Courtney Hanson

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Hello! I am Courtney! A passionate, devoted and driven individual motivated to make a change and leave a mark on this big world! I started the sweetest little life to connect with other mama's and women and talk about the things that aren't spoken about. It has grown into this amazing tribe for support, encouragement, and goal chasing.

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The truth of the matter is, the space will be filled when you make a conscious decision to let go of that which does not serve you. Letting go of things that do not serve you is as simple as dropping the thoughts, the emotion or circumstance that takes up residency within you. It’s training your mind to recognize when your body initiates a response or is triggered by a situation. When people hold on, they let fear win: fear of hurt, fear of loss, fear of rejection, and fear of pain. They allow the struggle to prevent them from pursuing any opportunity for change. When you choose to let go, you choose to take control of your own thoughts, feelings, behaviors, and outcomes. Quit simply you choose LOVE over fear. Fear is just an origin we make up in our heads it’s not real. When we step into this magic happens

Keeping your old furnace healthy and hot

When you’re aiming to introduce a little warmth to the home, you need to think about not just the decor and soft furnishings that can give it that cozy feeling, but you want to consider how you heat the home as well. Given that a good clean airflow throughout the furnace is essential for its long life, then you can imagine that having dust and dirt all around the furnace isn’t going to be good for its operation. For instance, a burning smell from heater appliances can mean many things, but it might for instance mean that there has been damage to a component inside the furnace if it has a plastic smell. If you’re using a propane or gas furnace, then there is going to be some water given off as a result, that will run out of the drainage tube into a drip pan that you need to empty and clean now and then.

Healing & Play are two are my words as we enter in to 2021. What are yours for this year👇🏻 I’ve been working vigorously over the past few days tying up all the ends to make this course as magical as you are. This is a module by module class filled with meditations, videos, our private fb group of goddesses, lives, goal digging, reiki, healing, manifesting and so much more. If your ready to grow this year and kick it off with a soul on fire then I’d love to have you join me! The cost is only $39 because I think we need this as a collective right now after all the curve balls we experienced this year. I’ll be over here counting down the hours til the doors open!!!

Tips for creating a calm environment at home.

It’s likely because that homeowner has something that they spray into the air or puts down on the carpets or plugs into the wall in order to have the scent all the time. Whatever it is, it can really help to bring that relaxed feeling to you, especially if you tend to associate that smell with relaxing activities like lounging on the sofa or taking a bath with a glass of wine! So whether you use a bud trimming machine for your plants or you have a weekly clean of the bathroom, make sure you keep everything tidy. A calm environment is made that way by what you do with it, so use these tips to make sure that you present your household with a relaxed space at all times.

Whose ready for this release? I am over the moon excited to assist you in stepping into your purpose and truly removing blocks to become the divine inner goddess you were destined to be! This course is only $39 and a 30 day plan for success. Pre sales start the 29th! T W O DAYS!!!!

Small things you can do to stay healthy

The best way to approach a healthy eating routine is to aim for a balanced diet and not eliminating one food group completely. It is a question of having a bit of self control too on the things you do like which are considered unhealthy, such as high processed, and foods which are high in salt or sugar. So if you are not getting enough sleep each night, eventually it can lead to problems such as heart disease, increased blood pressure and diabetes. It can lead to more serious problems such as obesity, heart disease, diabetes and high blood pressure.

What’s your sign?

How to remain calm while moving homes.

Also if you need extra help in wrapping, or packing items up, ask some family members or friends to help as well. You can always pop over to the storage facility when you like, but realistically on moving day you just want your furniture and basic items such as kitchenware, cleaning supplies, toiletries and clothes. On your to do list you will want to add, cancel any direct debits that relate to the home you are leaving, as you will not want to continue paying for bills that you will no longer need. when you arrive at the new home, like tea, coffee, sugar, cleaning supplies, loo roll, and toiletries, that you will need that evening when you arrive.

Alright ladies which is your favorite to do?

The Universe is waiting for you to get clear on your WHAT and WHY how is what you want going to serve your highest good?

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