Kayla Evans

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Lifestyle | Travel | Home | Parenting Live the life you want, get after your goals, and do what makes you happy! 💌TheLighthouseChapters@gmail.com

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As a busy, working mom, the more I can alleviate my mental load, the better. The Ecobee Smart Thermostat Premium helps me breathe a little easier (pun intended 😉) by enabling me to check out home’s air quality and have access to our temperature and humidity settings at home or away with a couple quick taps. It uses advanced occupancy sensors to know when we are home and adjust accordingly! It also has a built in speaker for Siri and Alexa to intelligently deliver comfort and savings. @ecobeehome #myecobeehome #ad

I don’t deserve this kid or his big heart 🥹

I’ll be honest, returning to work full-time after maternity leave has been a struggle. Between figuring out schedules, Owen trading colds back and forth at school and bringing them home to us, and trying to find a routine that works for everyone, I’m still waiting for the dust to settle. At least I feel like I have my professional life together thanks to @PolyCompany. I’ve been using the Plantronics Voyager 5200 Bluetooth Headset through my 10-12 hour workdays, and it lasts in terms of both comfort and battery life! My favorite feature is that I can jump back and forth between all my devices - iPhone, iPad, Mac, and PC - depending on whether I want to listen to music, an audiobook, make a phone call, or jump in on a Zoom, Microsoft Teams, or BlueJeans meeting. And no matter what device I’m on, what I’m listening to, or where I am, the sound quality and noise cancellation is great! So, while it may have taken me two weeks to return a phone call from Liam’s physical therapist (true story), at least when I did I felt like a boss! #Voyager5200 #PoweredByPoly #HybridWorking

[#AD] The @everlasting_comfort Grow Light helped us get an early jump on our garden this year! We’ve loved it’s flexible arms, different color modes and LED light options, and how easy it is to use. I used to kill every plant that was brought into our home, but look at me now! (Okay, I had a lot of help from Jake). #everlastingcomfort #growlight #hbtgrowlight #amazonmusthave

Don’t forget to stop and appreciate the small moments. There’s lots of magic there. ❤️

Just a little reminder. ❤️

Hopping on this trend. Sometimes I don’t deserves this man 🥺 . . . . 📸 @moonandwolfco

Sharing my June goals to hold myself accountable. 😳😬 Think I can do it?! Words of encouragement appreciated! 😉

Here to remind you that failure and setbacks are ingredients for a great success story ❤️ I moved to Wisconsin in 2013 to be close to Jake but with no real plan for my future beyond that. I went through a string of jobs that I absolutely HATED. I worked odd hours with people who were unmotivated, uninspired and an emotional drain. My happiness, mental state, and wellbeing suffered. I started missing more and more work due to migraines. I’ve always been proud of my work ethic and my drive. I was raised to be hard working and to never burn bridges when taking on a new job opportunity. So to be laid off (essentially fired) from a job that I hated in the first place was a tough pill for me to swallow. I was angry and resentful. I had no next steps and I felt like a huge failure. I had to file for unemployment. But then, I realized that this could be a huge opportunity for me. So, I enrolled in the post graduate program that eventually led me to my dream career. From there, all the other pieces fell into place. ❤️ The beautiful thing about life is that we can always change, grow, and get better. We’re not defined by our failures, and we are not our mistakes.

Check in on your mom friends. We’re fine, everything’s fine 🙃 TGIF!

The Best of Milwaukee Public Museum

The Streets of Old Milwaukee If you find yourself at the Milwaukee Public Museum and only have an hour, make sure you spend some time at the Streets of Old Milwaukee. It’s a very immersive exhibit in which guests actually walk through the cobblestone streets of old Milwaukee, and can visit an actual candy shop and theater. If you’re visiting the Milwaukee Public Museum, it’s absolutely necessary that you make time for the Jack Puelicher Butterfly Garden. Guests can learn about the life cycle of a butterfly and their habitats, but the highlight is being able to walk among living butterflies in this exhibit!

August 2020 Book Recommendations

It centers around Victoria Jones, who grew up in the foster care system. Her life thus far has been filled with disappoint and rejection, and all she has learned about people is that they can’t be trusted. She has a passion for the Victorian-era language of flowers, in which flowers were used to convey certain expressions and meaning. She starts her new life, realizing that she has a gift for selecting flowers for people that actually seems to make an impact in their lives.

July 2020 Book Recommendations

The novel centers around Perfect, who is the seventh child and only daughter in the Peace family. On her eighth birthday, Perfect finds out that she was actually born a boy, but her mother wanted to raise her as a girl for her own selfish reasons. With the help of his six older brothers, Paul begins a difficult journey of trying to fit himself into a box he never thought he’d have to put himself into, all because of a choice his mother made. If you’re looking for a page-turner with a unique plot, excellent character development, and will keep you thinking for days afterwards, this is the one.

2020 Father's Day Gift Guide

I’ve compiled some last minute Amazon Prime gifts that will still make it to your door by Father’s Day! This year I’ve put together two gift guides for you: in the first you will find gift ideas below $100, and in the second you will find gifts below $50! * Projector: I recently gave Jake a projector for his birthday Electric lighter: You may have seen this floating around social media, but this electric lighter can be charged via USB so you’ll never need to worry about running out of lighter fluid.

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