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The Complete B2B Lead Generation Guide for 2020

It How to Create an SEO Strategy Use SEO as an upstream insights engine to inform B2B lead generation strategies. Because of this, we recommend using SEO as the keystone of your B2B lead generation strategy, both driving the direction of your marketing initiatives while tying your marketing together in an integrated fashion. You can then, in turn, use your email insights to help refine your SEO, content, video marketing and other initiatives. With marketing automation software, you can not only capture new leads, but also build landing pages and digital marketing campaigns for each stage of the funnel, configure lead scoring, manage contacts, set up automation for personalized engagement and track analytics through the funnel for higher ROI and tighter sales alignment.

Structured Data: The Advanced Guide for SEO

Coming together to agree on common code snippets that can change how the search engines perform means webmasters don’t have to add 500 different snippets to each page on their site. If you’ve ever been guilty of swapping “schema markup” with “rich snippets” in casual conversation, it’s because rich snippets are so often the type of markup we use. To borrow an image from Google’s own post about rich cards, here’s what that looks like: As you can see, rich snippets will still appear in the mobile SERPs. You’ll need to include the structured data markup on your AMP version of a page and add Article markup on your canonical version.

Blogger Outreach: A Step-by-Step Guide for Scalable Success

When your company’s backlink profile is in the hundreds of thousands or millions, pouring hours into outreach campaigns for additional links doesn’t seem like a great use of time. At the same time, a blogger probably won’t open your email if the subject line doesn’t clarify your intent. Or if you’re offering to write a guest post, pitch a few post ideas and include details like who the post is for, what the reader will learn and why it’s a topical subject. Your blogger doesn’t want to work to find the best option; they want to feel confident that you did the work.

Enterprise-Grade Online Reputation Management Strategies

It How to Create an SEO Strategy Online reputation management is the process of managing the information that’s found online about your brand. 90% of customers perform an online search before making a purchase Online reputation management, or ORM, is the process of managing the information that’s found online about a person, company or brand. While a typical ORM strategy can include review management, social media marketing, public relations, search engine optimization and customer service tactics, ORM broadly falls under the category of SEO. Beyond that, it secures Google page-one visibility for your preferred positive press mentions so a few bad articles won’t dominate your online profile indefinitely.