Taylor Hartman

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I am an outdoor enthusiast, avid traveler, mountain explorer, and mother to two small children. I am a Toxicologist that appreciates wholesome ingridients.

Location Fort Collins, CO
Country United States of America
Member Since NOVEMBER 01, 2019
Social Audience 16K
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Living in Colorado has so many perks but the dryness that’s comes from living here sure isn’t one of them. We love finding things that help soothe/moisturize our babes. @babydovecare is made with 100% skin-natural ingredients without any parabens, dyes or phthalates! Unfortunately, babies lose moisture up to 5X faster than us adults. Our post outdoor adventures include using these products. Plus, baby dove bottles are now made with 100% recycled plastic, which we so appreciate trying to live a minimal/environmentally friendly lifestyle! We picked ours up at our local @krogerco #KrogerBabyFavorites #ad

We are so close to year 7 with this boy. Can’t believe next month we will celebrate him getting older. Totally feel like he was just a crazy toddler, but also we are loving what the big kid years have brought us. I can’t wait to continue to see him grow into the person he is becoming. 💫

I’ve been training for a 1/2 marathon and doing some intense strength training along with my runs and I’ve loved using Astaxanthin by @bioastin (#Ad) This powerful antioxidant has been shown to support joint/tendon health, support a healthy oxidative balance and a healthy cardiovascular system along with supporting the bodies normal inflammatory response post strenuous exercise. I’ve loved supplementing this into my daily regime. What do you do to help support your body while training? #itakebioastin #bioastin #hawaiianastaxanthin #antioxidants #exerciserecovery

Just a typical day in our world. Two wild babes. Hazel is a little bit less wild than Anthony but she’s on her way to his level of wild! I need all of the coffee and all of the energy to get through our days, but I wouldn’t have it any other way.

Today our little boy is 7 years old. I can’t believe how fast time flies by & I wish everyday it would slow down. I feel so lucky to be his mommy and celebrate another year of him growing into the young man he will become. Can’t wait to see what year 7 brings. So much love for our Anthony Cruz. 💫

She is small but mighty, and I’m so proud of how well she’s doing hiking. We’ve been hitting up all of our local trails and getting plenty of nature therapy during this hectic time in our world today. Stay safe, smart, responsible & healthy friends. 💫

It’s been cold and snowy and I absolutely love this time of year but I’ve been craving warmth/sunshine. We normally head to AZ for a quick winter getaway, but it’s been nice to stay close to home and get things done. What are your favorite US weekend warm weather getaways? Needing some inspiration to plan one!

My babies. My loves. All of these extra minutes, hours, & days with them out of school/daycare make me so grateful. I’ll never take the day-to day tasks of motherhood for granted after seeing all of the sickness, sadness & loneliness happening in the hospital. Enjoy the mundane in life, the boring, slowness & messes that each day brings. Wishing I was back on this trail laughing with my littles on this beautiful Tuesday.

Nature-walk snack breaks are my kids favorite! (#ad) We made @sweetearthfoods burritos at home and packed them for our outdoor adventure. The plant based burritos are high in protein and fiber, organic and non-gmo and our kids love them! It was the perfect hearty snack to have while playing outside. We found these at @krogerco and are definitely going to start bringing them along more! #NaturalAndOrganicatKroger

I had such a great trip to @yellowstonenps for an @womenwhoexplore event watching wolves. From the hot springs, hiking, whiskey, cabin hangs, wildlife and meeting new friends- It was the perfect weekend. Thanks so much @rewild_mama & @riverratalana for putting together such a great trip. Came back feeling so refreshed! 💫

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