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Recovering pastry chef, food photographer, author of IACP award-winning Alternative Baker ✨#alternativebakerbook ✨#bojongourmet

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Vegan Key Lime Pie (paleo & no-bake)

But you can use any nuts you like: cashews, pistachios, almonds, brazil nuts, or anything else you have on hand. I left the nuts raw for a more neutral flavor, but you can use toasted nuts if you prefer. I like the flavor of raw extra-virgin coconut oil, but you could use refined coconut oil if you want less coconut flavor. Soaked cashews and extra-virgin coconut oil give the filling body loaded with healthy fats.

Gluten-Free Blondies (dairy-free & nut-free options)

Previously on TBG I've shared recipes for gluten-free congo bars with coconut and rum, GF chestnut cranberry blondies, lime & white chocolate blondies in my book Alternative Baker, and coconut flour blondies in GFF Magazine. With these gluten-free chocolate chip blondies, you get all the addictive salty / sweet / butterscotch notes of my favorite gluten-free chocolate chip cookies without having to worry about scooping, shaping, or spreading. Sometimes called blondie brownies, blondie bars, or cookie bars, blondies are essentially chocolate chip cookie dough baked in a pan and cut into squares or rectangles. I originally adapted these gluten-free blondie bars from Cook's Illustrated, which got the ratios of flour, butter, eggs, and brown sugar just right.

Gluten-Free Chocolate Desserts

From easy gluten-free treats to elegant chocolate desserts, I'm sharing my best gluten-free recipes from 10+ years of TBG. With dairy-free, vegan, and paleo-friendly options, these gluten-free chocolate recipes are sure to cure your fiercest chocolate cravings. Adapted from Sarah of Snixy Kitchen's gluten-free chocolate cake, this GF chocolate bundt cake recipe combines earthy teff flour with brown sugar, crème fraîche, and butter for a wallop of flavor. Made in one bowl, this gluten-free dessert shines with the flavors of peanut oil in the cake, and salty-sweet peanut butter frosting.

Paleo Crepes (gluten-free & dairy-free)

While many almond flour crepe recipes use a high proportion of eggs, I prefer my paleo crepes to taste like the classic French favorite. So I swapped in almond milk for the dairy milk, ghee for the butter, and almond, cassava, and tapioca flours for the wheat. If you don't have cassava flour, try sweet rice flour (for a non-paleo option), a smaller amount of coconut flour, or a GF or Paleo all-purpose blend. If you don't have cassava flour, try sweet rice flour (for a non-paleo option), a smaller amount of coconut flour, or a GF or Paleo all-purpose blend.

Fresh on TBG: Vegan Grain-Free Banana Bread with Chocolate ✨ This deceptively healthy banana bread gets its tender crumb from Bob’s Red Mill blanched almond flour and cassava flour, sweetness from maple syrup and coconut sugar, and moist texture from nut butter, all studded with gooey bittersweet chocolate flecks (ad). It’s super moist, decadent-tasting, and completely addictive. You’ll never know that it’s free of all the things! ✨ I’m on day 70 of an intense elimination diet and nutritional protocol, so I’ve been thrilled to be able to eat thick slices of this beauty thanks to Bob’s Red Mill grain-free flours. Cassava comes from the root of the yuca plant which has been used traditionally in cuisines of South America, Asia, and Africa. It’s fine, starchy and neutral-tasting – a joy to bake with. Cassava is also prebiotic, meaning that it helps to create a happy home for good bacteria in your gut. I like blending it with a coarser flour, such as Bob’s Red Mill blanched almond flour, which lends structure and heft. ✨ You can whip this bread up in minutes for all your weekend shenanigans. Watch me make it in my stories! Click the link in my profile for the recipe or copy/paste this url into your browser: Let me know if you make it! #betterwithbobs #bakedwithbobs #bananabread #plantbased #paleorecipes #feedfeedvegan #feedfeedglutenfree #feedfeedchocolate

Stone fruit is in full swing here in California. One of my favorite ways to enjoy it is in this rustic galette (shown here with my fave flaky AF GF pie crust). Kissed with cardamom and honey and topped with ice cream, it’s pure summer bliss. ✨ Get the recipe and step by step photos through the link in my profile (or copy/paste this url ✨ #glutenfreebaking #feedfeedglutenfree #galette #sparkjoydaily

