The Girl Gone Green

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Manuela Baron is a sustainability expert, activist, and founder of The Girl Gone Green, an inclusive community of over 100,000 that fosters social and environmental change in a kind, compassionate way. TEDx Speaker, YouTuber, and Aerie Real Role Model. Her work has been featured by Fashionista Magazine, Hola, Fast Company, and WDD. Her focus is to revolutionize the world while also spreading positivity and promoting well being and mental health. You can find Manuela cleaning up the beach in her Florida community and collecting trash to repurpose into ART.

Proud Latina 🇨🇴

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Join  #TheBeautyRefillution  This new reusable, refillable deodorant by @Dove is paving the way for the industry. Buy once, refill for life. The stainless steel case is sturdy, durable, and beautiful! Refills are sold in 98% recycled plastic and are fully recyclable. #DovePartner It’s 0% aluminum deodorant formula with 1/4 moisturizers offers 48 hours of odor protection. Available at & making sustainability more accessible for all. Coming Soon to stores! Check out my stories to purchase online.

The US rejoined the PARIS AGREEMENT 🥳 but I’ve seen some misleading information this last week so here’s a recap of the agreement

Why the SUNSHINE STATE isn’t leading in solar energy.☀️ In college, I learned about Florida’s massive solar energy potential. The same year MILLIONS of dollars were being poured into anti-solar campaigns. Regulations came into play to prevent the widespread use of solar energy. We would sit in class comparing bills and feeling frustrated. How could we help? Solar energy is our right. Head over to my stories to download your FREE solar energy guide from @vote_solar and @solarunitedneighbors and learn more about the potential that solar energy has. #Solar4All because renewable energy should be accessible

IF YOU COULD GO BACK 1 YEAR, what would you tell yourself? The shelves were empty, masks were scarce, and fear was high. Months worth of income was cancelled one email at a time and I sat at the kitchen table punching numbers with my parents. If their business remained closed, how long until they would be choosing between paying their mortgage or their employees? To 2020 Manuela, You’ll sit in church praying for a swift recovery only to be invited to a social distanced funeral a week later. You’ll watch death tolls soar so high your brain no longer comprehends. You’ll see the world adapt and change. You’ll find a false sense of comfort behind a cloth mask. You’ll even own more reusable masks than shoes. Time will blend together. Has it been a month already? It’s not going to be okay… but it’s going to be. the sun keeps setting and the world keeps moving. Persist.

Let’s go on an adventure! Can you name all three mushrooms? We were on the hunt for one called “chicken of the woods” but found these gems instead. 2021 is the year to make mushrooms sexyy. They are the lifeline of our ecosystem🍄🌿 “Fantastic Fungi” is a must watch documentary to discover how the world’s largest organism may be the solution to our planet’s problems. *not all mushrooms are edible* But some are delicious 😋 #mushroomsofinstagram #mushroomhunting

I thought the outdoors wasn’t for me Wilderness was something I read about in books and saw on TV. Surely going outdoors required skills and tools I would never acquire. The more involved I got in activism the more my life intersected with nature. Beach cleanups, hiking trips, kayaking. I made big mistakes— like wearing flip flops to climb a waterfall 🤪 Along the way I became comfortable with being a beginner. Beginner skier, climber, runner. I’m proud of that title because learning new things as an adult is HARD. I’m honored to be joining the @merrell as an ambassador alongside some truly impressive nature enthusiasts and activists. No matter where you are on the journey, you are welcome outside and I hope to help make it more accessible and eco-friendly 💕🌎 #MerrellBrandAdvocate

Meet Sandy! [Turning a van into a tiny home] Two years ago my (now) fiancé bought this sprinter van (named Sandy) with plans to covert it into a camper. We dreamt up big adventures for 2020... you know the drill, CANCELED. We found ourselves in a limbo state. Not sure where to settle down or what’s next. Sick of long distance we decided to move into the van. Yup #vanlife I guess here’s where the adventure starts—In icy cold Colorado 🥶 Do you want a tour inside?

How we ACCIDENTLY started a hemp farm… A year ago my dog Bella was sick. Our vet prescribed CBD but warned us that most of the stuff on the market was SH*t My fiancé had grown his own dog medicine so we started looking to see if it was a possibility. 2020 was the first year of legal hemp growing in FL (thanks to activists and indigenous leaders) With a permit in hand, we embarked to grow Bella some CBD. The catch-- The minimum order was 500 plants!?! 😬😬😬 We picked up the seedling the same week Bella passed away. In honor of Bella & Maker  🐶 we continued our journey because dogs deserve quality medicine. It’s been 1 year and our homegrown & made DOG TEAM CBD is ready!!!! DM me for more

Help me grow more Gardens!👇🏽🌱 @naturespathorganic is offering 21 grants for organic, community gardens in the USA & Canada You can apply for a $5,000 #Gardens4Good Grant through the link in my bio. Let’s make organically grown food accessible to all!! Help me spread the word! Share with your local garden. Tag your friends!! #sponsored

I’ve dreamt of slow living but the reality is I love chaos, color, and hectic schedules.   As we spent more time indoors, I found myself uninspired. I lost track of routines and healthy habits.   I’m NOT a homebody.   Yet I learned to find beauty in simple tasks (ones that once annoyed me). I started loving the walls around me and creating a space I wanted to hang out in.   This is my office. A sustainable space to create featuring @potterybarnteen Recycled Blend Swivel Chair, a Fair-Trade Sustainably Sourced rug, and plants galore! You’ll find me here working, reading, and making a mess for the latest art project.   Have you taken on any home projects? Painting, decorating, rearranging furniture for the 10th time?   #lovemypbteen #sponsored

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