Vivian Cromwell

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Stay curious. Always tipsy. 🍸💘 Main account: @viviancromwell

Location San Francisco, CA
Member Since APRIL 30, 2020
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The Pink Lady 🍎 1 oz Calvados 3 oz Sho Chiku Bai Premium Gingo @takarasakeusa 2 dashes of Shiso bitters top with Red shiso and apple Yuzu juice This refreshing drink is only slightly sweetened through the delicious Yuzu juice. Sho Chiku Bai Premium Gingo by @takarasakeusa is a dry and delicate fruity sake. I have summer in mind when I made this easygoing drink. Have a great weekend and a happy mother's day! #highball #sake #calvados #pink #shisho

Upside Down Dirty Martin by @dantenewyorkcity: Dolin Blanc, Cinzano 1757 extra dry, Tanqueray, pickled ramp jus, wormwood What is upside-down Martini anyway? It is a variation of the traditional or class gin or vodka martini. The ingredients are the same except the proportions vary, almost inverting the dimensions of the dry gin and the vermouth. It is so upside down that my photo took its literal meaning and decided to follow! #dantenewyorkcity #martini #gin #martini #vermouth #happyfriday

Celebrating Cinco de Mayo day with @CasaDonRamon on this warm and sunny day. Finally we are having some normalcy back since last March, I am preparing a batch of margaritas with some of my favorite ingredients: beet, ginger and Tequila Don Ramón Punta Diamante Silver. Beet It 2.5 ounces Tequila Don Ramón Punta Diamante Silver 1 oz beet ginger juice 0.5 oz Cointreau 0.75 ounce lime juice 1 teaspoon agave nectar Splash of sparkling lime mineral water Garnish: beet lace tuile Something unique about this margarita is the usage of earthy beet and spicy ginger. It is also my first try of lace tuile which has been challenging and fun at the same time. Happy Cinco de Mayo! #tequila #cincodemayo #mexico #casadonramon #tequilablanco #margarita

Some recent work. Old fashioned in the new Ageis Luxury glassware @aegis_luxury_glassware. It never goes wrong with an old fashioned. The glassware is ready to order on Amazon. Link in bio. Photographer’s tip: this is shot through the polarizer hence the luminous and inviting glow 😍. Second, I love a golden tray and it does more than as a decorative item here! It actually light up the glass frik underneath, think about that golden reflector you always wanted to us in your photo but don’t want it show! Happy Monday! #glassware #oldfashioned #whiskey

Honored to have won the Highly Commended Award for the prestigious Pink Lady Food Photography @foodphotoaward: Winterbotham Darby Food for Sale. The photo will be included in the exhibition to be held at @royalphotographicsociety in Bristol UK this November. This is one of my very first images when I started out as a hobbyist photographer four years ago. I ventured to Morocco and wandered through Fez Medina, this is where I took this image, a man with a modern cell phone, sitting under a camel's head. In addition to the creation process of the food, wine, and cocktails, experiencing and understanding different food cultures is probably one of my favorite photography subjects. I have wandered through numerous markets, from Galapagos, France, Morocco, Vietnam to Sweden, you name it. When a disaster or a pandemic happens, the first thing we worry about is food security. When good things happen, the first thing we want to do is also to celebrate with food and friends. Surely, I will be popping some champaign today! Do check out the entire finalist category, amazing photos by photographers around the world, who are capturing every aspect of the food and the reasons why we love it. #foodphotography #foodforsale #pinkladyphotography #morocco #medina #fez #travel #travelphotography #peopleandculture #fujifilm #fujixt1 #fujixseries #fujilover #fujixh1

Seafog: nori-infused rum, honey-ginger syrup, drops of liquid smoke, tobacco bitters, yuzu soda. Garnish with candied ginger and nori Would never think to use Nori to infuse rum, but this added umami pairs well with yuzu soda, making it an interesting take on the class Dark and Stormy. This drink is available in the current @shakerandspoon box. Happy Friday! #rum #darkandstormy #yuzu #nori #shakerandspoon

The value of wines. #winewednesday Today, we are going to talk about the value of wines :). There are a few factors that determine the value of wines: terroir, quality of the region, winemaking techniques, aging potential, distribution, sales, and marketing. Those are considered fixed costs for producing the wine. There is also perceived value which is the demand and how much consumers are willing to pay for a bottle. A small number of high-quality wines tend to sell higher, raving reviews by James Suckling and Robert Parker will drive the price, or wines have sentimental value and distributed in some sort of exclusive manner. These perceived values can only exist when the wine is of high quality though. I am one lucky girl who has received Scarecrow 2006 as a gift, with a market value of 700 dollars. The grapes for Scarecrow is grown on JJ Cohn estate in Napa, the renowned movie producer. The family bought the property as a retreat and never intended to grow grapes, til persuaded by neighbor Inglenook Winery. The grapes from the Scarecrow vineyard, in its formative years, were used to create Opus one, Inglenook, and Phelps. The name Scarecrow is a tribute to JJ Cohn, who was the executive product for MGM that produced movies such as Wizard of Oz. Anyway, by now, you probably want to know so is the wine worth it? How does it taste? Well, one thing I can tell you is that it has amazing soft yet dense tannin due to its 2006 vintage, but still remains bursting fruit notes. Long long long finish. But is it worth the price tag? For that amount of money, I would have some other wines in mind. But wine is a sentimental thing, best to be shared with your friends and family. We shared with one family, who marked as the first visitor in the backyard since we received vaccinations, then we celebrated again with a couple who just got engaged. These moments are special, what could we ask more when they are accompanied by a special bottle of Scarecrow? #wine #winelover #winetime #winetasting #wineoclock #winewednesday #winelover #winecountry #winestagram #wineporn #wineporn #vino #vin #wein #葡萄酒 #vinho #cultwine #scarecrow

