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Mommy and Me Fashion, pregnancy, home decor and all things mom!

—> Ava Sue (4) —> Franky (1) —> Hayes (due in October) —> Baxter (our boxer pup)

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17 months → 12 months → 6 months → 1 week ...and probably my all-time favorite recreation photo. Like look at those belly fluctuations 😆This morning we get to see our little man Hayes for our FINAL big ultrasound for anatomy, making sure all of his little organs are working properly and best of all, we get to see his sweet little face, hopefully a little less alien-like this time around 👽 AND this is my first appointment they’re allowing hubby to come with me 😭 I have a very good feeling that today’s gonna be a good day!

loves of my life ❤️ [bracelets + dress —> ]

In case you needed a smile this morning, I’ll just leave this right here for ya 🥰 So yesterday @theoverwhelmeddad and Ava were playing make believe (it was “raining inside the house”) and in their little game, he told her that his laptop was waterproof... Any guesses how many days it’ll be until that laptop gets its first and last bath? 🥴

If you HAD to choose one: Fall forever or Summer for life? If we’re talking about Southern California Fall then I’d have to go with that one 🍁 Had to change out of these outfits by 7:34am so we wouldn’t overheat but gosh they got me so excited for cooler weather and Fall fashion! The @brooklynnandgrey Fall launch is tomorrow night at 9pm EST and you HAVE to go to the blog to see some of the cutest photos we snapped of Ava... like ever 😍 ]

Just taking a wild guess but I think this may be my first and last photo EVER holding all THREE of my babies 🤪 [FRANKY UPDATE] So sorry I’ve left you all in the dark about Franky. All of the test results came back and the GOOD NEWS is that they were all normal. Some very small outliers but nothing of concern. The BAD NEWS: all tests were normal. Hear me out — Here we are thinking “now what?” and it’s such a strange feeling. Honestly, if I told myself before this that I wasn’t going to be relieved about “normal” test results, I would’ve thought I was crazy. I think it’s only something you can truly understand if you’ve been through something like this. But here I am, almost less relieved than before this all started 😩 Now there is one final test in this process but our endo recommended we “wait and see” and test when he’s three. Yes, THREE. And that’s a long long time for a parent to just “wait and see.” Soooo some answers but no answers and here were are, back and square one 🥴 Let’s just hope we get a real big growth spurt very soon and all of this will suddenly go *poof* #GrowFrankyGrow

You know what I realized? You never know how messy of an eater you are until you’re pregnant. Like did I just turn into a child or do I always drop this many crumbs and sauces when I eat? 🤔 But the real question is, which @shopreddress outfit is your fave — 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 or 6? They’re all linked on from head to toe or you can DM me for any links ya need! #rdbabe

[n o w → then] Baxter: “If I smile big enough, maybe I’ll snag a spot on mom’s insta feed” 😆 Well done, Bax. Well done 👏🏼

The oh-so-beautiful calm after the storm 🥰 Lies. This storm is currently in full force for another good 2 hours but gosh she’s the most beautiful storm I’ve ever seen! Serious question though — Do mermaids go potty? Ava asked me today how it’s possible because “they don’t have butts” and I was stumped so I changed the subject. Anyone have a good answer for her? 🧜‍♀️

Ava Sue told me that she “knows everything now that she’s older.” Thanks Olaf for that one 🙄 Let’s just hope she’s not old enough to care about her Halloween costume this year cause I need at least one more year of family costume fun (wishful thinking, huh?). But real talk - is Halloween even happening this year?? 🤔 [Shop our looks on the app or here —> ]

This girl has had 4 meltdowns so far today and it’s only 8:44am so naturally, I thought my day was off to a pretty rough start. And then I remembered Ava’s butterfly... 🥴 As it turns out, my morning is off to a wonderfully great start 👌🏼Have a beautiful Sunday, everyone! [outfit links on the blog and on our —> ]

I love your face. Like a lot.

[ad] We may be all closed down but that doesn’t stop celebrations from continuing. We’ve got baby showers and birthdays, Father’s Day, Mother’s Day and all of the exciting life events happening… just a bit differently. Whether you’re video calling into birthday parties or seeing close family in person for your life milestones, I’ve got the cutest gift idea to share with you -- @lovebookonline. Ava made one of these for @theoverwhelmeddad for Father’s Day last year and it turned out so cute that we made one for Grandma’s birthday in August! Head to our stories for a closer look at how adorable it turned out! CODE: OVERWHELMED for 15% off!

No matter how many times we explain marriage to Ava, she’s still convinced she’s marrying Franky one day 😆 He’s clearly not convinced. P.S. As requested, I’ve got an epic round-up of super adorable long sleeve kids swimsuits for ya over on the blog, including this cuteness from @infamous_swim [text “JENN” to 29071 (US) or 1-973-547-1071 (international) for an instant 20% off code]

26 w e e k s —> I can no longer jump, sneeze or laugh (if you know, you know), Braxton Hicks are constant, nausea is back (is this a thing?) + it’s the last week before our last trimester! But enough about me because bumpdates are apparently a family thing now 😆 Let’s take a vote - who bumpdated best?

Welp, it only took 4 years but look who finally decided to jump on the twinning bandwagon with us. My work here is done 🤚🏼🎤⬇️ This week has been ROUGH... let’s just call it “the week of whining.” Like enough whining to last us a lifetime. I mean, who knew getting a popsicle before dinner could turn into such a wild tantrum 🤷🏼‍♀️ So we’re starting our weekend early with a pool day AND some good news for YOU —> We finally snagged an @infamous_swim 20% off discount code for you all, something you’ve been asking for for months! [ text “JENN” to 29071 (US) or 1-973-547-1071 (international) for an instant 20% off code! ]

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