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Ghanaian ♛ Dutch The Tallest Family You Kind of Know Family | Travel | Creative Lifestyle Vegan Living 🌱 NJ

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If we’ve learned anything from parenting it’s that we need to put ourselves first, then our relationship, and then our girls. I know, that sounds pretty bad, the girls SHOULD come first, right? Well, our opinion might be an unpopular one, but we have learned through trial and error that if we can’t take care of ourselves and nourish our relationship then we aren’t doing right by them. How can we take care of our tiny humans if we aren’t taking care of ourselves? We want our girls to grow up seeing parents who show love themselves, who show love each other, and because of that can show true love to them. What do you prioritize? #marriedlife #multiculturalcouple #multiculturalfamily #marriage #familylife #selfcare #healthyrelationships #relationshipquotes #marriedatfirstsight #marriedcouple #ghana #giftedaf

- EBONY MAGAZINE - “African travel influencer Kojo Nkunim was born and raised in Bomso, a town in Kumasi, Ghana. In 2010, he moved to the United States, where he now has two children with his wife, Michelle. As a multicultural family, the Nkunims are intentional about ensuring their daughters—two-year-old Afia and ten-month-old Andiaso—are exposed to both cultures that comprise their unique identity.” Kojo was interviewed last week for this beautiful article in @ebonymagazine on how and why we incorporate culture into our family. Head to Ebony’s homepage or click the link in our stories to read the full article. You might just learn something about us that you didn’t know 🤎 #ebonymagazine #familytravel #multiculturalfamily #familytrip #ghana #ghanaculture #ghanafamily #fatherhoodrising #familygoals #fatherhood

Twelve years. And yet there’s something about a mothers touch that can just never be replaced. I captured this video the day we arrived in Ghana in June. We had just completed 48 hours of traveling where everything that could have gone wrong DID go wrong, and had Kojo’s father’s funeral the next morning. It was an emotional and draining few days — honestly it was a draining month between grieving, raising a newborn, and planning the emergency travel to get all of us to Ghana. Imagine all of that in mind and then after driving two hours to your moms town you’re told ‘you just missed her’. To keep busy while we waited for her return we walked the streets of Tepa, and when we noticed his mom pass us in a tuk tuk we chased it down to stop her. 12 years of emotion cried out into the streets that night. It was absolutely surreal. Do you live far from family? How often do you get to see them? #ghana #familyvlog #familytravelblog #familytravel #multiculturalfamily #mamasboy #fatherhoodrising #motherhoodrising #likemomlikeson #ghanafamily #ghanaian

They were excited… and then they weren’t 🫠 (just kidding, they love me beyond measure and you better believe if Kojo is even thinking about slacking they’re get on him about it 😂) Who do you think is the favorite, Me or Kojo?? #marriedlife #multicultural #multiculturalfamily #momanddad #marriagehumor #husbandandwife #wifelife #inlaws #ghanafamily

Kojo said: mistletoe kisses aren’t reserved for the holidays. This new year we had to reset by taking care of laundry, dishes, and little toddler fingerprints EVERYWHERE. I’ll be honest, if cleaning those could look like this every day, I wouldn’t mind it so much. Thankfully we started off the year on a good foot by switching our products to more sustainable options with @grovecollaborative. @grovecollaborative is a one-stop shop for all of your sustainable, cruelty free cleaning needs. If you are looking to make a change with sustainability in your home this year, this is the place to start. A favorite part about Grove Collaborative for us is that we reduce waste and look good while doing it (talking about the products of course ;)) What is one thing you want to change in your home this year? #grovepartner

Only 4 more months until we will be back in the the beautiful land that is Ghana, and there are so many reasons that we can’t wait. Between family, food, weather, and culture, Ghana is more than just a trip, it is HOME. What do you want to see from our next trip to Ghana? #ghanababy #ghanafood #kumasi #ghanastyle #multiculturalfamily #familytravel #multicultural #ghanaianfood #ghanatiktok #yearofreturn #toddlersofinstagram #familytravels #travelblogger #familytime #familymeals

*G I V E A W A Y* We’ve teamed up with our go-to sustainable activewear brand @mpgsport to give one of you a $250 gift card! Trust us when we say, you don’t want to miss this opportunity! MPG has been an everyday go-to since before Anidaso was born because of the quality, and now this winter we are decked out all the way to the coats. TO ENTER: 1) Follow @mpgsport & @the.nkunims 2) Like this Post 3) Tag a Friend (every tag in separate comments is an additional entry!) Bonus: share this post to your stories and tag @mpgsport & @the.nkunims! Giveaway ends December 28th 2022 at 11:59 PM CST. Winner will be randomly selected and will be contacted via DM by @the.nkunims. Giveaway is not sponsored by or associated with Facebook or Instagram in any way. Please do not respond to any other accounts other than @the.nkunims and we will never ask for credit card info. #momanddad #marriedlife #mpgsport #sustainability #sustainablefashion #athleisurewear #streetstyle #couplesfashion #multicultural #multiculturalcouple

A gentle reminder to all the husbands out there that nothing says ‘I appreciate all you do as a mom’ better than a clean home after a long day of #momlife (or at least a clean kitchen) A favorite tool in our kitchen is the @nanobebe E-brush because it makes cleaning bottles (and even our glasses) a breeze, and the man using it isn’t hard on the eyes either. The E-brush features replaceable brush and nipple heads so they are extra hygienic, and a rechargeable battery that lasts weeks at a time. What do YOU want at the end of a long day? #marriedlife #nanobebe #momanddad #momhacks #parentinghacks #honestparenting

We don’t know if we should feel bad for Anidaso because she is getting beat up by a toddler all day, or sad for Lani because all she wants is love from her little sis. Anyone else’s second babe just NOT feeling their older sibling yet? #toddlerlife #twoundertwo #familylife #bigsis #momlife #toddlerproblems #momproblems #honestparenting #girlmom #girldad #toughlove

Whether you're doing a lot of hosting this season or staying in and enjoying time reconnecting as a couple, one way to elevate your food spreads is with @mackenziechilds. There's just something about the iconic courtly check collection that adds a special touch to dishes, whether they're snacks, casseroles, or desserts. Do you entertain a lot during the holiday season? What is your favorite dish to make? Check out our stories to see our favorite MacKenzie-Childs pieces. #mcpartner

What a year it has been. Between getting married, adding a new member to our family, grieving the loss of Kojo’s father, travelling to his home for the first time and meeting his family, being blessed in our career with abundance, and dealing once again with debilitating back pain, I have learned to love the journey, seek peace, pray often, and continue to look to God for guidance. There is no doubt that this has been the best year yet, but it has also been the most testing year, the most painful year, and the year I’ve learned the most. I’m grateful for a husband who remains constant in love and support. My best friend, the incredible father to my children. We already have so many plans for this upcoming year and Im trying my hardest to remain present this month instead of mentally jumping into January because I know what awaits. Are you looking forward to anything in the new year? #momanddad #familygoals #mukticukturalfamily #familytravel #travelblogger #travelingfamily #girlmom #motherhoodrising #honestparenting

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