Thea Touchton

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Hello, I like to make creativity fun and I am a team player and a heard worker!

Located in Los Angeles.


Location Los Angeles, CA
Country United States
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🙃 having lots of urges to get caught up in what doesn’t matter but I’m trying to resist those urges. 🙃 what has been keeping you guys motivated and distracted during these hard times?

before the haters come for me, I know this video and sound quality are not up to “rich person” par but I’m not a rich person yet and I do script/cinematography/direction/acting/editing for all these videos. I do not have an assistant except Luke with camera and as another actor. I wear all those hats while auditioning for other films, taking care of myself alone while trying to recover my very poor health (my health has been poor precovid for years now, being healthy where I don’t have to take 25 vitamins a day so my organs can keep working seems like a delicious fantasy). This video’s files got corrupted but I worked so hard that I finished it anyway, even when it closed my editing app a bajillion times and prevented me from finishing other videos because the file was so freaking humongous. I did the best I could with what I had but I had fun making it and I still think there are some great moments of performance in here. I’m done being afraid of people judging me for not being perfect. I was never even set up to be perfect but I’m out here trying. Anyway, without further ado, here is Invisible Boyfriend. Check the link in my bio to watch the whole thing. This is not sponsored but if dating in real life is too scary for you right now, for $30 a month you can date a bot. cause why not? It’s been a year plus since I’ve been on apps but this AI was certainly better than some mean creeps on there!

I have no idea!!!what’s been going on lately!!!I just wish you would!!!come over and explain things!!!

beat Jim Carrey to it (I think?) but did not do a better job than the woman at the well. happy Sunday! 💒

miss going to tourist traps™ and coming in with outfits and sass that say, “I don’t give a damn if I’m in your picture, I’m here to work.” 💃🏻

🌤It’s so nice outside today. So many tense things going on in the world currently so am hoping you have a minute to breathe, appreciate nature. Realize how far we have come as a society and to never give up hope we will get better!🌤

me, after crying for three years over hate comments and mean text conversations, dawning on this conclusion I should have accepted from day one and not internalized their hate: hmmmm, they want to kill me? sounds like, they’re the problem. 😎

It’s the grove 💫 It’s the truth ✨ babe, it’s your move ⭐️ as a survivor of so many different forms of abuse, I have struggled with self confidence most of my life. This list was not an easy thing for me to write but I wanted to offer you some different tips than the 101 basic tips you’ve heard before. I’ve always been unable to be anything but all the multitudes of myself and not all of my multitudes have been gorgeous. But never have I ever not gone into something with the best of intentions. Recently, I realized it’s fine if other people don’t believe that and want to remain bitter. I always knew where my heart was at and it was pure. 💖 let me know if you guys want any other advice, and my dms are always open. 😊

Where does the time go? I can’t believe how fast this year is going by. I miss being in acting classes and meeting wonderful creative people. I did a lot of solo projects this year and definitely became a hermit in perfecting my book. Right now I’m heading into my second round of submitting and I’m still working on finishing up my certifications. But all I want to do is be in a room full of strangers and sing and dance. And I would love more auditions... and I usually stress the heck out mentally when I have auditions. Sending a prayer that I will get representation because if I’m going to play strippers I’d like to play a compelling stripper.

pushing my acting comfort zones and working on some villainous characters. This one is my interpretation of one of Glory’s from one of the fifth seasons of Buffy The Vampire Slayer. I was hoping to film more during my vacation but I still don’t have my voice back. 😭 I’m hoping the salt water will cure me!

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