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The Podcast Host: Speak, Engage, Succeed. We help you to Launch, Grow & Profit from Your Podcast, through active, effective courses & production services.

Location Dundee
Country United Kingdom
Member Since SEPTEMBER 22, 2018
Social Audience 6K Last Month
  • Moz DA 51
  • Moz DA 30
  • Careers
  • Career Advice
  • Healthy Cooking and Eating
  • Family and Relationships
  • Home & Garden
  • Hobbies & Interests
  • Healthy Living
  • Music and Audio
  • Personal Finance
  • Style & Fashion
  • Shopping
  • Cycling
  • Extreme Sports
  • Skiing
  • Computing
  • Travel
  • Traveling
Changing Podcast Host: Is It Worth It?

Your podcast host (also known as a podcast hosting provider or media host) is like your show's home online. A game-changing tool or feature might seem like a reason for changing podcast host. • Check out Podcast Growth – a book with over 80 actionable strategies to build your audience Changing Podcast Host: How to Do It Heart still set on changing podcast host? You need to tell both your existing (old) host, and your new host that you'd like to move your show from one to the other.

Best Wireless Microphone System for Podcast & Content Creation

So if you've got your own reasons for going cable-free, what are the best wireless microphone options out there right now? If you're looking to go hands-free, then one of the best options is to wear a mic on your head. The best value system in my opinion, if I had to commit to one, would probably be the Samson Go Mic Mobile ($170-ish) because you likely already own a smartphone (and thus, won't need to buy a digital recorder). There are plenty of good wireless mic options out there these days, but I'd only recommend getting one if you've got a good reason to go cable-free.

6 Ways that Podcasting is like Gardening

If you're sensing a change in the air, noticing the angle of sunlight, and taking more thoughtful walks, it's probably clear to you how podcasting is like gardening. If you know some folks who are genuinely interested in your work, you can send them a link to one or a few episodes, along with a nice message asking them for feedback. Apple Podcasts currently has over fifty podcasts about fly fishing, for example. Just like a garden, your audience soaks up different kinds of podcasts, current events, and entertainment.

10 Highly Effective Podcast Marketing Strategies

So unless you like particularly talking into the void in the foreseeable future, check out our battle-tested, market-ready list of podcast marketing strategies that you can implement right now to promote and grow your show. When it comes to audience-building and usage habits, new listeners will want as much content as you can give them before deciding whether or not they want to hit subscribe. Use platform analytics to optimize your topics, content, keywords, and flow based on the podcast segments, topics, and activities that truly excite your audience. Instead, go with the flow and either take your show down new and underexplored paths or consider creating spin-off podcasts to better satisfy the needs of a new audience.

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