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I offer #solotravelers and #ESL teachers a peek into what it's like to live long term in another country. #liveabroad #thailandexpats

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Found out about this event the day before and decided to go and watch it. It’s the 22nd Bosphorus Cup 2023. They closed off Bosphorus shipping traffic for 5 hours to race ⛵️#bosphoruscup2023 #bosphoruscup #sailboats #boatrace #i̇stanbul #yachtingworld

Well…in a sense, I’m glad I never really learned Photoshop 🤯 #ai #photoshop #generativeai

London for the weekend 🎡 How much of the city can you see in two days? #london #travelblogger #londoniscalling #thamesriver #bigben #england #londonlife #sheisnotlost #travelaroundtheworld

Spa day 🧼 🛀 Have you been to a Turkish bath? How was your experience?

I miss being in Asia, more importantly the food I could totally go for some Khao Soi, steamed buns with pork, veggie egg rolls from Vietnam, Pho with beef, and Banh Mi #traveldestinations_ig #postcardplaces #bossgirlbloggers #seekmoments #getoutstayout #travelgirl #adventureseeker #doyoutravel #goexplore #wonderfulplaces #roamtheplanet #tblogger #travelpreneur #bloglife #gltlove #femmetravel #sheisnotlost #discoverearth

Have you been to Ciragan Palace? Would you stay at this hotel? #traveldestinations_ig #postcardplaces #bossgirlbloggers #seekmoments #getoutstayout #travelgirl #adventureseeker #doyoutravel #goexplore #wonderfulplaces #roamtheplanet #tblogger #travelpreneur #bloglife #gltlove #femmetravel #sheisnotlost #discoverearth #luxhotels #luxurytravel #palacehotel #luxuryhotelsoftheworld #teatimetreats #afternoonteatime

Visiting Cappadocia in the Winter is a Good Idea, Here's Why

Cappadocia is an area in Turkey known for its famous hot air balloon tours that take-off during sunrise. Cave hotels are the most popular places to stay in Cappadocia year-round. Be sure to check the reviews of the hotel and pictures to make sure it’s in a real cave. Visiting Cappadocia in the winter means that you’ll want to make sure that your hotel has heating in the room.

Dating Abroad Stories from an American Expat

Not only are you meeting someone from the internet but you’re also potentially meeting someone from a different country, different background and upbringing, and different language. In my opinion, if a woman decides to move abroad to a foreign country alone, she’s independent, knows what she wants, and definitely not going to give in to any kind of fake promises from a man. On the other hand, after meeting for the first time and then constantly messaging back and forth with no real plan to meet up again, it gets annoying. Now I know this may sound a little crazy, (ok, it is kind of crazy) but after meeting this guy only twice before, he decided to stay with me for an extra week in Istanbul.

Life in Lockdown: Istanbul, Turkey

So before jumping too far into the details of this current lockdown, which started 1 December 2020, let’s go back to what was normal when I first arrived in September. Primary grades 1, 2, 3, and 4 were allowed to come back 2 times per week for face-to-face and 3 days per week online as a hybrid model. As for schools, grade 5 was allowed to come to school for the first time during this school year, but only for the first 2 weeks in November to complete their testing. After only two weeks of a soft lockdown, the president declared the following: COVID 19 PROHIBITIONS TO BE VALID AS TUESDAY, 01 DECEMBER 2020 2020

5 Things You Can't Ignore In Istanbul

While there aren’t as many dogs as cats, the dogs like to travel in packs and roam the streets. While wandering through the city’s narrow and hilly streets, you’ll come across Byzantine, Roman, and more modern European architecture. It’s hard to ignore the extensive public transportation in a city of 16 million people in Istanbul. The first transfer is 2.50 TL, the second transfer 1.90 TL, third transfer 1.20 TL

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