Wine and cheese for breakfast anyone? ✨ This weekend, we’re trading the bubbly for glasses of crisp @imagerywinery Sauvignon Blanc (#ad) paired with luscious lemon ricotta pancakes. #elevateyourplate with this brunch-friendly wine and cheese pairing. ✨ These gluten-free lemon ricotta pancakes are a favorite TBG recipe from the archives and one that I’ve made many times over the years. They pair beautifully with Imagery’s Sauvignon Blanc. Bright citrus notes complement floral lemon zest, crisp minerality contrasts creamy ricotta, and floral overtones pair beautifully with fresh summer berries. ✨ Imagery crafts their wines with much care. First, grapes from different regions of California are chosen for their site location and soil makeup, lending complexity to the finished wine. 15% Muscat grapes give the wine soft refinement. On the vine, the grapes are protected from excess sun, ensuring good acid development, which adds crispness in the final product. A cold fermentation process and aging in steel barrels maintains its clean lines. This is a wine I could drink every day! ✨ Tip: The tidiest, quickest way to cook pancakes is by using a spring-loaded ice cream scoop to shape the batter. This creates uniform pancakes that cook up perfectly round. Drop them onto a hot cast iron griddle coated with a layer of ghee (my favorite pancake cooking fat for its rich flavor and high smoke point). Use a thin metal spatula to flip them once the edges look set and a few small bubbles appear. Put on some fun tunes and sip on a glass of wine as you cook for the ultimate pancake making experience. Brunch will be ready in no time! ✨ Get the recipe link in my profile. ✨ #brunch #pancakes #feedfeedglutenfree #breakfast #healthypancakes #glutenfreepancakes #ricottapancakes #f52community

It’s a cookie kinda day. ✨ @karlthefog rolled into San Francisco which means it’s perfect baking weather. Planning to whip up another batch of these gluten-free, grain-free, vegan chocolate chip cookies. They’re made with nut or seed butter, sweetened with maple syrup, and topped with crunchy flakey salt. I’ve given lots of substitution suggestions in the post. ✨ Grab the recipe link in my profile. ✨ #paleocookies #vegancookies #glutenfreecookies #chocolatechunkcookies #feedfeedglutenfree #bakefeed #f52community #f52grams ✨

New recipe: Walnut Oil Brownies (DF / GF) ✨ These chewy, fudgy, crackly-topped brownies get extra depth from @latourangelleartisanoils roasted walnut oil (ad). They're naturally dairy-free, with a gluten-free option. Switch up the flavors by using roasted peanut or hazelnut oil. A few simple recipe techniques create airy-dense middles reminiscent of flourless chocolate cake. Method and recipe adapted from @alicemedrich. Step-by-step photos in my stories & recipe below! ✨ Makes 16 brownies ✨ 6 tablespoons La Tourangelle Roasted Walnut Oil 8 oz bittersweet chocolate (70%), chopped 3 large eggs, room temp ¾ c + 2 tablespoons (175 g) sugar ½ tsp fine sea salt 1 tsp vanilla 1/3 cup (55 g) AP flour (or sweet rice flour for GF) ✨ Position rack in center of oven and preheat to 350ºF. Line an 8x8-inch square pan with parchment on all sides. ✨ Place oil and chocolate in a small, heavy saucepan set over very low heat. Melt together, stirring constantly, until warm, 2-3 minutes. Remove from heat and keep warm. ✨ Whip together eggs, sugar, and salt in the bowl of a stand mixer with the paddle on high until light and fluffy, 3-5 min. On low, stir in vanilla, then warm chocolate mixture. Sift in flour and mix on low to combine, scraping bowl. Bake until puffed and toothpick inserted in center comes out with moist crumbs, 18 - 25 min. Cool completely, then cut into bars with a hot, clean knife wiped clean between each cut. Bojon appétit! ✨ #brownies #glutenfreebrownies #walnutoil #chocolate #f52grams #f52community #feedfeedglutenfree #brownielove #latourangelle

A June favorite from the archives- GF blueberry coffee cake with pecan streusel. ✨ This gets a rich, tender crumb from a blend of GF flours (sorghum, oat, and sweet rice), lots of butter and creme fraiche, topped with salty-sweet streusel and a drizzle of blueberry glaze. ✨ Find the recipe link in my profile! ✨ #glutenfreebaking #blueberrycake #coffeecake #blueberriesfordays #f52community #f52grams #feedfeedglutenfree #bojongourmet #alternativebaking