Prisoner’s Dilemma by Kona @konasstreetmarketbar: Hine Cognac, maraschino, burnt butter, tonka bean, improved bitters I know Prisoner's Dilemma as a game theory, so interesting to see Kevin @therealdiedrich use it as a cocktail game. So who are the prisoners here and what is the dilemma? #brandy #cognac #stirreddrinks

Here is an easy-to-make spread for your own backyard Kentucky Derby celebration with Woodford Reserve @woodfordreserve! Perfect for the races this Saturday. #ad 21+  The key is to display a slew of light finger food that is fitting to enjoy in the afternoon during spring time. My selection includes some classics: deviled eggs, benedictine tea sandwiches, cupcakes and raspberry tarts. Don't forget to decorate the table with all things @kentuckyderby - roses, derby napkin, hat and necklace.  Last but not least, @woodfordreserve ‘s signature Derby cocktail - the Woodford Spire! Order a bottle of Woodford Reserve to your doorstep using @drizly with code DERBY10 to take $10 off your purchase.  #woodfordreserve #kentuckyderby #ad #Drinkresponsibly #WRDerbyatHome #bourbon #whiskey #whisky

Vanilla, cacao, cinnamon and walnuts, that is how I would describe @CasaDonRamon’s Tequila Don Ramón Platinum Cristalino Añejo on the first sip - thanks to the 12-month long aging in American and French Oak. I have enjoyed this neat or over an ice cube, but here I’ll be setting the bar a little higher with a clear blanca Old Fashioned designed to highlight this amazing Añejo profile. White Old Fashioned 2 oz Tequila Don Ramón Platinium Cristalino Añejo 0.25 oz white cacao liqueur 2 dashes cinnamon bitters 2 dashes orange bitters  #tequila #oldfashioned #casadonramon #cristalino

Title: Waiting for you Honored to have this image selected by @photoplacegallery for online gallery for “composed”. It was taken in Rajasthan in 2020. My heart goes out to all of my friends in India during this combat with the pandemic. Please stay safe. #india #rajasthan #composed #fuji #fujifilm_xseries #travel #train

Working with @bentlyheritagedistillery this year to bring you a few unique cocktails that celebrate their estate approach and heritage in Nevada. First up is a nice update on the classic Clover’s Club that welcomes the beautiful springtime. Source One Sour 1.5 oz infused Source One Vodka 0.5 oz dry vermouth 0.5 oz lemon juice 0.5 oz raspberry syrup One egg white Garnish: raspberry powder on the glass and over the foam, with a sprig of lavender  @sourceonevodka is a single-estate vodka distilled from grains grown on their own ranch and features a silky mouthfeel and bright finish. This bright color drink with floral notes makes me want to go out and enjoy the springtime! # ad #bentlyheritage #vodka #lavender #raspberry

Red roses, pearl necklace, flamboyant hats, mint julep and horses, who is ready for the @KentuckyDerby? #ad 21+  In honoring “The Greatest Two Minutes in Sports”, I am partnering with @WoodfordReserve to introduce you to their official Derby cocktail: the Woodford Spire.  Woodford Spire 1.5 oz Woodford Reserve 2 oz lemonade 1 oz cranberry juice Add ingredients to mixing glass and stir. Pour over ice, garnish with a lemon twist. In the next post, I will be sharing tips of building a beautiful spread for an unforgettable afternoon Derby party on the first Saturday in May.  #woodfordreserve #kentuckyderby #ad #drinkresponsibly #WRDerbyatHome #whiskey #whisky #bourbon

Another drink from Kona @konasstreetmarketbar, all about the texture. Both the drink and my photo on this! Well That escalated quickly: Rutte Celery Gin, blanc vermouth, skinos, bitters Skinos Mastiha is a Greek liqueur made using the resin from the mastiha tree on the Greek island. The resin is harvested by making small cuts in the tree, bringing out drops of tear-like resins. It is a highly fragrant liqueur with earthy and leafy notes. #gin #martini #greece #konastreetmarket #sanfrancisco

Today is World Malbec Day, happy to share one of the few sangria recipes I developed for the brand Casillero del Diablo @casillerowineus recently. Although we mostly associate Malbec with Argentina, this grape was initially from France but fell out of fashion after a dramatic winter freeze and never really planted back. Today it counts less than 1 percent of production in Bordeaux blend but it has found home in South America with its black fruit notes, lightly peppery, and dark chocolate finish. Casillero del Diablo Stardust One orange Twenty blackberries One lemon 4 cups Casillero del Diablo wine mix 10 oz Cognac brandy 5 oz Pear Brandy Garnish: blackberry and smoked cinnamon stick Instruction: Add all fruits in the pitcher Add the rest of the ingredients Pour the wine mix and stir Let it sit for 30 minutes Serve in ice cube filled rock glass, garnish with blackberries and smoked cinnamon How to make the wine mix: 4 cups of Casillero del Diablo Malbec 2 cinnamon sticks 1 star anise 1 teaspoon clove 4 tablespoon brown sugar Simmer for 10 minutes and strain. Cool to the room temperature. Hope you enjoy the weekend, this recipe is perfect for the transitional weather. #malbec #worldmalbecday #wine #redwine #wine #winelover #winetime #winetasting #wineoclock #winewednesday #winelover #winecountry #winestagram #wineporn #wineporn #vino #vin #wein #葡萄酒 #vinho

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