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Founder + CEO @cloveandhallow Pro MUA 💋real talk #forthegirls

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EEEEK!!! @cloveandhallow just dropped our newest Lip Velvet shade called Roulette 😍 and I am in LOVE! I worked on this shade after so much feedback from y’all that you wanted - no, NEEDED - a true blue red. Ask, and ye shall receive! Honestly, catch me in this shade at my own funeral one day — that’s how much I love it 😂 Hot tip: Lip Velvets are the only lip products I wear outside the house if I’m going for color because their budge proof nature makes them perfect for putting on and taking off masks without smudging!

I Got Pregnant On The First Try (+ other benefits of Natural Family Planning birth control)

So now, let me share a form of birth control that I have been practicing and loving for years, up until the day that my husband and I decided we were ready to start trying to children: I am not going to pretend that I wasn’t somewhat lucky getting pregnant the first try, because I was. That being said, allowing your body to ovulate regularly, knowing your ovulatory cycle, and being in tune with your body are HUGE factors for getting pregnant quickly. For more about my experience getting off hormonal birth control and using natural birth control – including the exact method I follow that has a 94-98% success rate when done correctly – to prevent pregnancy and then get pregnant, watch my video below.

I got SO MUCH LOVE on this outfit today (thank you! y’all know how to make a preggo blush 🥰) which makes it 10x better to share that this coordinating skirt/sweater set is only $21 AND maternity friendly?! @boohoo did right by me on the last shopping spree I did with them when I realized I no longer fit in most of my clothes, as did @express on the blazer (90% of my blazers are from Express!) Ps I totally plan to wear this set postpartum. It’s super stretchy so I see no reason why it wouldn’t work for non-maternity 🤷🏼‍♀️ we’re in a recession folks, every penny counts 👏🏻 Shop my whole look (+ affordable alternatives) here: #liketkit

10 Natural Ways to Clear Up Acne Fast

Here is what I suggest if you’re wondering how to get rid of acne, looking for acne treatments that are natural or inexpensive, and/or trying to figure out how to at least reduce the severity of your breakouts. If you’re worried about breaking out from moisturizer, consider oil free and/or silicone free, patch test, and give it 1-2 weeks without any other product changes in your routine to determine if its the moisturizer giving you troubles. If you don’t wash your hair before you go to bed each night, sleeping with your hair down is the perfect setup for acne. Just like many people experience inflamed acne from eating dairy or chocolate, you can improve your skin by taking good care of your gut.

NEW VIDEO: what we ARE and are NOT buying for bebé! Head to my YouTube (linked in my profile) to watch it, and please leave a like and a comment while you’re there! My goal was to touch in detail on some popular items we chose not to purchase as well as what we did for other first time moms overwhelmed by how much STUFF is out there for kiddos (it’s insane). I can’t wait to reflect back on this post partum and realize how wrong I was about some of these decisions 😅 The one item category I didn’t touch on is play gyms and toys like what we’ve got setup in William’s nook off our kitchen, seen here. I skipped it because honestly I have no freaking clue what he’s going to like (bouncer? swing? rocker? none of the above?) and actually don’t feel any conviction about *needing* any of these items. Side note: This nook is now both of my dogs’ favorite area in the house to lounge in so William will be well protected by his fierce watchdogs once he’s here 😂

Sephora Spring Sale Picks

Clean at Sephora” is not perfect, it is a major step in the right direction for ingredient transparency and there are a number of products sold through their program that have great ingredients AND solid performance. Shine On Lip Jelly – Super hydrating, not sticky at all, and gives a true “wet slick” finish that lasts with perfect sheer juicy color. A great hydrating facial spray with hypochlorous acid which is great for sensitive, inflamed, and acneic skin. An amazing glossy skin balm for anybody looking for a “glass skin” highlight versus a shimmery highlight.

Celebrating 32 weeks in an incredibly special men’s large sweater. I sent my family a photo of me wearing Tucker’s sweaters because that’s pretty much all that fits these days. A few days later, my grandma told me she was sending me a box of my late grandpa’s sweaters. Last night I finally opened the box and put one on this morning. It looks and feels vintage, and knowing how frugal he was, it probably is. If you’ve followed me for awhile you know I had a special relationship with my grandpa. My parents divorced when I was 2 and we moved across the country with my mom before kindergarten so I ended up living with my grandparents until I was 14. While my dad was very much so my DAD and involved in my life, my grandpa did a lot of daily dad duties — he tutored me, came to my sports games, picked me up from practices, chauffeured slumber party pick ups and drop offs, took me and friends to the water park on the weekends, that kind of thing. Losing him has been way more painful than I thought because of this closeness. I still cry a few times a week. I’m not sure if that’s normal, but if you’ve ever watched someone you love spend their final years with neurodegenerative disease, you know it leaves some extra scar tissue and grief behind. His final days were an intricate daily dance between Parkinson’s and congestive heart failure meds; the appropriate dose of one worsened the other, so it was a guessing game each day as to how he’d feel and how cognizant he’d be. But up until the time that we moved him into hospice care, he was still cracking dry jokes if you were lucky enough to sit close to him and hear them. I miss him terribly but having some of his things eases the pain. I have his vintage Coca Cola jacket. I have his robe. And now I have his sweaters. He passed the month before my wedding and he won’t meet any of my kids. But wearing this sweater feels like he’s hugging me and baby William anyways, and that’s enough for me.

Skincare Recommendations for Acne and Perioral Dermatitis

Given that I prioritize clean products, that would prove to be a huge challenge; I swear 90% of the skincare produced by independent clean beauty brands is oil based and every influencer is obsessed with layering oil on top of oil on top of oil. The only drawback for me is it doesn’t play nice with every foundation that I use throughout a given month, but that isn’t a problem for most people who rotate between just a couple complexion products. Well, water and oil don’t mix, so you’re effectively “sealing in” the water hydration from earlier in your routine by layering oil on top that the water can’t pass through. the only ingredient in this product – isn’t an oil, but it’s close enough and fits best in the facial oils category.

Beach belly in all it’s glory 🤰🏼

Girl’s weekend was bumpin’ — figuratively and literally 💃🏼🤰🏼

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