The three keeper

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I am a blogger whom specializes in motherhood, lifestyle, food & fashion I do lots of content creating through Instagram & my blog. I would love to get to know you. Send me your pitches!

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Calling all mamas & mamas to be 🤰🏼 #ad one thing they don’t tell you.... you’re going to loose a lot of hair. Like tons. And not just because of stress, it is your bodies way of telling you to slow down and take care of your self. One thing that has make my hair do a 180 is @ohheymamahair serum. Head to the link in my bio to read more about my postpartum hair care routine 💋

Seed paper: benefits & how to

One of the items I found was “seed bombs” which had the same idea as the seed paper other than the fact that we lay the product out flat to dry instead of placing it in a mold. The idea is that the newspaper will decompose as the seeds germinate creating an abundance of nutrients to help the seeds grow. Now I think there would be a few you wouldn’t want to do because you would not want the seedlings to become too close but to have “wild flowers” growing it the perfect idea. Once it’s smooth remove and place the mixture into a bowl gently stirring in the seeds of your choice.

Out of all the stars in the sky I would still choose you ✨#sponsored Baby wade is currently 17 months & wearing the new “Mass Diamond” collection from @mamakoalainc out of all the cloth diapers I have tried I have to say these fit his chunky thighs the best #mamakoalarepsearchoct

How to make tea from mint leaves

Simply place the mint herb on a cookie sheet and place in the oven! I personally leave the leaves on the stems as I think it is easier to pull of the dried leaves rather than try and pick off all the fresh ones. Before you put the stems on the cookie sheet be sure to pull off any bad leaves, they will alter the taste of the tea. Place the cookie sheet(s) in the oven for two hours minimum, make sure none of your stems are overlapping so that they all dry evenly.

Brushing the kids hair has never been easier #ad @randco X @gryphandivyrose made the perfect detangler, no harsh chemicals and a faint delightful scent.

Cebrating Earth Day at home

Every single year for as long as I can remember my mother has always taken me to “Earth day” at Washington oaks state park. There would be live music and fresh food, tents with trinkets and handmade goodies, and my favorite part they had a whole area set up for kids to learn about animals, and plants, everything about the earth. Chloe, my oldest has only gone once and the other two haven’t gotten to go at all; so this year was going to be super special because we were all going to get to go as a family for the first time. This is something inspired straight from the festival as it’s something they do there; but we did an earth with green and blue and then a separate one that they got to paint any way they wanted

My stripes are fierce but my mind is not, and ladies that’s okay. 👌🏻 #ad If I had the day I’ve had today a year ago, let me tell you. I would be a mess. Not to say I’m not currently, but the level is much lesser. Mental health is something so dear to me, for the longest time I would just let anyone treat me how ever they wanted just for the sake of the relationship, or their feelings. I never want to make someone feel the way they make me no matter how bad it hurts. At the end of the day that means ourselves too. We can be so hard on our mind that it takes a toll. Let your self breathe today for a better tomorrow 💋

Easter rock hunting

Considering that we live in Florida eating the boiled eggs after the hunt is NOT an option, unless you want an upset tummy. I live this idea because we aren’t wasting money or food and because they can be played with after or used again next year! I picked out three basic spring pastel colors to use and then the inspiration flowed out after. To make the bunnies I just hit glued a bit of cotton to be the tail, and for the chick I glued on a few feathers for the wings and a small twig t be feet!

#sponsored What do you do to keep your family safe during the flu season? 🤧 We usually make our own elderberry syrup but with @thehoneygardens elderberry drink it makes life easy. I like to pour mine in a fancy cup 🍷 while the girls play “tea party” with their morning shot ☕️ head over to the link in my bio & shop my amazon favs. You can find these & all our other health supplements in the “Health” section 💫

My shirt may be stuck in the 70’s but my hair sure isn’t #ad 💆🏼‍♀️ Apparently I’m the queen of not only skincare but hair care? Who knew 🤷🏼‍♀️ @dailydosehaircare Miracle Moisture Leave-in conditioner is free of ALL the nasty toxins you don’t want but leaves your hair non-greasy, shiny and frizz free. 💃 Cruelty free & vegan 🐇 Now available @sallybeauty 🛍

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