the souvenir glass drink and an expensive and heavy obsession started. At one point, in South East Asia, I was carrying around 10 pint glasses (each glass is exactly the same but emblazoned with a different city on them) The burgers aren't the best but the food is good, the locations funky, the memorabilia cool. Yesterday was a big one for me - my first in South America (and my first time to the continent on this trip) It's still a place that feels like home wherever I go. A comfort place, an easy place to step into and soak up the vibe.... and yet another godamn pint glass! #hrc #souvenirpintglass #santiago #hardrockcafe #hrcsantiago #obsessed #locallegendary

I've been staying in this gorgeous colonial hostel called "The Red House" in Santiago. Straight away it soaks up the noise from the street and puts you in a bubble away from Cuile's busy streets, it has a pool, cool graffiti and it's only $10USD for a night! #lacasarojahostel #santiauo #chile #tranquility

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