Tess Devine

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A writer by day and a writer and blogger by night. Legal guardian of two cats and a dog, and fiancée to Neal. I like to laugh at my own jokes.

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My pets are sooooo needy! It’s a miracle I get anything done during the day. At least they’re cute 🥰 #kyeguy #chipinsofinstagram #chipin #orangetabbycatsofinstagram #orangetabby #workingfromhomelife #petselfie

Happy Holidays! (Best of 2020)

Granted, we cut our guest list down to 25-30 people (mainly family and some friends), make everyone adhere to the mask mandate in Springfield, and gave out sanitizer as wedding favors. With the multiple vaccines out in the world, our fingers are crossed we’ll be able to celebrate our one-year anniversary with the people we love dearly (related or not). It just so happened that three weeks after we got married, I found Kye from Route 66 Rescue through Petfinder.com. And then I learned Kye was a survivor of an animal attack, just like Neal’s dog Petey was.

My take of the Renaissance Art Challenge. Made this using @jera.bean's awesome tutorial on TikTok. #renaissanceart #renaissancechallenge

Vlog: Weekend Recap

A new vlog post, now included with closed captioning! Make sure to follow me on TikTok too! By continuing to use this website, you agree to their use. To find out more, including how to control cookies, see here: Cookie Policy

#tesstriesnewthings sharing some little ditties I made up on the piano. Whether it's writing, singing, or playing an instrument, I get nervous about sharing my art. It's that sense of vulnerability. That fear that not people will "get it." I'm still learning at my age to conquer my insecurities. I'm learning to look at everything with a sense of curiosity, including my own artistic abilities and sharing them with anyone who is interested. #tryingsomethingnew #trysomethingnew #leaveyourcomfortzone #piano #nofilter #pianoplaying #music #insecurities #vulnerabilityisstrength #doonethingeverydaythatscaresyou #ttnt #bloggersofinstagram #youtubersofinstagram #writersofinstagram #bloggerlove

Vlog: 11/23/20

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Some of y'all don't understand the first amendment and it shows. Thanks to @thatliberal_guy for the first lesson! #firstamendment #freespeech #firstamendmentrights #educateyourself #USpolitics

Day 11039: Mother’s Day Hangout Idea

Mother’s Day is this Sunday. It’ll also be right around the six-month mark of my mother’s passing. While it hurts to not have my mom to be with this Mother’s Day, I’m no stranger to the concept of people mourning the loss of their mothers (whether it’s by death or having to distance themselves from their mom) and I’m not alone in celebrating this day without my mother. I’m hoping to reach people who may be hurting that day and we can help each other not feel so alone.

✨Instagram vs Reality✨ I have no shame in using filters. I love them! To me, it's a fun challenge to get my skin looking as model smooth as possible. But I forget that there are people who see filters and FaceTune as a beauty standard they need to meet, instead of a little cheat hack. If you are someone who struggles with body image and self-esteem, you're not alone. It's taken me a long time (and therapy) to get to a place where I don't hate myself or the beautiful body that holds me. I hope y'all get to that place too. #selflove #selfconfidence #instagramvsreality #selfie #selfiesunday #happy #me #instalike #life #igers #lifestyle #bestoftheday #love

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