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Location Eastleigh
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AD I love watching my kids learn, feeling pride when they get an answer right, love seeing their face when they do it all on their own, which is why @hialbert.uk is one of our favourite maths apps because Connor and lily can use it easy by their self (lily still needs help with the answers ☺) it helps Connor loves trying to get as many points as he can. #hialbert

thenearydiaries: Engineered wood flooring

it's a hard choice on what to choose, we are looking to get new flooring either in the new year or when we move into a bigger house, and I hoping that will be in the new year too but let's not get our hopes up. after is that they pee when they get excited and springer spaniels are always excited so that is one of the massive reasons why I want to change my flooring from carpet to engineered wood flooring, our living room is very high traffic with the dog plus both kids so we are needing something that is going to last years without worry, we had a look at floor365 and their engineered wood is long-lasting, moisture resistant and with the quality finish and design of solid wood flooring and that is what we are looking for. For us this seems like the best way to go for terms on flooring, its easy to clean because we all know that kids and dogs are not the cleanest beings and not one likes stains on their carpets.

Anyone else that still wears their christmas pjs? I'm not paying £10 each just to wear them for like a week 🤣

thenearydiaries: Adventure Fearlessly with Safe and Sound Health

The first thing I noticed about the antibacterial hand foam is the smell, it didn't have an overpowering smell to it, to me, it smelled gentle and with how kids are that is a good thing as no one wants to use hand foam that smells too much like chemicals. Safe and sound health have got you covered with cleaning the wound before applying the plaster with their Antiseptic spray that also has a gentle smell to it, definitely not overpowering. The thing people seem to forget is that our kid's skin is delicate, it hasn't had years and years worth of cuts and scapes to harden their skin and that's why Safe and sound health has your kids skin in mind when making their products as they are hypoallergenic and gentle on delicate skin We have a Disneyland Paris trip planned for this year so this is on our list of things we need to take because we know there will be scrapes and cuts happening on holiday, but this time we know with a quick clean up and a plaster chosen by the kid they will be up and running in no time.

Let's start the week off adventurous

thenearydiaries: Back to School Giveaway

These include the Dinosaur Chart Educational Print, Farm Chart Education Print, Safari Chart Education Print, Woodland Chart Educational Print and Sea Chart Education Print. The lunch bag also includes an insulated bottle compartment with a 500ml drink bottle, which is 100% BPA, lead and phthalate free. Win 5 x School Socks from the Sock Shop including Bamboo Socks with comfort cuff and smooth toe seams (2 pairs), kids school plain cotton socks (2 pairs) and kids casual cotton socks (1 pair). Kids can discover and colour the stars, planets and spacecraft in our solar system as they store their pens in eatsleepdoodle’s fun colour and learn space explorer pencil case!

#gifted Where might you find Dumbledore’s Army? Up his sleeve-y ☺ It's #MagicalMischief here in the Neary home and we are all ready to play some pranks and tell some bad Harry potter jokes. Lily looks like she's going to take a leaf out of Fred and George's book and spread some mischief around in the gryffindor house What pranks or jokes do you know that the weasley twins would love?

thenearydiaries: Chosing the right Toothbrush with Colgate

Chosing the right Toothbrush with Colgate I noticed on the Being a mother of two very strong-willed kids it has been a struggle to get them to brush their teeth, Connor hates doing what I ask of him and Lily is always trying to use daddy's toothbrush instead of hers I noticed on the Waitrose website that they were selling a battery toothbrush with a minions design, which is great because both kids love the minions and it has a battery which means it's just like daddy so perfect for lily who loves to steal her dads. Colgate has a wide range of different types of toothbrushes loads to choose from for little hands, the one I brought is great because it has got a slim handle that makes it easy for tiny hands to grip it and big on and off buttons so you can let the kids do it themselves before you do it properly. Colgate has a wide range of different types of toothbrushes loads to choose from for little hands, the one I brought is great because it has got a slim handle that makes it easy for tiny hands to grip it and big on and off buttons so you can let the kids do it themselves before you do it properly.

Pre-school... Lily is meant to start in April but me and craig has both decided to postpone it till September as I'm not Happy leaving her without her being able to have settling in days Not sure if its the right thing to do in general but for lily its the best What would you do?

#AD One of connors favourite subject at school is maths and we are always looking for fun and exciting apps for Connor to use when he's not in school. So finding @hialbert.uk maths app for kids has been so good as Connor is having much fun learning and playing!😀 Who doesnt love a good app that gets the kixs to learn and have fun at the same time! #albert #hialbert

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