Thea Touchton

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Hello, I like to make creativity fun and I am a team player and a heard worker!

Located in Los Angeles.


Location Los Angeles, CA
Country United States
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I clearly have a weird sense of humor about everything but I can’t wait to hug my friends and call them pookybear obnoxiously in 2021 (even after they make disgusting jokes)

Can we talk about my grandma’s (glamma’s?) Floridian sun kissed highlights though? I’ve felt such a HUGE relief off my shoulders knowing that I’m going to age into beauty. I also love that I’m holding my notes to my manuscript in this (as you can see, I literally wrote cover to cover 😂)! When I was a kid, my grandma made it to every New Years Eve to celebrate my birthday and I definitely don’t think I would have survived my teen years without her! I had some mean grandparents too so I sympathize on if you missed this kind of amazing relationship. I could have had a set of 8 awesome grandparents 😅!!! So, treasure your grandparents! This is such a hard time for them right now. They worked so hard for a retirement and now have to be afraid of enjoying it. My grandma supported five kids with extremely irregular child support. She was one of the first generations of women to survive a divorce. I love her so much. Make sure you sanitize your hands and tell your grandparents you love them so so much! ♥️ I love you, grandma (she’s even got a pretty good handle on social media IN HER 80s)!!!

At some point in my life, I was told my mom was anorexic. I never thought that her own anorexia would shape my own life so much until I realized there was a huge self hate voice in the back of my head. A self hate voice that was unfortunately amplified. I’ve always been curvy but never once have I even been close to the overweight BMI (even though that scale is problematic itself). I was made fun of for being “out of shape” when this is my natural shape. And my body fluctuates extremely due to my PCOS, which took years to diagnose because so many doctors thought the solution was antidepressants. When I was on antidepressants as a teenager and Ambilify made me gain 20 pounds, my psychiatrist didn’t think that was a big deal but then my mom stopped taking me to see him, which I always appreciated. My current gynecologist has encouraged me several times to count calories and every time, I feel panicked because it feels like doing that would cause me to fall down the rabbit hole that is mother’s disease. I have full blown panic attacks about leaving the house to go see people because I’m not a size two. I can see when people narrow their eyes at me for being ugly but sometimes “ugly” is the best I can do. Every year I try to get healthier and healthier but I can’t shrug the feeling that even if I spent thousands of dollars I do not have at a plastic surgeon, I don’t think I could get to a place where other people wouldn’t be unhappy with the way I was built. I have lived in fear of being too fat to love because that was a message given to me as a young woman. I have even felt suicidal that my looks never matched who I was on the inside and there didn’t seem to be a way for people to see my insides first. I’m sharing this story with you tonight because I know a lot of people throw out negative comments about bodies and I’m unsure if they realize the WEIGHT of those comments. Is your vengeance worth that person seeing your criticisms in the mirror, potentially for life? I aim to build a world that is inclusive for all bodies. A world where I can go to the mirror and say, “what’s up, me?” instead of having pep talk love to my body to counteract others’s hate.

A wintery wonderland in California is a gray day with a lot of rain. Surprisingly, though, I’m better dressed today. Be safe and well! Love you!

just trying to find some magic in the mundane right now. been applying to some entry level jobs so I have more money to fund my creative endeavors (aka Mouthy the podcast - go give it a listen!) although with this photo, I could always understudy @elizabethbanks as Mrs. Frizzle. 😂

Leaving this here for anyone who needs it: You have to stop being afraid to let people to get to know your true self. Instead of being one among millions be one in one million. Be different, be quirky, share your insights, and don’t judge others when they do it because you wouldn’t wanna be judged either.

This is not a performance, it’s survival. I know people want to see happy, fake things on Instagram and more power to them, but I am not a person who is good at pretending in real life. When it comes to performance I can peel back layers of myself like a post it note. When I’m not playing a character, I’m myself and the most purest version of me is this kind women who wants to have fun and make the world better. When I’m around good people, it’s easiest to be her but most days I’m just trying to get through. Sometimes I worry that expressing my melancholia is going to hold me back in my artistic career but I don’t give that worry too much thought because a lesson I learned is that expressing my sadness is my way of letting it go. I just never realized how much sadness I was trying to hide from myself. In my current phase of life, I have to be confident, tenacious, and strong. I know I have those qualities but I don’t have mastery quite yet. This post is dedicated to everyone that feels they have to hide their depression so the world doesn’t make them more depressed- I’ve been there, I’m here for you, and know you always have a safe place to open up on my page and dms. Hold on tight.

Honestly, while I’ve gotten a fair amount of stuff done in this new year, I’ve been feeling this weird sort of energy. I’ve decided it’s probably due to the fact that even though it’s a new year, it feels like not much has changed on the Covid front. I am missing creating in person and it not being a health risk. I am missing being able to make travel plans and not worry about getting stuck and not worrying about getting very sick or getting someone else very sick. I miss life and I miss art museums and live performance. Come back soon! 😭💔

Even preCovid, I liked to keep to myself for the most part (years of bullying changes ya) but now that I’ve started my podcast, I’m looking to see if anyone would want to be a 🐍with me and dish about the second Harry Potter movie. All you need is a microphone (@yeti preferably), Audacity, access to @zoom and some headphones, and availability before the 8th! Let me know!

omigosh omigosh I’m so excited because I finally launched my podcast. I’ve been talking about doing Mouthy the podcast for years but it took time for these deep dive reviews, getting money for the equipment, and getting the confidence to let go of perfect but she’s here! She’s finally here and she’s really funny. The first episode is about the first Harry Potter movie. I know J.K. Rowling made a big mistake in the LBGTQ community but my podcast is a critical analysis and my first guest on it @lukescorcio hates Harry Potter so it felt fair to carry on. Plus if you listen to my podcast, you can have all the Harry Potter World and feel smug knowing your money went me instead. 😅😂 Available on Spotify and YouTube (link in bio) and hopefully Apple and Google soon! It would mean so much to me if you could check it out. For this very happy New Year’s Day, let me leave you with this powerful quote; “No dream is too big to achieve. If one other person achieved it, you can be the second and if no other person has achieved it, you can be the first. Dream big!”

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