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Actor & VO Artist with a passion for food, fitness, & fashion 🖤 Mavrick Artists | Fictious Management | DDO VO @samantha_dockser

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to all the white women on here with a platform — especially those in the food, health, and wellness space — who have said and done nothing, I see you. And I hear you. Your silence is loud. And it will not be forgotten. . Sharing a hashtag is ~I guess~ better than nothing, but only barely. What are you ACTUALLY DOING to be anti-racist? With your body, with your time, with your wallet, with your voice? . It is not enough to be a “good person” and pat yourself on the back for not being actively racist. What are you doing every day in your real life to combat racism when you see it? Not just when someone is murdered in a public way and it’s easy to jump on the bandwagon of justice. What microagressions are you calling out when you hear them amongst your friends and peers? In your real life, what are you doing? . I have much work to do. Here are a few ways I am working to be a better ally: I am using my body and showing up. I am donating money to organizations that support #blacklivesmatter. I am going to be much more vocal in calling out event organizers in the food and wellness space when I do not see enough BPOC being invited to events. . That’s a big one for me because I have been fuming to my bf for a year now after I get home from every wellness event where it feels like a panel of white women preaching to other white women about how we need to take care of ourselves. The whole world prioritizes our comfort. And I prioritized my own comfort over saying something to event organizers because I liked being invited. I’m embarrassed that I recognized this as a problem and never said anything. That isn’t okay, and going forward I won’t do that. . So I ask you again, what are you ACTUALLY DOING to be anti-racist?

Is a patty melt a burger? 🍔 . Yesterday was National Burger Day, and earlier this week, @davemcnamee whipped us up some delicious comfort food in the form of a meat-free patty melt! ✨ Highly recommend if you’re looking for some weekend meal inspo! . dEATS: @beyondmeat ground beef, melted american cheese, grilled onions, yellow mustard, and spicy pickles on whole grain @daveskillerbread

🔥 Pilates Series of 5 brought to you by @imbuilt 🔥 . Do each move 5-10 times, and I promise your core will feel it! 🧘‍♀️This routine has become one of my favorite at-home workouts. #ad And my favorite way to fuel up after blasting my abs is with @imbuilt bars. I’m not great about drinking protein shakes, but these bars have 15 grams of protein each, which make them the perfect way for me to help me build muscle and recover after a workout 💪 . My favorite flavor so far is the Mint Brownie Delite. It genuinely tastes like a brownie and a peppermint pattie had a baby, and I love it! 🍫#OfficialBuiltBarReview . You can check out more flavors by visiting @imbuilt’s page, and if you want to try Built Bar for yourself, you can use the link in my bio for $10 off or get their 10 bar sample box and use the code 5OFF for a $5 discount! ✨

Felt so low energy yesterday, so what did I do? 🤔 I had myself a little dance party, went for a walk, enjoyed a big bowl of greens, and then spent the entire evening on the couch rewatching New Girl for the 10th time 🥗 [AD] Shoutout to @territoryfoods for this Arugula & Salmon Cake Salad with Pesto & Pecans! Can’t wait to order it again next time it’s on the menu 🍽 . If you’re officially sick of cooking, use code STARVINGACTOR for $25 off your first two #territoryfoods’ orders for $50 total ✨

Cheers to a short week! ✨ . In case you didn’t know, I’m not really a big fan of drinking alcohol. Never have been 🤷🏻‍♀️ But that’s not to say I’m not a fan of having fun or enjoying a tasty beverage! 🍹Here are 5️⃣ of my favorite non-alcoholic drinks that still taste like a good time: . 1. @drinkspindrift — my current sparkling water obsession 🍋 2. @curiouselixirs — a booze free cocktail in a glass 🍸 3. @athleticbrewing — my IPA of choice 🍺 4. @drinkcann — 2mg of THC, 4mg of CBD makes for an ideal buzz 🌿 5. @cleancause — yerba mate that donates 50% of their profits to support addiction recovery 🍑 . Do you have a fave I don’t know about? Lmk!

What food makes you think of summer? 🦞 . Lobster rolls, New England clam chowder, and thick cut fries always do it for me 🍟 So it felt especially fitting to get takeout from @connieandteds this weekend to celebrate the unofficial start of summer ✨

Palm trees and blue skies in late LA spring…these are a few of my favorite things 🌴☀️ .

A little long weekend pasta inspo for ya…spicy arrabbiata spaghetti with zucchini and chicken topped with parmesan 🍝 . Dave made this for us last month, and I’m still thinking about how good it was. Not too heavy so a great summer pasta ☀️ I’m curious, what’s your favorite pasta shape? If I could only pick one, I’m definitely a penne gal ✨

Doing our best to create at-home long weekend vibes 🌴 . Plans include… 🌭 a balcony picnic 🎶 lots of music (as I write this, Hotel California plays from the record player) 🍨 ice cream and lots of it ☕️ mason jars full of iced coffee 📚 a new book . ICYMI, @dancing.for.donuts and I are starting a super informal book club, and we’d love for you to join us! 💕 Our may book is The Silent Patient. It came out last year so maybe you’ve already read it, in which case wait til we’ve finished, and let’s all discuss! . How are you spending your Memorial Day Weekend?

Black Lives Matter