Kara Silvers

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Hey! I’m Kara Style | Beauty | lifestyle for women over 40! | Dog Mom 🐶 Email ✉️: thestylineducator@gmail.com

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Work From Home Looks from Fabletics

A BLOG TO INSPIRE WOMEN OF ALL AGES WITH BEAUTY, FASHION, LIFESTYLE AND WORK FROM HOME TIPS Work From Home Looks from Fabletics n’t think it is any surprise that I wear so much athleisure when working from home. I was so excited to get clothing to wear for work! Also, when you join VIP, you can get specials like two pairs of leggings for $24!

LED Face Therapy for Antiaging

LED face therapy is a great item to add to your skincare routine. You have probably seen the masks that look more like a Halloween costume than face treatment. Well, you can get the LED face therapy in the shape of a mask or in a wand form. After 30 days, I did notice more elasticity in my skin and those jowls seemed to minimize.

Spring Dress Style 2021

A BLOG TO INSPIRE WOMEN OF ALL AGES WITH BEAUTY, FASHION, LIFESTYLE AND WORK FROM HOME I found this site and the dresses are so me! They have fun colors, bright colors, light colors, and great florals! These dresses are certain to put a smile on even the darkest face!

5 Most Profitable Digital Products for Bloggers

You have seen the influencers who have fun creating videos and posting great pics. I have come up with 6 great digital products that bloggers can create to make money with. The digital templates are anything from checklists to social media posts to even digital stickers. Look at creating some products and the digital ones are just so fun and perfect for a blogger to sell.

I got made fun of for this look one time . . I was working in a department store doing displays and I chose classic white tees with khakis and black pants. Not everyone had my sense of style and thought it was too “plain”. I fought it tooth and nail! . . My district manager loved it and took pics for inspo! Boom! Never be afraid to do what inspires you and stand up for what you want! . . Download the LIKEtoKNOW.it shopping app to shop this pic via screenshot http://liketk.it/36BFZ #liketkit @liketoknow.it . . #capsulewardrobechallenge #capsulecloset #capsulewardrobeblogger #stealvssplurge #capsulewardrobeplanning #capsulewardrobes #capsulewardrobegoals #capsulewardrobeoutfit #capsulewardrobewinter #capsulewardrobeworkbook

This is what my Sunday night looks like except for one thing..... . . I need another planner! I use two planners each week! Yes I do! I have one for my full time job and life and then the other for blogging! . . I would love to one day design a planner that has enough space for all i need! . . What kind of planner do you use? Be sure to check out my post for my favorite planners, link in blog! . . #dailyplanner #dailyplanners #workfromhomelife #weeklyplanningsession #weeklyplanningspread #weeklyplanningday #organizedlife #weeklyorganizer #weeklyorganization #bloggerplanners #bloggerplanner #blogplanning #blogplanner

What do all of these outfits have in common??? . . They have essential wardrobe pieces with a little trendy piece added! . . Most women have too many clothes and still have nothing to wear! They literally stare at their closets and that is all they do! It can be such a struggle to get ready each and every day! . . I have a solution!!! What is it??? Check out my latest blog post, link in bio!!! . . #fashionover40 #fashionover50 #over50style #over40style #capsulewardrobe #capsulewardrobeblogger #over40capsulewardrobe #over50capsulewardrobe #capsulewardrobeplanning #capsulewardrobestylist #capsulewardrobewinter #capsulewardrobewinteroutfits #auburnblogger #alabamablogger #auburnuniversity

What are two things you can pretty much wear all year around? . . You can wear cardigans and graphic tees! They are perfect for fall. For winter, perfect under a winter coat. Spring, perfect for chilly nights and summer, great for when the air conditioning is at an all time low! . . Screenshot this pic to get shoppable product details with the LIKEtoKNOW.it shopping app http://liketk.it/35Uhr #liketkit @liketoknow.it . . #graphicteeoutfits #graphicteestyle #graphicteedandcardigans #cardigansweater #cardiganstyle #cardigans #over40style #over50style #over60style #fashionover40 #fashionover50 #fashionover40blogger #fashionover50blogger

