Shana Joy

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I am a lifestyle blogger look to build a bigger audience for my blog. I am interested in collaborations and guest work as well.

Location Charlotte, NC United States
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Last week I refreshed my fair. Today I need to actually wash it. I'm starting out with @auntjackiescurlsandcoils balance! grapeseed & avocado oil as a pre-poo treatment. I've been using this my last 3 washes and it is my fav. It actually makes me hair more manageable during the shampoos. What do y'all use for prepoo?

Gift Guide for Natural Hair

If there is a curly or natural woman in your life, this gift guide is for you. know if I have seen holiday gift ideas for natural hair like that. Denman Classic 7 Row Styling Brush – Good for wash-n-gos as well as smoothing out the curls. Shea Moisture Jamaican Black Castor Oil Strengthen Grow & Restore Combo Bundle -It’s a gift set because natural hair is expensive and someone will appreciate this thought

*cries* I miss nails. I cut mine down to the white meat until further notice. I have not had my nails done since I was 23. I'm not okay.

Daily Skincare Routine with Tula + Video

Here is everything I use in my daily skincare routine. The Cult Classic Purifying Face Cleanser  is nothing but probiotics + superfood in this product which gets the face clean. Protect + Glow Daily Sunscreen Gel Broad Spectrum SPF 30 keep it simple and wear your sunscreen. Watch my latest TikTok for my daily skincare routine and don’t forget to follow me there.

If you don't view my stories, here's my makeup look from yesterday featuring @juviasplace Zulu Palette. Also Jesus be eyebrow threading 😂

How to Schedule Instagram Posts with Facebook Creator Studio

There are a lot of third party apps that do this, but Facebook Creator Studio can be used to schedule posts without going the third party route. None Select the Instagram feed option and select the account you want to post to. None You can either click Publish if you want it go out right away or you can schedule the post and select a time/date that you want it to automatically post. If you don’t have the 10k followers for Swipe Up feature in your stories, this is a workaround to include clickable links on Instagram.

Taco Tuesdays and Cinco De Mayo go together this year. I went with street tacos....shrimp,steak and shredded chicken. What did y'all make or order?

I Took PTO From Blogging

This post contains affiliate links to products. You may have noticed was lacking this past month on social media. Blogging is a full-time job and some of us have full-time jobs on top of that. I figured that part out, but that also involved money on getting a new computer.

What if I was in my home minding my business and the police busted down the door shooting me because they thought my husband was a suspect? You really realize that you aren't in even safe at home. Today is Breonna Taylor's birthday and she can't even celebrate it. Everything is so heavy. I am having this conversations with my husband everyday about what is going. I'm just tired. Make sure you donate, call, speak up, tear this shit up if you have to, etc. Do what you we have to do so people can understand. #justiceforbreonnataylor #sayhername #sayhernamebreonnataylor #happybirthday

I was not good at glossy lips until... 🗣️ YESTERDAY. @colourpopcosmetics lip liner in BFF 3 @fentybeauty gloss bomb in Confetti

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