Erin Tannehill

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I am a Southern Arkansas-based homestead writer and social media manager. After being tired of living with clutter and becoming educated on the dangers of industrial farming, my husband and I made the decision to change our lives. We moved onto a larger piece of virgin land to simplify our lives and start our modern homestead. The Tannehill Homstead was born as a way to share my story and encourage others to live a simpler lifestyle.

Location Fouke, Arkansas South USA
Member Since JUNE 28, 2018
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3 Versatile Home Decor Pieces for Homemakers with NOMA Collective

I really do think NOMA Collective is a great company that truly wants to add joy to the world through artisan goods, which is why I’m so excited to dive into how I use versatile home decor pieces in my home! The first way I like to use this tray is to hold other home decor to bring a sense of belonging to things on my dresser. Whether you need a tray for your own bed or a guest bedroom, it is always going to be a great functional and beautiful piece to use. Tables of all kinds often could use a tray to center decor or hold things you use frequently, like a remote.

How to Start Decluttering When Overwhelmed & where to Start

Many people want to declutter their environment but have a hard time knowing where to start. There are many ways to declutter, but there is only one simple way to start decluttering when overwhelmed. The whole point of decluttering when overwhelmed is reduce your overwhelm, so it is important to get the items you declutter our of your home as soon as possible. If you don’t want to worry with selling or have items worth less than your minimum, donating is a great option!

Why I Quit Social Media & My Advice for Anyone Considering It Too

I was so overwhelmed with many things and figuring out how to live even slower was the only way I could take the necessary time to figure out things. I love being able to create new things and do things that I didn’t think I had time or mental energy to do. A simple conversation via in person, text, or phone call with your friends and family to let them know you no longer use Facebook or Instagram or whatever social media account will help them find different ways to connect with you. As I mentioned with some of the benefits I gained once quitting social media, having a list of things you want to try, learn, or what have you will make your free time far more enjoyable.

Zero-Waste Cooking: What it is And How to do it

There are many reasons I could tell you why I can’t, such as not having a bulk store to shop for groceries, but the truth is that bulk stores aren’t the only way to achieve zero-waste cooking in your home. To better share all the ways you can achieve zero-waste cooking, I’ve invited my sustainable living friend, Farah, to share all of her tips and tricks with you so that we can all be that much closer to zero-waste cooking in all of our homes! If a food item you’re going to use is on sale for buy one get one fifty percent off or something like that, but An alternative to this in the case you can’t make your own is to either try to find them in a glass bottle or only buy what you need and be sure to properly recycle the plastic bottle.

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