Hello!!!! I have not introduced myself in a long time! I am kind of rebranding, so I thought what better time than now! 1- my name is Kara Silvers. I live in God’s country, Auburn, Alabama 2- I have always loved fashion since I was younger and used to design clothes for my Barbie and style her outfits 3-I am what you might consider midsize in the body department 4- my full time job is an online college instructor and I teach medical billing and coding from home 5- I went to college at Auburn University and have a bachelors degree in fashion 6- I have two dogs, winston and London who are so precious and Winston gets all of the attention because of his size 7- I am single, but have NOT given up on the fact that there is someone special out there for me 8- i am a Christian and my faith is of the utmost importance to me 9- I have an Etsy shop with some of the cutest fashion graphics and am about to open a Shopify store 10-I am trying to age gracefully, but the lines on my forehead are freaking me out! . . I am rebranding to really target the #over40 woman. I plan on posting more about my weight loss journey, how to build an essential wardrobe, skincare of course and anything in between! I also plan on hooking people up with different side hustles for those who are looking to generate extra income! . . I started on this in the summer and I let fear keep me from doing what I want! So I finally decided to shrug it off and move forward! . . I hope to be a help and inspiration to women in this age group and am always looking for ideas so if you have some, let me know! What is something you can tell me about yourself? . . You can shop this outfit, link in bio! 📸: @rachelvernondesigns . . #midsizefashion #midsizeblogger #midsizeootd #midsizedstyle #over40fashionblogger #over40weightloss #over40capsulewardrobe #over40wardrobeessentials #over40skincareroutine #over40skincaretips

I made a vow to do something in the new year and so far I have kept it! . . Now before I share this with you, let me start by saying, I have an addiction to sugary bubble gum. Well, I have an addiction to all things sugar, but that gum is my true weakness. So in order to get into better shape, giving up sugar was on the list. . . I have not had sugar once in almost a week! I have not even bought sugary gum! I have resorted to sugarless and I have lived! . . What is something you vowed to change and have been able to do so far??? Be sure to click link in bio for outfit details! . . #graphicteeoutfits #graphicteestyle #graphicteeshirts #graphicteesfordays #graphicteesforwoman #auburnblogger #ootd #winter2021outfits

Do any of you guys crash and burn around 3 in the afternoon??? . . I mean, this is when I am the least productive! I usually drink a Diet Coke, but I recently discovered these @verbenergy bars and they are now my go to! They are super yummy and each bar contains the caffeine of one cup of coffee!!! Click on the link in my bio to order yours! . . #verbenergy #verbbars #caffeineboost #caffeinebar #energyintheafternoon #energyinthemorning #energyintheevening #energy

I love adding a little bit of trend to my wardrobe! I also love finding a sweater that covers my butt! Usually finding the two together is rare, but I have definitely found one in this sweater! Now, I got this sweater at a boutique and it is sold out, but I found some other fun styles for you to look at adding to your wardrobe! 📸: @rachelvernondesigns . . Shop your screenshot of this pic with the LIKEtoKNOW.it shopping app http://liketk.it/35dNt #liketkit @liketoknow.it . . #trendysweater #trendysweatersover40 #trendysweatersover50 #over50trends #over40trends #midsizeblogger #midsizeootd #auburnblogger #midsizebody #fabrikauburn #ltkunder50

This is one of the number one things that will be done in the new year...., . . Closet organization. Clothes will be given away and/or sold. People will try to figure out what “sparks joy” and so on! . . I have linked some great items to keep your closet organized and feeling more like a place of zen and peace! . . Check out the link in my bio for closet organization tips! . . #closetorganization #organizemycloset #closetclearout #closetcleanout #organizationblogger #organizationblogger #over50bloggers #over40bloggers

I am ready to twirl into 2021!! Get it??!!! . . Seriously, 2020 was not a total bust for me. I had success with work and that was great. Working online had its advantages for me during this trying time! . . I did try to rebrand my blog and you know what happened? I lost my vision and got off track. However, I have had a couple people confirm that vision I had, needs to be revisited and it will be in 2021! . . Over the last two years I ballooned up with my weight and I was in denial until I got some pics back. Wow! Nothing shakes you into reality more than pics! . . So with those two things being said, I am ready to get my health and weight under control and to get back to my vision of this blog! There were things I thought for sure would happen in 2020 and they did not. However, could they happen in 2021? Maybe, maybe not. Maybe the door will open and it will be time to move in that direction, finally! . . God knows what He is up to and I cannot wait to see what He holds in 2021! .📸: @rachelvernondesigns . #crosby #mollieburch #crosbysweaters #pinkpompomsweater #hotpinksweater #animalprintmidi #magnoliajamesboutique #over40fashionblogger #over50fashionblogger #over50styleblogger #liketoknowitunder50 #ltkunder50

Ya’ll!!! You have got to try this lotion if you suffer from dry skin! . . My skin gets so dry it is painful, especially during the winter months! My friend came up with this product and it has been a game changer! She even has scented ones and some with a little glitter for a fun change! . . 100% natural!!! Be sure to check out @joyfullskinco and get yours!!!! , . #joyfullskin #coconutoillotion #dryskinremedy #dryskinremedies #coconutoilforskin #over40skincare #over50skincare #gifted

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