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We are a family that has traveled to nearly 30 countries across 5 continents. We provide resources to traveling families on where to go, what to see, and what to do!

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Your Guide to the Best Black Friday and Cyber Monday Travel Deals

Airbnb does not have a Black Friday deal right now, however you can click on the link below to get a $55 credit if it is your first booking! Your Guide (25% discount on select tours) We’ve used Get Your Guide across many places in Europe and North America. This Black Friday MacBook Laptop deal makes the MacBook at 30% off its listing price. A computer backup shouldn’t be your only way of saving photos and the cloud is fine, until it expires and you don’t save your images in 30 days, then they disappear.

Cyber Monday Car Seat Deals- That Ship to APO

This post may contain compensated links. One of the most difficult things about living overseas is finding and purchasing the proper cars seats for our kids, that SHIP TO APO. Black Friday is a great time to buy them, but which car seats ship to APO from Amazon? If you are looking for Black Friday and Cyber Monday travel deals for flights, accommodations, tours, gear and more, click here.

The Best and Most Useful Travel Gifts for Kids and Families

In this gift guide you’ll find our top picks for travel gifts for families with babies, toddlers, preschoolers, kindergarteners, to older kiddos in the 6 to 12 range and a few gifts for teenagers and some gifts for parents as well. For a lot of parents there are two big areas of stress on the parents at times: the plane travel portion and the arrival at destination, traveling with your kids in the car portion. The major reason we didn’t go this route was the inability to have a handle to carry a convertible car seat when the baby was sleeping, thus the bucket seat, which has carrying handle. Since we travel with the J.L. Childress cushioned car seat travel bag, we are able to fit both the baby’s seat and our older daughter’s booster and vest in it.

Santa Park: A Christmas Theme Park in Santa's Home in Lapland, Finland

Elf School is a special school run by elves that invite you inside for an educational course on how to become an elf. A super fun activity for the whole family, the elves tell jokes, teach visitors what it takes to become an elf, and show elf magic. The Elf School lasts approximately 20 minutes, and as you leave the room, the Elves hand out an Elf certificate showing you have successfully graduated from Elf School. The post office is a bit small, so if it is crowded when you try to visit, choose a time where it may be less busy such as right before closing, or during one of the Elf shows.

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