Bryant Santos

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Bryant Santos is a content creator, entertainment host, and social media specialist. From his social media accounts, you’ll see that it’s “obvious” how he’ll never “shut up” about his love of Ariana Grande, skincare and body care, and crop tops!

Member Since FEBRUARY 25, 2021
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just when I get on a new wave, boy you look at me and I slip out of my lace 💋

🪞🪞🪞 hi friends! i’m still searching for my leading man! i’m looking for a fit male model for a photo and video shoot next Wednesday, February 1st! DM me for more details! 💋

u like my hair? gee thanks just bought it 💋 thank u mother @barbiesaddiction and @labohemeweho for having Mariana at Dreamhouse Brunch! u can catch me there again on February 5th and 19th so come say hi and let’s party! 💋 also, thank u to everyone that followed Mariana’s IG but I’ve decided to remerge our accounts so that you can see what’s happening with both of us at all times! 💖 if u need a dancing diva for your drag shows or a gorgeous Guam goddess for your photoshoots and/or dance gigs, our DMs are open! 😘

splittin’ on a secret 😌😄 come say hi tonight at @theabbeyweho and let’s party 💋

get all the homies to bounce, switch from the bed to the couch. 💋 i’ve actually been switching from the bed to the couch for the last few days just like @arianagrande because of this damn ankle injury! 🙃😄 so so grateful that it wasn’t that bad and thank u all for checking in on me! I’m excited to be back to work this weekend and grateful that I get to do what I love every night. XX 😘

love the taste of u in the morning, keep me warm and nothing else, nothing more important 💋 LA weather has been so bizzare the last few days but I do love a rainy day in under the sheets. 😉 if ur bored and need something to warm u up, DM me for a surprise. 😘

christmas and new year’s May be over but Bryant and Mariana have a special gift for u. 💋 check out my story for a surprise 🎁

Happy New Year! Cheers to you, me, and 2023! 💜 it’s the second day of 2023 and I wanted to take a second to thank u all for an amazing year. I also want to ask you to take a second to follow Mariana’s new IG: @the.marianagrande! 2022 was such a great year for me and whether you’re my family and friends from back home on Guam, new friends and family I’ve met in LA, or a friend I met through the internet thanks to #GogoForTheGold, I’m so grateful that you’ve all gotten to see my life play out in 2022 and you got to see me at my happiest I’ve ever been in my lil butterfly era! 🦋 and this is only the beginning because I can’t wait for you all to see more of Bryant, more of Mariana, more dance, more drag, more smiles, more life, and more of everything in 2023! don’t forget to follow Mariana at @the.marianagrande and also follow me if you aren’t already! a million X’s and O’s always! - Bryant & Mariana 💜

pier pressured everyone into getting shipfaced w/ me on our cruise 🤣 had the most amazing time on our @carnival cruise this week and it was the perfect way to cap off a wonderful year! thank u to my uncles for inviting @kinseykissah and I to join them for such a great time and I can’t wait for more cruises and more travel in 2023! ✨

Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays from Bryant and Mariana ❤️🎄🎁✨

are u wit it this Christmas? ✨ it’s Christmas Eve and I’m so excited to be dancing at @charlieslasvegas tonight so come say hi and let’s get sexy for Christmas! 💋🎁

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