Inspired by all the positive changes afoot. ✨ The first time I heard about the vision for a police-free world was from a fellow democratic socialist @demsocialists who I met canvassing in 2018. At the time, the idea sounded completely ludicrous to me. Wouldn’t everyone just run around stealing and murdering? He explained that the police are being asked to do way too much – tasks like de-escalation, crisis intervention, roadside assistance, social work, etc. Instead, those resources could be channeled into better social programs, minimizing police forces. ✨ These ideas that seemed so out-there to me two years ago are now being talked about in a mainstream way, with officials pledging their support. I saw this infographic on Nextdoor and it made my eyes well up with tears of hope. I don’t know who to credit for this; please let me know if you know! ✨ What action items are you taking this weekend? Let me know in the comments or via DM! And if you need a nourishing dish to fortify your weekend activism, might I recommend this cucumber quinoa salad, which is full of crisp veggies, protein-rich quinoa, briny feta, and bracing fresh herbs. Recipe on #bojongourmet. ✨

Muted June 1-7 Black lives matter. In solidarity with #amplifymelanatedvoices, I won’t be posting food content here this week in order to make space for other voices to be heard. I’ll share relevant actions, resources, and information in my stories while listening and learning how I can better show up in the fight against racism. Thanks to @blackandembodied and @jessicawilson.msrd for creating this movement. Click their profiles to read more.

Fresh on TBG: Thick & Chewy Vegan Grain-Free Chocolate Chip Cookies ✨ Because we all need cookies right now. ✨ Get the recipe link in my profile. ✨ #glutenfreecookies #paleocookies #grainfreebaking #veganrecipes #plantbasedliving #feedfeedglutenfree #feedfeedchocolate #f52community #grainfreevegan #vegancookies #chocolatechipcookie #chocolatechipcookiedough

I made Gluten-Free Sourdough! ✨ I’ve been making Aran’s (@cannellevanille ) recipe from her book Cannelle e Vanille since February. Her recipe is superb and shown here. It’s based on superfine brown rice flour, which needs to be special ordered. I intended to tinker with a version using the flours I already have (14 in all!) but life got in the way. My most successful version, besides the original, was made with buckwheat flour, as Aran said one could do in an IG post. One of my last social visits before the lockdown was eating GF buckwheat sourdough warm from the oven with my friends Amelia and Brandon who stopped by on their way through town from Sonoma. We topped thick slices with salted @vermontcreamery butter. Crusty and chewy, it brought me back to my old sourdough days. ✨ I actually started TBG because of sourdough and there are lots of wheat-based recipes on my site if you search. Sourdough waffles, sourdough pizza crust, sourdough pie crust, quick sourdough focaccia that uses discard and yeast, and the recipe responsible for TBG’s existance, sourdough crackers that use discard. There’s a beer rye sourdough loaf, a classic country sourdough, and a sourdough olive bread with thyme. All are made without the use of a dutch oven, which weren’t that common 10 years ago. But I have one now and it works wonders with this recipe. ✨ I’m excited to get back to working with sourdough in GF form. My starter came from Amanda @heartbeetkitchen, named Nita after her grandmother. I converted it to GF and named her Anne after my maternal grandmother. I figure giving her a name will mean I’m sure to feed it! ✨ Highly recommend picking up a copy of Aran’s beautiful book and making her recipe. And I’m excited to hear that she’s working on a new book with more GF bread recipes too. Guess I’d better stock up on more fancy brown rice flour! ✨ #quarantinelife #sourdoughbaking #glutenfreesourdoughbread #glutenfreeliving

Fresh on TBG ✨ Gluten-Free Almond Lemon Olive Oil Cake and a tribute to someone special ✨ Huge thanks to everyone for your love, support, and suggestions regarding our dear Catamus. We very sadly said goodbye to him on Friday, May 8th, when it became clear that his condition was worsening. We didn’t want him to suffer needlessly anymore. Though we’re heartbroken to have lost our darling boy, missing him terribly every minute of every day, we feel lucky to have so many caring friends and family who have helped us through this time. Thank you for being among them. ✨ Without Catamus, our apartment feels hollow and strange. I keep expecting to see him when I walk into a room, and imagining that I hear his toes clicking on the hardwood floor, his tail thumping on the rug, his claws scratching his post (or the couch, or the upholstered chair). He was a ray of sunshine in our lives. I’m so grateful to have gotten to bask in his presence these nine years. ✨ A dear friend of mine wrote, and this has become my mantra, “It’s an honor to hurt so much. Because the grief is a measure of the love. And the love is a blessing. The love doesn’t go away.” ✨ Indeed it does not. ✨ Have you lost a beloved animal friend? If you feel inspired to share, please do below or in a private message. It’s nice to connect around this kind of thing. ✨ For this recipe and more Catamus love, click the link in my profile. Wishing everyone a safe and healthy holiday weekend. ✨ #catsofinstagram #glutenfreecake #grainfreeliving #dairyfreerecipes #bakedwithbobs #feedfeedglutenfree #almondflourcake #oliveoilcake

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